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Coming from FreeNAS to unRAID, is unRAID right for my needs?

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Well written post, I'm happy to help.


Server specs are good.


Yes you can do 100MB/sec writes without an SSD. No parity protection so that's easy enough.


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:
  • A common Windows/Samba NAS accessible from my other computers
  • A framework that isn't too hard to automatically backup
  • Nextcloud storage set up for syncing from my phones
  • Transmission / Deluge or rTorrent client
  • An auto-download daemon to use with the above torrent client (like irssi-autodl or something better if such a thing exists)
  • A PiHole to block ads across the entire network on all devices


Yes to all. By no means is me condoning that you should all those things, but yes unRAID can provide all that.


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:
  • Plex
  • Plexpy
  • something else, dunno what


Are you by chance a Marketing or Product Manager, because you're not helping the stereotype. Piling on the requirements... then the 'I don't know what I want, so just engineer me a magic genie that will grant anything I didn't know I needed'  ... sorry you're new here :)  I'll lighten up. Yes unRaid is a magic genie, endless wishes! no pressure! xD


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

Can unRAID accomplish all of this, either via the base OS or through community plugins?


Yes. :D


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

I hate to say but please give me a realistic answer here


:x  You had me at "realistic answer" ... ooo someone I can be honest with?? I love it!


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

Secondarily I can't at this time set anything up on another machine and honestly with the specs I have in this server, I shouldn't even have to consider that option.


... ok this going downhill fast... High maintenance? Cause I'm starting to see red flags on this first date. See the USB boot feature. And if you can't backup your data before you even ATTEMPT anything. Don't need your drama or your sob stories to fill this forum for your own faults trying to cast blame. 


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

Small bonus if you can tell me the advantages of unRAID over Open Media Vault.


High maintenance for sure, you sound like my first wife.


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

Finally, if I need some


Date over, you're impossible to please. It's not me, it's you. The fact you couldn't bother to read the help guide to learn even the most basic info... please stay with FreeNAS. You're better off there.


On 9/13/2017 at 5:00 PM, Cursewords said:

Thanks guys


Thanks for showing your true colors in the first post.


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it needed more fire

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Holy heck. I come back from a short trip to read this thread and I must say that I am absolutely shocked at @Lev 's reply, and I think that he really immaturely jumped to conclusions. I really do not understand his need to attack my post after I mentioned Plex and that I didn't have another machine on hand. It's not like I attacked anyone personally, I just asked a question and tried to make it clear what assets I had available to me, and if it would be possible to do what I wanted.


I'd like to clarify, I meant that I don't have a second free machine to experiment on, and that I am not really open to solutions whereby someone suggests I buy another machine, as the one I have should at least have the hardware to handle the tasks I want to give it. That isn't to say that I just expect to be able to do a full migration from FreeNAS to unRAID at the click of a finger. I haven't even had this FreeNAS set up for very long so I only have about 1TB of important data on it and I can easily transfer that to an external drive or my PC for safe keeping whilst I wipe the array that I have and then set it up for testing with unRAID.


Really I have to say again, this is a forum that is meant to be for helping people out. If helping someone out means that you have to slander them at the same time based on some kind of presumptions you make due to either a miscommunication/lack of information/or just because that is your default attitude. Then all I can say is you aren't remotely helping the developers of this software in selling it. If that's how you need to reply to people, you should just get off the forum because you are helping no one, least of all yourself and replies like that only make me feel sorry for you.


I am not sure what I want to do with my home server. Mostly I just want it to serve files and work somewhat of a seedbox for now. It would be nice to set up Plex later, but how does asking questions like this warrant being attacked for my very first post on this board? I was referred here by others because I've been told that the community is nice. Your attitude is really quite the contrary. Seriously you got so personally offended based on pure conjecture that you even came back 3 whole hours later just to edit your post and try to make your reply even more insulting. People like you make me sick. Get yourself professional help.


Forget it. I seriously don't care if this product is the best thing since sliced bread. There is no way I am paying $60 when this is the first reply I get from someone who's allowed to roam the forums. The only thing more surprising than a completely unprovoked and unjustified hostile reply like that is the fact that a forum moderator actually replied afterwards and had the audacity to say "Oh the community here is quite nice" instead of nuking that reply immediately before anyone else could be unfortunate enough to see it and at least temporarily suspending the user from the board.


Definitely not a product I will recommend at all and a waste of everyone's time involved. Jesus H Christ if I caught one of my employees or the like talking to someone else like that on one of my own platforms I'd expel them on the spot.

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