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  1. The 7700 and 7700t are fairly close in price but the 7700 non-t has 1,000 more passmarks, i'd go with that. Since your VM's will living on a dedicated VM drive I'd forgo the 2x cache drives and either go with one 512gb drive or a single 256gb drive.
  2. The results of sde are peculiar...
  3. Have you tried to clear the CMOS?
  4. This part is not possible. What you could do instead is use 2xUSB sound adapters and pass one to each VM.
  5. Correct, if it supports 3TB drives, then it will support 12TB drives and beyond.
  6. @Endda you are probably using the Plex Docker, not the LSIO or Binhex version..if that is true this is how they setup their permissions are there is nothing you can do.
  7. A longer glance will show that gpu transcoding is (so far) definately inferior to the software transcoder. This is especially noticable during fast scenes where things can get "blocky". For me, that's not a problem as transcoding is for remote and therefore streamability is paramount.
  8. Essentially any good brand SSD will be a gigantic leap in terms of disk performance if you're coming from a regular hard drive. Personally, i'd rather save a small fortune than pony up for a samsung drive. I currently use 2 AData SP550 (256gb) in a couple laptops and just recently added a SK Hynix 120GB SSD for unRAID, I've had 0 issues with all 3 drives.
  9. When you say 'server' psu, what exactly do you mean?
  10. See above changes in red.
  11. $299 @ NCIX for 1 week, while quantities last:
  12. I agree, forget 3x3TB, get another 8TB for a data drive and increase later. Also agree w/ the upgrade to an i7 for VM's.
  13. You should only have the one provided by airvpn in there.
  14. I believe you need to create an account with, whether you choose to purchase a plexpass or not, an account is still needed.
  15. You need the .crt file too, which you can only obtain from their website..
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