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Docker Plex img file

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bjmcintosh    2

I have an installation of Plex that seems to be giving me headaches.


I had the system share (where the docker.img was) set to use the Cache drive. I think that may have got me into loads of trouble.


Are there some shares that should not use a single cache drive? (system or appdata)?


Still trying to learn all the dark corners of Unraid ....



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Hoopster    4

My docker.img file is on the cache drive as is the appdata share (I am not using the system share) where all dockers are stored.  I have 10 dockers, including Plex, all happily stored on the cache drive.


What specifically is your problem with Plex as currently configured?  You have to be careful with docker configurations so the apps don't end up storing/encoding data in the docker.img file; regardless of where that file resides (cache drive or array).

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