System pinging Craigslist every minute

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MadeOfCard    0
Posted (edited)

Long time Unraid user, first time poster so thank you in advance.


For the last 6 months I have been frequently dealt an IP ban from the PSN network (Error code WS-37397-9) & Craigslist. Weird, I know. I have swept all my non-unraid systems for virus/malware multiple times to remedy this to no avail so I thought I'd dive into my Unraid box's network traffic and do some digging. 



- disabled all Docker containers other than Darkstat

- Active plugins:

  • Community Applications and all dependencies (CA autoupdate applications, etc)
  • Dynamix Sys Info, Sys Statistics, WebGUI
  • Recycle Bin


Everything is up-to-date as of this post.


I was really looking for the PSN traffic problem but immediately I see Craiglist being pinged about every minute. (See attached)


Has anyone run into this? I have no idea this box or any microservice would want to request craigslist's homepage every minute.


Thanks again




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itimpi    41
Posted (edited)

That is not normal behaviour of unRAID as far as I know.  It is certainly not an issue that anyone else has ever reported.

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Hey all


No solution just another question to add to the OP.

After I read this post

I wondered the same thing, for those of us that do not have the vm's or any sort of containers running on my unriad box.

Is there any way from the cli to see what traffic is leaving the unraid box with build a second machine or sniffing a hub from another pc.


Thank You

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Sorry for answering my own question:$

But I saw I had the nerd tool plugin installed and iftop was in it so is that telling me ALL the traffic coming from my unraid box or only the top talkers?


so using iftop i was able to see what ip's my box was talking to.


am I right ?


apologies for hijacking the thread, was not my intentionO.o


thank you

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