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  1. One of my disk have 'Device disabled, content emulated' status. What is that mean? What should I do? Here are the diagnostics.
  2. I am unable to access certain folder. This is my webgui. There is error in Parity drive. Attached are my diagnostics file. What happen? What should I do? Let me know if there is anything I should provide. Thanks.
  3. I guess, i dont have PSU problem. Currently halfway converting from reiserfs to xfs.
  4. I have replaced all problematic drives. Currently in the process of migrating from rfs to xfs. Im curious. When is the time the power load is the maximum? During startup only? Can parity check load psu to the max? What happens when power is not enough? Im just trying to rule out my psu as potential problem.
  5. I just want to update you guys that i use the steps in the wiki and currently successfully converted 1 drive to xfs. I think its quite simple despite the long text. Will update when I have fully successfully converted my unraid to xfs.
  6. Can somebody explain in detail the steps in Share based, no inclusions, preserving parity? Mirroring procedures to convert drives is too complicated for me.
  7. Reference: I want a simple method to convert my ReiserFS unraid to XFS. This is the method that I prefer. But how do you exactly do it? Here's what I understand. 1. Bought a new HDD. Preclear it. 2. Make sure parity is valid. 3. Format new HDD with XFS. 4. Stop array. 5. Add new hdd to array. Start array. 6. Choose a drive with ReiserFS that you want to convert(old drive). Set this drive in the excluded disk in all user shares. 7. Move all data in old drive to new drive using unbalanced. 8. Once move is done, stop the array. 9. Format old drive with XFS. This drive is now considered as 'new drive'. 10. Goto step 5. I think im missing something. What happen to the parity? Can we do it like this?
  8. Cannot update docker container after change ip

    My bad. I forgot to change the gateway when I change the ip. Now its all good. So kids, remember to change your gateway too if you change your ip to another segment. Thanks.
  9. What is Unraid VM Manager?

    Can someone tell me in laymen term, what is Unraid VM Manager and what can it be use for? Did you use VM Manager? If so, for what purpose? Thanks.
  10. After I change my Unraid ip address from 192.168.0.x to 192.168.1.x, all my docker shows blue color(indicating that it can be updated) in the dashboard. When I click install all updates, i get this error error pulling 'docker name' Are there any special steps that I need to do after changing unraid ip address?
  11. Comments on my syslog

    My syslog Please take a look. Im having alot of problems with my unraid. Some of the problems 1. Some disk are unreadable, causing emhttp and samba to hang. I diagnose by accessing mnt/disk and foudn that disk5 is unreadble/hang. no smart error on the disk. 2. My unraid is hanging, so i cant get the logs as advised in the forum. I had to manually copy the file from telnet. 3. I am currently rebuilding disk. since the emhttp is hang, i cant monitor the status. is there a way for me to read the status of rebuilding? What is happening with my unraid? THanks.
  12. How to union mount with enable delete?

  13. Plexdrive

    I've created a plexdrive plugin that uses pre release builds. The reason for this is the release version (version 4) have problem with network causing playback problems for me. I've tested the pre release builds and find it have solved the network problem. I dont know exactly what, but the problems I had before has vanished. I've just test the pre relase builds for few weeks only and so far no problem. Yours may vary. If anyone interested(or care), you can grab the plugin here. It is based on starbix release. But uses prerelease builds instead of release. Thanks.
  14. I want to transparently overlaid multiple folders. Eg. I have multiple movie folders named Movie1, Movie2 and Movie3. I want to unite all those movie folder into a folder named Movie. I also want to be able to delete file in Movie. Here are the command that I used. unionfs -o cow -o allow_other -o uid=99 -o gid=100 \ /mnt/user/Movie1/\ :/mnt/user/Movie2/\ :/mnt/user/Movie3/\ \ /mnt/user/Movie/ While the command successfully overlaid those folders, I cant delete files/folders from Movie folder. What is the correct command to overlaid folders and be able to delete files/folder?
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