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  1. By the way, where can I view plugins installation logs?
  2. Somethings is wrong with the script. mongodb is not installed
  3. Fixed mongodb links at plexdrive4.plg. Created pull request. In the mean time, use this link to install Thanks.
  4. Not even a day and unraid hang. No webGUI, no SMB. SSH works though. Here are the diagnostics. Please help.
  5. Ok. Noted. What do you mean? I thought I'm more like a Sith Lord.
  6. Thanks. It works.
  7. I have successfully boot into safe mode(no plugins, with gui). did that by editing /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg Lets see in a few days. Thanks.
  8. How do I boot in safe mode? Can I reboot in safe mode from ssh? By the way, did you take a look at the log files? Anything?
  9. I already did that. Attached are the diagnostics file. Please help me identify the problem and provide a solution. Thanks.
  10. Where can I get old unraid? tried contacting unraid support. no respond.
  11. Well the server hang again. So its not caused by Dynamix File Integrity plugin. The only docker that is on is Duckdns.
  12. After googling reiserfs keyword in the forum, I noticed that installing file integrity plugin can caused crash. Unfortunately, i have installed that plugin in my setup. Probably, the crash was caused by that plugin. I remember I did upgrade to 6 long ago and experience no hang. Only lately. Hopefully, the hang is caused by that plugin. I will report back in a few days. So far no hang. Thanks.
  13. my unraid hang frequently. does this version fix the problem with reiserfs hang?
  14. Ok. My Unraid just hang. I am sick of it. What version 5 should I downgrade to? Where can I find one? Thanks.
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