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  1. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    One relatively quick way to test if it is something with the library or naming.. Create a new Library mapped to a temporary folder location. Copy in a few tv episodes with the correct naming and have it scan and add them to the Plex library. Then run the NowShowing docker to test and see if it picks up the new libraries as new episodes. docker exec NowShowing combinedreport -t
  2. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    It picks up my new ep's and the other ppl I know that use it. Did it used to and stop for you or has it never? Do the logs show them listed or not in there either? Also, check if the episodes you think it should be picking up are using the TVDB agent for metadata as well. - Ninthwalker
  3. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    @mad_vtak I'm not sure how much more I can help you. I have never set up a docker environment in Synology. I have experience with normal docker on Linux and unRAID. I know someone else has it working in Synology, so maybe he can help you more. Sorry. (Although in your environment variables screenshot above, you don't have any of them defined, unless you deleted them all for the screenshot. Also, sometimes depending how the docker environment is setup they may need quotes around them and other times not.) - Ninthwalker
  4. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Nice! one more happy customer. =)
  5. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Only thing that stands out as wrong is the "report_type: 'email only'" field. it should be all one word. 'emailonly' Try changing that and restarting with a close cron time and see if that runs or makes the .cron file inside the docker.
  6. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Your advanced.yaml config file may be formatted incorrectly and it's not making the .cron file upon docker startup. After docker starts, via cmd line you can run the following commands. If there is no cron file there that means it is unable to create it, which most likely points to a config file issue. You can post your advanced.yaml config file contents or attach it to a post here. (replace sensitive info with arbitrary data). Run this on unraid cmd line: docker exec NowShowing ls /opt/ then if it does show a "nowshowing_schedule.cron" run the below command to see what it looks like. docker exec NowShowing cat /opt/nowshowing_schedule.cron example outputs: root@NAS:~# docker exec nowshowing ls /opt/ advanced.yaml config config.yaml gem nowshowing_schedule.cron root@NAS:~# docker exec nowshowing cat /opt/nowshowing_schedule.cron 30 23 * * * webreport -n -d &> /dev/null 57 14 * * 5 emailreport -n -d &> /dev/nullroot
  7. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Glad it is working for you now. I have a Music section and that should not interfere with the report. It could be possible it didn't like something in the DB tables and your Optimize or clean bundles helped to fix it. Good job figuring it out! =) I sent you a PM as well if you can check that. Thanks!
  8. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Did you restart the docker after making the cron time change in the config? A restart is needed to pick up the new cron time. To test you could always change the config to turn on test only mode and set the cron for 5min after whatever current time it is. Then restart the docker and you should get a new email/webpage report a few minutes after the cron goes off. let me know how that works out. Thanks.
  9. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    I have been away on business/vacation for the past month so sorry I haven't responded sooner @StanC. Did you change anything either with the NowShowing docker or your Plex server around the date your issues started? You should be able to get a more detailed log if you run the below command. Depending where the issue lies it may or may or may not shed some light. If you want to post a redacted log output or PM me with more config details and such I may be able to help further. Thanks! on your unRAID cmd line: docker exec NowShowing combinedreport -t -vvv -v or -vv, -vvv adds more verbose logging. You can also try with just the emailreport or webreport instead of combinedreport. @luisv Thanks! Glad you like it.
  10. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Quick new update for the website part of the app. However, so as to not overwrite people's existing advanced.yaml settings, normal app updates do not replace the appdata config files that you may have customized. So after updating the docker, to get the changes please temporarily copy your appdata folder contents to a different location. Then restart the docker which will place the new files into your appdata directory. You can then copy back in your advanced.yaml file. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks. CHANGES: - Updated links to HTTPS for those that run it on SSL, your cert should show as fully secure now. Thanks to @naturalcarr for the suggestion. - Updated Web page links to open in a new page. Thanks to @dcpdad for the suggestion.
  11. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    A new Update has been pushed out that fixes the OMDB Api issue. (Empty movie parenthesis and such). Let me know if anyone has any issues with it. Thanks.
  12. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    I'm not sure what else to check for you. Most other issues/errors at least have the report run and give debug info. But your's isn't even doing that. You could try the unRAID docker and fill in the template there with your settings and see if that works any different for you and compare to your Ubuntu docker build.
  13. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    This is my example from the wiki. Could you try following this with the full quotes around each of the items specified. I had tested this format and it works. docker run -d \ --name=nowshowing \ --net=bridgde \ -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" \ -e PLEX_SERVER_IP="" \ -e PLEX_USERNAME="" \ -e PLEX_PASSWORD="myPlexPassword" \ -e SMTP_SERVER="" \ -e SMTP_PORT="587" \ -e EMAIL_USERNAME="" \ -e EMAIL_PASSWORD="secretP@ssw0rd!" \ -p 6878:6878/tcp \ -v "/path/to/local/server/config/location":"/config":rw \ ninthwalker/nowshowing
  14. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Oh, are you installing it via the community applications plugin, or via a script/command line? Also, does the nowshowing log generate any info? It should show up in your docker appdata section.
  15. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Sorry, was a little busy this week. Can you check or post a redacted version of your template settings. It may be your email settings. Are you using gmail and port 587 or something different? Thanks.
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