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  1. Plex has been funky when starting shows

    Wireless. I'll post again if the problem persists. Thanks!
  2. calibre safe setup

    @DZMMperfect. Thanks!
  3. Not sure what's going on exactly, plex is usually super snappy - but it's running like a bit of a dog recently. Having to restart/stop episodes, different encoding or Auto settings etc. Any ideas on where to s tart looking? There's also a decent possibility it's only my crappy internet connection (tethered to phone that's practically taped to the window). Just want to make sure it's not something else!
  4. @GreygooseI'm happy to get back to an AMD - but yeah, I wish the CPU had on board video taken care of. I bought a cheapo PCI videocard, but all the clots on my motherboard were PCI-e and not compatible. Doh! I had to pull the big video card out of my gaming rig to get into the bios and boot. I also don't particularly like that I have to run a beta version of unRaid for stability on Ryzen. I guess it's because it's such a new processor. I do wish I would've pony'ed up a little more money, and bought an equivalent Intel chip with wider compatibility and less headaches.
  5. calibre safe setup

    seems like opening up a port to calibre is a horrible idea - even with a username/password and a letsencrypt certificate. Anyone have a calibre server type of setup that works well? I started getting into Calibre-server, and lazylibrarian-calibre but it seems that I'm spiraling down a blackhole of configuration paths and docker paths. How about making the DB available, and connecting a regular Calibre desktop client to a remote database? I haven't tried that option yet. Then transferring books to the kindle via usb. I also want to be able to get mobi's to my kindle without sending them through the @amazon email account, which seems like a horrible idea. Using the Experimental Browser on the kindle paperwhite has been good, but I have to open a port on the router each time, do the browsing and downloading, then close the port again right away. Not too horrible, but a bit of a hassle. Be nicer if it was always on.
  6. I just built a ryzen system, and you need to be careful as they don't necessarily have on board video working. Even if the motherboard has VGA or HDMI outputs, they might not be active. Initially, you need to get the motherboard to boot of the USB, so you need to see the monitor. When shopping for your system, get a cheap, compatible crap video card for those first minutes of BIOS setup.
  7. enjoy. I sure did.
  8. [SUPPORT] Thraxis' Docker Repo

    @lux_en_veritasI have the same question, although I already have a library. I noticed that I download books directly from lazy librarian interface, so maybe I/we don't need the calibre server...? I'll monkey around with it more, and see what I come up with.
  9. @wickedathletes Testing a USB drive? Nope. You're on your own there. I did read here somewhere that when booting unRaid, it only touches the USB once while it boots, then everything is ran from memory. So that's very few reads/writes to the USB drive, and an old usb 2.0 won't impact speed except boot. Nice job finding those hardware fubars. You could look forward to that next build and get a part that you can use both now, and then. Like this: it's $112 plus another 15-30 for a pair of mini-sas > 4xsata cables. It will get you 8 new sata ports. If you're planning on keeping those older hard drives for the new build, you're going to need many sata ports. I've had one of those SAS2LP-MV8, and it's been rock solid, for years.
  10. @wickedathletes 40 minutes is a weird amount of time. I bet some process is waiting for something to finish, that hangs it all up. When you look at your logs, look at the time stamps. Find that 40 minute gap, and see what the last few entries right before it were. 5-6 times a year ain't horrible, but it shouldn't happen.
  11. If you can't even get into the console, I'd make another unRaid flash drive, boot off that and see where you can go from there.
  12. Mobile app for file management

    Awesome android app! Hit the blank space, and they give you all that stuff you need, Tab, Pipe, really good stuff. I was able to get my stuff copied with a long cp - r, thanks!
  13. I wrote a blog entry on this a while back. I'm using Open VPN frequently from both my android and my laptop. I'd be up a creek without it. Router is a Netgear R7000. Currently $180 at newegg Blog is reposted as a howto here
  14. App to access files from android device

    I used Astro File manager. But I'm wondering, I wanted to copy files from one spot to another with the app, but it seems to have to go through my phone. Any way you know of to keep content on the server, do the copy, and never hit the phone?
  15. After sorting out that Docker not running, everything has been hunky dory. [SOLVED]
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