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  1. It has been several months since I started this thread, but, just a quick follow up on this experience. I was finally able to ship the board to ASRock in early July. I had been living out of the U.S. and knew I would be returning in July, so, I decided to wait as the board was under warranty until November. According to ASRock, the board booted fine with no issues when they received it. How, I do not know as I had been through everything several times as documented in this thread. Nevertheless, they chose to send me a different board as a replacement. Since receiving it in mid-July, the new board has worked without issue and I updated it to the latest 2.10 BIOS yesterday. I have no idea what happened with the first board and neither does ASRock; however, they were always very responsive and even sent me a new board at no charge even though they could find no problem with the original. I would rather have not had the issues, but, I have to give ASRock a lot of credit for being very responsive and making sure my issues were resolved as quickly as possible.
  2. The latest released BIOS (v2.10) for my Asrock C236 WSI board contains Kaby Lake support but no hyper threading fix. Like others, I see Intel has released a Linux version of the 7/7/2017 microcode update for the hyper threading issue at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26925/Linux-Processor-Microcode-Data-File?product=88173 It was never confirmed here if we could apply this directly, if it needed to be incorporated in unRAID, or if only a MB manufacturer BIOS update will permanently do the trick.
  3. Must resist...but $160 is incredibly cheap for an 8TB NAS drive. Got a Lian-Li PC Q25 lying around begging for some hardware occupants. I can't believe these drives are so cheap. They are easy to shuck without breaking the tabs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry, now I see it, duh! I was still stuck doing things like I did in the other container. Browsing "Storage" works as expected. Of course, why else would you have that mapping if not to browse "storage." Sorry for the bother.
  5. /storage is mapped to /mnt/user. This, of course, is where all the user shares are (Pictures, Movies, Videos, etc.) that I wish to backup. In the WebGUI, I cannot browse to anything beyond mnt/user unless it was already in the backup set (and all of those show as "missing"); so, I cannot add to right folders to the backup sets. I stopped and restarted the CrashPlan container and now the WebGUI will not even load at [ipaddress]:7804 UPDATE: Just restarted container again and now WebGUI loads
  6. I just installed this new CrashPlan container. I am a longtime user of the other CrashPlan docker. The adoption process went fine and all files in my various backup sets show as missing. No big deal, I know I just have to add them again. The problem is that under mnt/user it does not show the all the folders I need to backup. I can only browse to whatever is the parent directories stated in the existing backup sets. If I remove one (done as a test) of the existing folder in the set, /mnt/user is as far as I can browse and I cannot even see folders beyond that. Basically I cannot re-add the correct folders and I cannot browse beyond /mnt/user to add additional folders. I completely removed the other container, image and folders from appdata before installing this docker container. Permissions issue? What do I need to fix.
  7. For those who like a mountain theme, here is a banner cropped from a photo of the mountains I see out my back window. This past winter saw heavy snowfall. The picture was taken at twilight. It looks especially nice with the black theme, but also goes well with white. Just applied it on my backup server.
  8. My docker.img file is on the cache drive as is the appdata share (I am not using the system share) where all dockers are stored. I have 10 dockers, including Plex, all happily stored on the cache drive. What specifically is your problem with Plex as currently configured? You have to be careful with docker configurations so the apps don't end up storing/encoding data in the docker.img file; regardless of where that file resides (cache drive or array).
  9. I have formatted another flash disk and installed unRAID 6.3.5 preserving only the shares config, super.dat, unRAID licencse and network config from the prior flash drive. Fortunately, my boot flash drive is the Kingston Mobilelite G2 so all I had to do was swap in a new SD card in the reader. I still have the old one should I decide to copy over other config files. SUCCESS!!! With a a new flash drive and clean install, I get no samba errors. My server shows up in Windows network and all shares are accessible. Doing the happy dance right now I'll be installing plugins one by one to see if one of them caused the problem, even though I had removed them all except the problematic Cache Directories. Then on to dockers and new VM configs.
  10. Rolled back to unRAID OS version 6.3.4. No change; samba will not load. Dynamix Cache Dirs refuses to uninstall. I even went into the plugins folder and deleted the Cache Dirs folder. It still shows up as an installed plugin on boot. Perhaps it is loading from another location? At this point, I don't know what else to do other than a clean install preserving only share definitions. I do have my system connected to a different router than before, but, I can't see how that in any way would affect the ability of samba to load on the server. It's the only difference between my working system six weeks ago and now as I have rolled back to 6.3.4. This certainly is a baffling issue.
  11. Hmmm. Just noticed something interesting. Dynamix Cache Directories will not uninstall. It says it does, but when I reboot, it is still there in plugins. I remove it again, it disappears from plugins, but on reboot it is back...repeat...repeat. It does not appear to uninstall. Any possibility it is causing samba problems?
  12. I have removed all plugins and renamed the /extra folder as suggested by johnnie.black (/extra only contained ncurses). No change. Samba still will not start and smbd: no process found error appears right after reboot completes and every time I click a tab in the GUI. This makes no sense. It's like my system has all of a sudden decided that Samba is devil code and refuses to run it. I don't know that I have any other option other than a clean install preserving just shares and starting over until something I install causes the problem again. I am baffled. Maybe I'll try a roll back to previous version (6.3.4) just to eliminate something in the upgrade that did not agree with my system configuration. Everything was working well under 6.3.4 before I packed the server up for shipment.
  13. No joy. What's next? Clean install on flash drive and start over with dockers, plugins and VMs?
  14. OK, I'll remove the line from the smb-extra.conf file and try again. The thing that baffles me is that this was all working as currently configured six weeks ago before everything was packed up in Mexico and shipped home to the U.S. I have changed nothing other than updated the unRaid OS to 6.3.5 (from 6.3.4) and updating all plugins. I have never seen samba fail to start before under any circumstances and have no idea what changed. All I did was put the disks back in the server, plug in the flash drive and do the indicated updates.
  15. Changed log levels. Syslog attached. medianas-syslog-20170708-1727.zip
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