AOC-SASLP-MV8 & Norco SS-500

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I can't get these two to work together. I have 4 SS-500's and six sets of cables. Whenever I plug the AOC into the SS-500 it times out on bootup. If I hook the SS-500 up to a motherboard port it works fine. If I remove a drive from the SS-500 and hook it up to the AOC it works fine. I'm running the .15 firmware and the controller, drives and cables were working in a Cooler Master 4x3 drive cage before I installed the SS-500's.

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Update the firmware on the SASLP. The last I looked and it was a while ago was up to .21. I don't have the SS-500, I have IStar's, but they worked flawlessly on the SALSLP with the .21 firmware.

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