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  1. CPU throttle sabnzbd

    My system gets bogged down big time when sabnzbd is reconstructing files. Anyone throttle that puppy down a bit to keep the rest of the system from bogging down? Here, but it's an ancient article. Affected those changes. We'll see if that helps anything.
  2. calibre safe setup

    does lazylibrarian play nice with private trackers that you have to seed? What's "access the web via LE"?
  3. can't reach any ports to see web gui's

    did some downgrading, and upgrading, and all the ports magically started working again. Don't know what was going on there! Fingers crossed (again).
  4. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    oook, I have a backup from before, but it's all the way back to 6.3.5. I need a download link for the older -rc9. I went back to 6.3.5, then back up to the latest pre-release (I can't choose which one, the plg just grabs the newest from limetech's post). I'll see if this is any better, or start another stability thread somewhere. Thanks for the assistance @Squid!
  5. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    Thanks @Squid I seem to remember there were only two files that were necessary. So, all single files in the root directory, not the sub directories. Right?
  6. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    No answer on the OP rollback?
  7. This page, Is a terrific page with loads of info. But it's just too much. It has got to be chopped up. I imagine that only 1/4 will do like the first sentence says and read the whole thing. It's WAY TOO LONG.
  8. Now that the pre-release are going, and I think encryption is an option, anywhere I can read about it before flipping that switch?
  9. @sparkyy I only have a little experience with the two programs that are giving you grief. But you can see error messages about SMTP running out of space. Perhaps it's logging, or keeping all messages and attachments somewhere it shouldn't be. Or it shouldn't be keeping them at all. Are any of those apps being ran as dockers? Dockers have unconventional storage requirements you should read up on if either of those programs is, in fact, a Docker. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. I connect to my home network via OpenVPN. I run OpenVPN on a dd-wrt router, and an OpenVPN client on my laptop when I'm away from home. Everything connects fine. I recently added a couple of lines to my client configuration: auth-nocache remote-cert-tls server I also updated my client software version to I can access my default unRaid home page, (static IP), no problem. If I use VNC Remote desktop, controlling my home desktop, I can reach all services on ports no problem. couchpotato :5050, sabnzbd :8080, etc. Plex connects fine to the outside of the network with a forwarded port, also not a problem. Just not sure why I can't connect to these services all of a sudden via my VPN. I was working a while ago. Dockers are setup in Network type: Bridge mode. From my laptop, while connected to vpn, tracert > results.txt Tracing route to RUBBLE [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 95 ms 56 ms 51 ms 2 69 ms 65 ms 70 ms RUBBLE [] Trace complete. OpenVPN client details hastebin
  11. [mention=77711]gcalaway[/mention] been up for 2 days. I think I'm in the clear, knock knock... Crashed a couple more times, even after that modification (rcu_nocbs=0-3) I'm going back to rc9.
  12. @OnlyOneCannoli @gcalaway I've seen having stability issues on the newest rc-10b. I was not having issues on rc-9f. I'm going to go back this evening to see if I get my stability back.
  13. @BBoYTuRBo is it a Ryzen processor by chance? If it is, you need a pre-release for stability to support that Ryzen processor.
  14. I'd been wrestling with this for a little while, and finally got my ducks in a row. Using this setup, you can create a free subdomain,, that will point to subsonic running on your unraid installation. Create account at, make a note of the SUBDOMAIN that you have to add. I'll use duckdnssubdomain. Install duckdns docker, and setup with duckdnssubdomain, and token Install subsonic docker, and setup: Host Port 2: is the https port you're going to use, I'm using 4433 Key 2: is the "HTTPS_PORT" that I also set to 4433 Ssl port: I think I added this one, not sure if it's needed or not. "SSL_PORT" also set to 4433 Go into Subsonic > Settings > Network > check Access your server over the internet.... > check Use custom URL, "" Add godaddy DNS CNAME. Name: subsonic, Value: And that should do it. What happens is you point your subsonic clients to: that hits godaddy CNAME/subdomain bounces over to duckdns bounces to your home server IP (updated via duckdns docker in unRaid) whew!
  15. @Krzaku I'm with ya on that one, but there was some banter (I forget here above, or on a similar hijacked thread) that the nature of crashes will frequently keep anything helpful from being written to an actual log file. You can capture some stuff, which I think they should! But it seems like the important stuff is only on the physical screen - total pain in the ass for headless servers in the basement!

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