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  1. Tom --- Any chance to provide an option to leave the directory tree on the cache drive after Mover has done its thing. Several folks have implemented a data security system (mostly for protection against encrypting malware) where the shares are set to 'Secure' and the cache disk is shared as 'Public'. All writes to the "secured" share of the array are then done via the now "Public" share on the cache disk and then Mover will write the file(s) to the "Secure" array. Of course, the files are still open to attack by the Malware until Mover has done its thing but it is much better to lose a few newer files than TB's of archived data...
  2. Perhaps, set a cookie on login and periodically request info from it. If you don't get it, terminate the session and require a new login to reconnect... (I am no expert in html programming but cookies have to good for something besides 'tracking' me.)
  3. I assume that you are trying to boot 6.4.0-rcX. IF this is the case, look on your flash drive and rename the EFI folder to something like EFI.NotUsed You might also like to read this thread: You can also look on the boot order menu of your BIOS for an option for your USB drive that does NOT include UEFI in the description. You might want to read this post and the next few posts about this issue: And this issue is being address in the latest release of the 6.4.0-rcX release series. se the first post here:
  4. Did this request ever make the list for inclusion in a future release? It would seem to be a simple request to add this functionality and would enhance security. Presently, the only way to be logged off of the GUI to so close the browser. Eventually all websites logoff the user when the last window is closed even if the user 'forgets' to logoff. unRAID is not even providing that level of security at this point.
  5. Thanks, @curiouskid! I downloaded and installed the ERS version. Checkboxes are there. Current version is 53.2 but apparently the ERS versions will be getting all of the security updates which may be a better option than downgrading to an older version in the current release path which will not get them. So there are two options to chose from. One with more of the latest bells and whistles but without security updates or one that has far fewer of the latest features but security updates. (Personally, I think I will still with the more secure one.)
  6. By the way, you can find earlier versions of Firefox and 'fix' this problem until Mozilla gets its act together. Here is a link to their site: EDIT: I have download version 53.0 and those check boxes are back!
  7. Install the Local Master Plugin on HunterNASNDH and see what it thinks is the Local Master. Another possibility could be that your server names are identical for the first ten characters. Windows used to use only use the first eight characters to resolve the name of a resource. You might want to change the name of one of your servers to see if that fixes the problem...
  8. That sounds like the best solution. Plus, if they later upgrade their hardware, it is a simple matter to change from one method to the other.
  9. Will the proposed solution accommodate this scenario? If you have to be able to boot to change the default from Legacy to UEFI, it sounds like a 'Catch 22' issue to me.
  10. I assume this is done by setting the ' Use cache disk: ' parameter on the 'Share Settings' page for this new share with the tree to "Only".
  11. Try editing the first post of your thread.
  12. One thing I tried after my initial post was to change the read/write permissions so that the file at the bottom of the tree was read-only for owner/group/other (figuring that a non-empty directory could not be deleted). As I suspected, Mover is running as root and it simply deleted a read-only file anyway.
  13. I am attempting to use the method in this post to protect my files from operator error and Malware. In my testing phase, I went through and added files at the bottom of each directory tree figuring that the tree would be preserved on the cache drive after Mover had done its thing. (Obviously, having the tree already there on the cache drive there would be a big help when I want to write a file to the cache-disk share three or four layers deep down the tree.) But that was not the case. The tree was deleted. Is there anyway (perhaps by a file name) to prevent this from happening or is there a switch that I missed somewhere in the GUI.
  14. True unless the server doesn't boot and you run into this issue (This message is displayed on the server monitor and the only symptom is that the server doesn't boot): You could also use the second of these two solutions that will hopefully fix it. Although, LimeTech's solution will definitely fix it permanently and will allow you to boot with either old BIOS way or the UEFI way.
  15. You have a VM running on a corporate server? You certainly do. This is not the way to save a four hundred dollars. In fact, you should not have shared the Flash Drive as Public share. Shut the network down completely and start googling from a single trusted computer with all sharing turnoff. Find out the name of the processes that do this encrypting and start checking every computer in the facility until you find the one(s) with that process running. You may get lucky and find a key that will unlock your files. (Apparently, some of these guys were lazy and reused the keys...) Most users have found that LimeTech treats its customers very fairly. You might have to present your case to them but they have treated most folks very, very well and on a timely basis. I suspect some employee/officer got 'social engineered' and turned this beast loose. You need to re-instruct folks about security and look at what you are doing. (I personally think that running a VM (or even a Docker with outside access) on a corporate server is not an ideal way to save a few bucks. The less stuff that is running on your servers, the easier it will be secure them.) You also need to determine who needs w/r privileges verses read-only access and implement that. And stop sharing the Flash Drive...
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