[Plugin] NUT v2 - Network UPS Tools

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Did you disable the built in apcupsd?
I would run /etc/rc.d/rc.nut stop. Then check for any ups processes running. ps aux | grep ups

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I have no clear idea what I did , but now it is working. restarted, reconfigured...


my FSP FP1000  UPS is configured with Blazer_usb. 



driver = blazer_usb
port = auto

vendor = "INNO TECH"
bus = "002"



MONITOR ups@ 1 monuser monpass master
SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/poweroff"
POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/nut/no_killpower
NOTIFYCMD "/usr/sbin/nut-notify"



Key Value Key Value
battery.charge 100 battery.voltage 27.10
battery.voltage.high 26.00 battery.voltage.low 20.80
battery.voltage.nominal 24.0 device.type ups blazer_usb driver.parameter.bus 002
driver.parameter.pollinterval 2 driver.parameter.port auto
driver.parameter.synchronous no driver.parameter.vendor INNO TECH
driver.version 2.7.4 driver.version.internal 0.12
input.current.nominal 5.0 input.frequency 50.0
input.frequency.nominal 50 input.voltage 230.8
input.voltage.fault 230.8 input.voltage.nominal 220
output.voltage 230.8 ups.beeper.status enabled
ups.delay.shutdown 30 ups.delay.start 180
ups.load 33 ups.productid 5161
ups.status Online ups.type offline / line interactive
ups.vendorid 0665  

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I bet the built-in ups was running or you had a hung nut usb driver. Did you try running it with the custom diver (nutdrv_qx) and not in manual mode?

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