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  1. Quick new update for the website part of the app. However, so as to not overwrite people's existing advanced.yaml settings, normal app updates do not replace the appdata config files that you may have customized. So after updating the docker, to get the changes please temporarily copy your appdata folder contents to a different location. Then restart the docker which will place the new files into your appdata directory. You can then copy back in your advanced.yaml file. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks. CHANGES: - Updated links to HTTPS for those that run it on SSL, your cert should show as fully secure now. Thanks to @naturalcarr for the suggestion. - Updated Web page links to open in a new page. Thanks to @dcpdad for the suggestion.
  2. A new Update has been pushed out that fixes the OMDB Api issue. (Empty movie parenthesis and such). Let me know if anyone has any issues with it. Thanks.
  3. I'm not sure what else to check for you. Most other issues/errors at least have the report run and give debug info. But your's isn't even doing that. You could try the unRAID docker and fill in the template there with your settings and see if that works any different for you and compare to your Ubuntu docker build.
  4. This is my example from the wiki. Could you try following this with the full quotes around each of the items specified. I had tested this format and it works. docker run -d \ --name=nowshowing \ --net=bridgde \ -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" \ -e PLEX_SERVER_IP="" \ -e PLEX_USERNAME="" \ -e PLEX_PASSWORD="myPlexPassword" \ -e SMTP_SERVER="" \ -e SMTP_PORT="587" \ -e EMAIL_USERNAME="" \ -e EMAIL_PASSWORD="secretP@ssw0rd!" \ -p 6878:6878/tcp \ -v "/path/to/local/server/config/location":"/config":rw \ ninthwalker/nowshowing
  5. Oh, are you installing it via the community applications plugin, or via a script/command line? Also, does the nowshowing log generate any info? It should show up in your docker appdata section.
  6. Sorry, was a little busy this week. Can you check or post a redacted version of your template settings. It may be your email settings. Are you using gmail and port 587 or something different? Thanks.
  7. Or that. lol. Glad you figured it out.
  8. You most likely have an empty Plex Library. Check if you do and delete it then run the report again. Thanks.
  9. I also have bought an API and plan on putting that into the main branch soon. It's in the Dev git branch at the moment. If if they ever raise the cost, I'Il either look into a different API, or allow users to input their own.
  10. Nothing looks specifically wrong in your configs. As long as you know you have it set to test and webonly and such so it wont be sending out emails. It could be your plex library, or more specifically it is searching thetvdb for which doesn't exist anymore so the code is hanging/looping on that error possibly. If you are able to identify the show, you could look at the metadata in plex and see if it is marked weirdly or something or map it to the correct tvdb ID. It would be some show that was added in the last 7 days, so that may help you narrow it down.
  11. @dcpdad Sometimes tvdb has connection errors, but temporarily. If you are getting that error all the time, it may be a network connection between your location and tvdb. If you add "-v" to the command line options you can get more logging. @naturalcarr I'll look into adding https for the images/links into the base code. People would have to be running this behind a reverse proxy or insert a valid cert to be fully SSL compatible. I use SSL on all my login sites, but others I don't. PS: Nice image!
  12. NOTE: One of the API's that NowShowing and some other apps use is the OMDBAPI. As of 10MAY2017 they have made their API private and started charging for access. That has begun to effect the title's of some movies in the NowShowing report. So far I've only seen it mess with the years in parenthesis () at the end of titles. I will look into a workaround for this in the coming weeks. Thanks all!
  13. So I played with the HamaTV agent Anime stuff a bit, but I'm probably not configuring it correctly. I don't have too much time these days, so probably won't be able to replicate your issue for now. Maybe if someone else uses the HamaTV agent they could post and let us know if it is working for them.
  14. So the primary code from plexReport to NowShowing was not changed. Obviously some modifications were done, but how it scans and reports Libraries should not have been affected. So while we won't be able to add in support for the HamaTV agent, it should be skipping them as an 'unsupported agent'. You are reporting that is not the case though, so I will have to install the HamaTV agent to look into it more. Just to confirm, is this the install you are using on a library with Anime inside?
  15. Assuming you didn't change the GUID or PUID in the docker template, it should be setting all your scripts to xyz:xyz after a restart. Try the following: docker exec -it DashBtn bash cd /config ./ Does that run your rightguard script? If it errors, then try ./ That should just echo "tide" to the console.Assuming that works, then we can try changing the owner on your chown xyz:xyz then try running it again ./ Does that work now? Also, did you ever try putting your mac address into the tide section of and have that work as expected with "tide" outputting to the console inside the docker container?
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