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I am currently working on a project to see about condensing two desktop machines into one rack mounted machine for a co-worker. I have a few specific requirements in order for this to work.

The two computers currently run the T.V. station's feed. They do not need to high end machines as they are just content storage and playback. Both machines REQUIRE their own STATIC IP address. The content machine does not require video output but the player machine does. I already know I can pass though the GPU to the one VM.

Build for reference if needed.

So if I run the two machines though VMs with unRaid am I able to give them both their own static IP address with no issues and/or directly pass though a network interface to the VM? I have a motherboard selected with two on board Ethernet ports. Would I need a third port if I am able to pass though the network ports to the VMs?

Also is it possible to have both VMs boot up when the machine does, in case of power outage?

Also if needed is it possible to pass though the on board sound card to one of the VMs?


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I strongly recommend NOT using unraid VM's in a business production environment. They work fine most of the time, but if something breaks, it can require some significant tech knowledge or handholding here in the forums to get things working again. Unraid's VM system is based on KVM, and is not totally mature. Things are changing, sometimes major changes, with each new release of unraid.


Could you make it work? Probably. Would it stay working without intervention for weeks or months at a time? No, not without sacrificing security by not updating. This would be an ongoing project with no end, and possible stretches of downtime. Not good for business.


Unraid's NAS functions, however, are rock solid, and I use and recommend it in business, and have for years. So, for content storage, go nuts. For front end machines, not so much.


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