how can i unhide hidden files

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all my .iso files on my shares are hidden in windows....is there a way to mass unhide them? ie: remove the H attribute

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I haven't used a pch, but I would be a bit concerned if it is changing the file attributes of anything on the network and would start by fixing that problem.


There's some info in this post about what is happening with Samba and Windows file attributes.  You could check one of the affected iso's by executing

ls -l /mnt/user/share/path/to/isofiles/*.iso

from the command line on your unRaid box.

for example

ls -l /mnt/user/Movies/*.iso

might give you something like

-rwx------ 1 root root 13213880172 Aug 22  2010 15Minutes.iso*
-rwx-----x 1 root root 17397927788 Jul 29  2010 2012.iso*
-rwx------ 1 root root  2195218432 Oct 19  2008 A\ Clockwork\ Orange.iso*

In that example 15Minutes and A Clockwork Orange would be un-hidden and 2012 would be hidden from a Windows machine's perspective.  2012 would be hidden because the world execute (that last x) is set.


Before executing anything similar to what I've put below make sure that this is what is happening!


The easiest way to remove this from all iso's in your array would be to execute

find /mnt/user/ -name \*.iso -type f -exec chmod 700 {} \+

from a prompt on your unRaid box.


To unhide all isos in your your movies share you could execute

find /mnt/user/Movies -name \*.iso -type f -exec chmod 700 {} \+


If you have any questions or need help with syntax post back and I (or someone else) can help you out.  Like I said earlier though, I would be more concerned if the PCH is changing files than this and would address that pronto.

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