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  1. Thanks for posting that. I wonder if anybody might know if the same might apply with the sata backplane in Supermicro SuperChassis 933T-R760 case and those drives with regard to the 3.3v reset issue.
  2. FWIW a reddit resource on these drives WD Easystore 8TB Compendium
  3. HDHomerun DVR docker

    Thank you, I look forward to trying this. I seem to remember it was not possible to automatically re-start the HDHomerun DVR engine when the unRAID server was rebooted. Is that no longer a problem or is there a workaround?
  4. Preclear plugin

    Yes I noticed this as well.
  5. [Support] binhex - MiniDLNA

    I'm interested in DSD support as well. Would it be possible to include the file modifications described in this thread?
  6. Preclear plugin

  7. Preclear plugin

    My latest preclear of a Western Digital 8 TB WDC_WD80EFAX got stuck at post read 94% I'm using Preclear Disks 2017.07.10, Unassigned Devices 2017.07.09c and unRAID 6.3.5 Attached are the logs. I had a similar failure with a WD 8TB Parity WDC_WD80EFZX using an earlier version of the plugin. I noted back in July that based on several similar posts the WDC_WD80 seemed problematic with the preclear plugin. I don't know if there have been any posts noting success with the plugin and these drives since. My last successfull preclear was on a Seagate Archive 8 TB ST8000AS0002 using Preclear Disks 2017.07.05c, Unassigned Devices 2017.07.04a and unRAID 6.3.3 Also please note the below previous recent posts reporting similar behavior with HGST 4TB and 8TB as well as a Hitachi HDS5C4040ALE630 4TB. 13-AUG-2017 Vibe HGST 4TB 13-AUG-2017 JarDo Hitachi HDS5C4040ALE630 4TB 16-AUG-2017 bbcorn88 8TB HGST raid_01-diagnostics-20170830-0912.zip RAID_01-preclear.disk-20170830-0859.zip
  8. Preclear plugin

    Did you have any success with subsequent attempts on your new drive or HGST 4TB drives using the plugin with default gfjardim-0.8.9-beta script? What about with a modified script run from the command line? One thing that would be hugely helpful is posting with any modified working preclear scripts that can be run from the command line in unRAID v6. Thanks!
  9. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Sorry, at the time of the problem CALCULATE run I did not know to look for the log and have since successfully run CALCULATE. For what it's worth, attached is my latest unbalance.log from a successful run after fixing some permissions on my disabled disk 3 per the OPERATION FEEDBACK screen. Also attached are screenshots from the successful run of CALCULATE with the OPERATION FEEDBACK and the run after fixing the permissions. I wanted to avoid any kind of system wide newperms run so ran it manually from an ssh session with newperms /mnt/disk3 After doing that I now seem to be getting a 'clean' CALCULATE with no orange OPERATION FEEDBACK screen. One thing I don't understand is in the unbalance.log after running newperms /mnt/disk3 it still seems to be showing a (group?) [dabl] for some files but when I look at those via ssh ls -l it shows the group as 'users'. Maybe I'm just confused on that. EDIT: also attaching the unbalance.log generated during the run with the OPERATION FEEDBACK screen since I had saved that one. EDIT: Hmm comparing the .log files I see the second run just got appended so that was probably uneccessary (duh) Also what I was seeing with the [dabl] group was actually from the first run and was NOT in the second run...... unbalance.log unbalance log from CALCULATE results OPERATION FEEDBACK .log
  10. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Thanks, that's what I figured but for whatever reason when click the CALCULATE button nothing is happening except the CALCULATE button then as expected becomes disabled. I get no console as shown in the doc. Nothing shows in the Log page and the REFRESH button on that page is disabled. Attached is a screenshot. The reason I want to do this is I was headed down the path of converting my reiserfs drives to xfs using a new empty 8 TB drive. The disk 3 that just became disabled is 1.5 TB and I have space available on the 8 TB disk 8. The 8 TB disk 9 is my new empty drive. I'd prefer not to have to rebuild the 1.5 TB reiserfs disk 3 using disk 9 but perhaps that is the best thing to do at this point and then move the data to disk 8 and start the reiserfs to xfs conversion again. To complicate matters disk 6 was showing signs of going bad so I moved the data off that disk using the krusader docker. Disk 6 is now empty and I would like to take it out of service so things don't become even worse if/when disk 6 gets disabled, right in the middle of a move operation for example. I'm open to any/all suggested approaches. EDIT, UPDATE: I turned notifications on and restarted the plugin and am now seeing the console on CALCULATE and output on the Log page so the plugin does appear to at least be working for me now. Am still interested in general input on suggested approaches to my situation.
  11. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Is it possible to use this plugin to move files from a disabled disk to a good disk?
  12. Preclear plugin

    Maybe an obvious/not particularly useful observation but it seems there is something about the WD Reds that give the current preclear routine(s)/and or plugin fits. I had the same kind of failures with one of those with an earlier version of the plugin (almost makes it to the end then stalls). The last disk I tried, a Seagate Archive precleared successfully. I wonder if running the one of the preclear routines standalone/independent of the plugin would yield different results. Obviously it is time consuming and frustrating to test this kind of failure.
  13. Preclear plugin

    I wanted to report a successful preclear with the below. I did not see any unexpected behavior. The preclear was started before the latest updates. Thank you to gfjardim and dlandon for these plugins. ====================== Seagate Archive 8 TB ST8000AS0002 Preclear Disks 2017.07.05c Unassigned Devices 2017.07.04a unRAID 6.3.3
  14. Unofficial Faster Preclear

    So, I see your post in the plugin thread indicating that when you stop the array messages occur every second in your log, presumably due to problems with the plugin?
  15. Unofficial Faster Preclear

    I haven't tried using this script since upgrading to v6.3 Whatever was contained in the above referenced post is now gone. I see this happen in a lot of the older threads around here. If anyone could detail the necessary steps to take to make the script contained in the 2014-10-15 FastPreclear_FIX.zip in post 1 of this thread work in unRAID v6.3.x I'd be much obliged. Else can/should I simply use the one referenced in post 1 of the Preclear plugin thread? Just to be 'clear' I do NOT want to use the preclear plugin itself. Last time I tried that it wasted 3 days of my time and still seems hopelessly broken. Thanks for any help!

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