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  1. @unevent True, if you have issues with privacy, then of course any hosted solution isn't as good as self-hosted. Good luck with what you decide on!
  2. I fooled around with hosting my own mail server at home in a VM. There are some easy click-to-setup apps like mailcow and mailinabox too. While it was fun to learn Postfix/SpamAssassin/dovecot and such, it turned into more of a hassle than it was worth. ISP's block the ports needed, so to get email out you usually have to go through their relay or someone else's anyway. In the end I switched to Zoho and haven't had any issues. Completely free for how I am using it. Might work for your needs too:
  3. @wgstarks Ignore those alerts for now. we will be releasing a new version soon. But for informations sake, the two alerts are due to the following: port 8080: The next version will feature a webpage component so that alert is due to that not being fully featured yet. Host mode: This docker has been setup since the beginning in host mode which is not really needed. We are switching it to bridge mode as that is more preferred/secure in dockers eyes. Hope that helps. Thanks. - Ninthwalker
  4. @StanC it was unfortunate that the new app got chosen for today's 'app of the day' as it's not quite ready for primetime. Still some more work and features being added which is why it's marked as dev. Keep using the old plexReport for now as that is working fine. Thanks. Edit: Although the correct 'dev' branch should be working. I'm wondering if even though you chose dev, it didn't actually change the docker hub repository. It should change it to say ninthwalker/nowshowing:dev in the docker template repository field under advanced settings. - Ninthwalker
  5. There are some nice plans for the future. I've also begun collaborating with someone else on a rework of plexReport for additional functionality and ease of use. - Ninthwalker
  6. @Wob76 Sorry for the confusion. I think you were unlucky and updated in between my docker push's. The idea behind the additional files is that I am phasing in a new feature of having a webpage as well. This slight update was to add part of that in, but be transparent to the end user. (Obviously it wasn't for you =\ ) No initial_setup is needed again.
  7. You are correct. I guess I didn't test enough. Thanks for letting me know. =)
  8. Thanks for responding GroxyPod. His responses to both of the questions were correct and should help to get your setup working. For future help, I have a created another thread to combine support questions for current/future dockers into one thread. Please post to the following thread:
  9. Is there anyway to reference a post by a static URL? If I change the Title of my post it changes the URL as well. If I wanted to reference this post somewhere else, the URL would break. Thanks!
  10. Support for the following dockers can be discussed here. App name: slack-invite Docker Hub: Github: Original Application site: This docker generates a simple website to allow users to invite themselves to your slack team. Created by 'outsideris', this is just an unRAID template with extra non-unRAID items stripped out. _________________________________________________ App name: plexReport Docker Hub: Github: Original Application site: This docker generates an email summary of new additions to Plex to send to your users. This is a dockerized version of bstascavage's plexReport app which has fallen by the wayside. Similar in nature to the current PlexEmail, but I personally think this email is a lot better looking and doesn't rely on external image site support. _________________________________________________ Installation: Preferred installation method: From the Community Applications 'APPS' section in unRAID. You can also install by adding the following template repository:
  11. Anyone have Jackett working with this?
  12. Don't have access to their Duo Auth API which is what's needed for Guac.
  13. Awesome, Thanks for the fork and updating to the latest version with the new features. Don't forget to add your repository and github links in the original post. =) I wanted this mainly for 2FA w/ DUO since I use that already. However after I went to set it up, I found out it requires a DUO paid plan =(
  14. Aptalka's version has always worked for me, through nginx reverse proxy as well. The latest version of Guac (0.9.10) adds screen sharing and recording and some additional features. Would be cool if someone would update a docker for this latest version. Thanks.
  15. Pushed a Pull request to your docker template to update to the new name that the Plex Request author had to switch to called "Ombi" Thanks.
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