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  1. Holy unlimited budget Batman! 23 8TB reds at an average of $190 each. $4370 just on drives and 184TB of storage. I have no words - and even less money! Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
  2. Yes, looks like they are back to $199 (still a great deal). They were still $179 this morning as I was thinking of buying more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Kind of hard to pass up an 8TB Red Helium for $179. I bought three.
  4. Yep, I have done all that. Board is currently out of the case. I have reseated RAM multiple times, tried just one stick etc. I have also tried two different PSUs both of which work with other boards in other cases. RMA is my only option now.
  5. I don't think I have the same situation. I have reset CMOS multiple times, I am not necessarily trying to boot into unRAID, I have tried attaching an SSD with Windows 7 to the MB and removed the unRAID flash drive. I have also tried booting with no drives attached. I cannot factory reset the BIOS (but trying the two new BIOS chips is the same thing) as I cannot get into the BIOS, at least as far as I can see as there is no video output. The monitor power LED just flashes indicating no video signal. The board power LED is green. It is at least in a deep coma that persists with all power removed for long periods of time, with, apparently, no way to wake it up.
  6. Replacement BIOS chips arrived today (shipped to U.S. address and forwarded to Mexico). ASRock sent me two just in case. No change. No post, no video, just spinning fans. Looks like the board is going back under RMA. I am assuming it is the board and not the CPU, but, I really have no way of knowing. I have tried two speakers on the MB speaker header to see if I get any kind of BIOS beeps that might indicate where the problem lies; nothing but silence.
  7. As HellDiverUS stated, there is no 1GB RAM per TB of storage requirement in unRAID. This is an oft-quoted metric related to FreeNAS. RAM requirements in unRAID are determined much more by the way in which it will be used (number and type of VMs, dockers, etc.) and not by the amount of storage supported.
  8. Obviously, any manufacturer can turn out good and bad boards. If the product was consistently bad, they would not be in business. In all my years of building PCs, this is the first motherboard that has ever failed to post. They have had other issues, but, failing to enter BIOS has not been the issue. I am sure HellDiverUKs post based on his experience can be reworded with any three mainstream manufacturer's names based on others experiences. I just seem to have the misfortune of having received an, apparently, bad board from ASRock. Hoping the BIOS chip is the issue.
  9. Almost every one of the many motherboards I have purchased up until now has been Asus or Gigabyte. I did purchase an EVGA MB once and it had a lot of BIOS issues with USB that eventually got worked out but was a pain for several months. This is my first ASRock MB and I purchased it because it had the features I needed in a mini-ITX form factor without a lot of extra stuff I did not need. At $200 it was not cheap for a mini-ITX board. Many others in these forums were/are using the same board with success. I may think twice about going with ASRock in the future based on this experience. Right now, I just want to get it working again even if that means an RMA.
  10. Yes, several times. This MB has a clear CMOS pad that is jumpered with a conductive material (I have used a screwdriver blade) with the battery removed. Not a terribly elegant way of doing it and I can only suppose it is working. Since there is no video and no post to BIOS, who knows? ASRock wants me to try a known good freshly flashed BIOS chip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. OK, this is a strange one. I upgraded my main server to an ASRock C236 WSI and Xeon E3-1245 V5 in December. Initially, it had no video output and did not post and enter BIOS. It turns out there were three bent pins in the CPU socket which when straightened fixed the issues. The server has been running 24x7 since then with no issues and has been through several reboots for config tweaks and updates. Yesterday, just to test capabilities, I decided to try S3 sleep on the server. Apparently, that was a bad idea. It is enabled in BIOS and I installed the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin. First test worked, sort of. The server went to sleep when issued the sleep command. I pressed the power button to wake it up and it woke up (GUI and SSH/Telnet worked), but, no video on monitor. The second test was a disaster. Server went to sleep and this time I tried to wake it with a WOL packet to NIC. Nada. No video. No GUI. No SSH/Telnet. Just spinning fans. I had to hard reset. Still nada. No video and no BIOS post just as with my original issue with this board. I removed board from case and tried it with a different PSU, just to verify that the PSU was not the cause. Same issue with a different PSU. I removed the MB from my backup server and tried it with both PSUs. Video output and BIOS posted with both. That board and i5 is now back in my main server. The C236 WSI appears to be "dead." Power LED shows power to the board, but, only the fans spin when the power button is pressed. I have contacted ASRock and they are sending me a couple of newly-flashed BIOS chips. If that does not work, they will accept an RMA of the board for repair. I have no idea how a couple of sleep/wake cycles could have caused this, but, maybe the board has had a flakey BIOS from the beginning and this was just a trigger. Frustrating to say the least.
  12. I take it there has been no movement on a darker theme? I find myself spending less time on the forum (not that that is a bad thing :)) because the white is just too bright and makes it harder for me to read posts. I have the unRAID GUI set to the dark theme as well. The third-party theme suggested earlier in this thread by BetaQuasi seems to be a good one. Is that something that an individual user has to pay for ($30) in order to use or can it be implemented as a forum option?
  13. I recently upgraded my main server from an i5 to a Xeon and repurposed the "old" parts as a backup server.. I agree with the other comments that an i5 is underpowered for your stated use case. I was able to run 1 light VM max (multiple installed, but, just one running with light use) with the i5 while also doing normal NAS functions and one Plex stream. Anything beyond that is too much for the 4-core non-threaded i5. The Xeon/i7 is a different story.. Much more flexibility, horsepower and overhead for simultaneous VM/Plex tasks. See my sig for both system specs.
  14. Only backup to Crashplan Central (cloud storage) requires a subscription. Backup from one computer to another is free.
  15. My last parity check was with version 6.3.1 four days ago. It was 4 minutes faster than parity checks run with 6.2.4. I have always seen very consistent parity check times on all versions of unRAID 6.x.x. I have been through three CPUs (two 4-core i5s and the current Xeon 4-core/8-thread CPU) and three different motherboards in that time. Parity checks have always been within 2-3 mintues of the prior time. This is the biggest variation I have seen in a while and it is 4 minutes faster. I have yet to run a parity check with 6.3.2.
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