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X10SDV-4C-7TP4F - good MB for unraid?

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This MB has everything I want (not necessarily need ;-) ).

- 10 G SFP+

- enough horsepower to run some dockers

- enough PCIe slots for a 24+ drive array (build in LSI2116 helps)

- max speed for parity check/rebuild (I hope)



But I have some questions about it. Hopefully someone else has one and can help me...


Is the onboard LSI2116 in IT mode, or do I have to reflash it? Is it possible to reflash this controller to IT mode?


Has someone got one of these in use with a large array?  Does the parity get slowed down (by an internal bus-limit)? I have some A1SAM-2550F MB's, but those are clearly limited by an internal bus. I get only 50 Mb/s per drive with a full array (24 drives).


Would the X10SDV-2C-7TP4F also be quick enough to have full parity check speeds? This is a pentium CPU. Does it have the same internal DMI2 bus like the D1518 has?



It would be the above motherboard or this:

- X11SSH-CTF (but I like SFP+ more than 10GBase-T, also not much 'spare' PCIe capacity, LSI3008 just 8 drives compared to the other MB)

- Xeon E3-1230V6 (50% quicker than the Xeon D-1518, internal DMI3 bus)


Can someone help me decide?

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I have this (X10SDV-4C-7TP4F) board with a 10 disks array, not including cache.

You can get descent speeds: Following is my parity checks history.

I don't know why the speed vary, but I guess the maximum reading is the minimum limit this board might have.


2017-10-24, 14:24:17    1 day, 12 hr, 54 min, 12 sec    75.3 MB/s    OK    2
2017-05-27, 00:50:51    15 hr, 13 min, 14 sec    182.5 MB/s    OK    0
2017-04-04, 16:36:18    22 hr, 18 min, 11 sec    124.6 MB/s    OK    0
2017-02-20, 05:24:08    18 hr, 41 min, 21 sec    89.2 MB/s    OK    0
2017-01-03, 06:24:40    15 hr, 1 min, 23 sec    111.0 MB/s    OK    
2016-12-06, 11:03:25    15 hr, 26 min, 56 sec    107.9 MB/s    OK    
2016-11-13, 20:35:01    14 hr, 52 min, 27 sec    112.1 MB/s    OK    
Aug, 03, 17:34:46    14 hr, 44 min, 26 sec    113.1 MB/s    OK    
Jun, 04, 21:18:19    9 hr, 49 min, 39 sec    169.6 MB/s    OK    

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