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  1. What's involved in getting drives mounted with the UD plugin to appear in the Disk Stats page?
  2. Update again.. solved. Had to change the network type to host.
  3. OK!. Plex is running.. It's a network issue. I cleared my logs completely and realized that the official docker uses "PLEX_UID" for the user id, vs PUID in the template, so I changed that so plex has access to it's config and db and it's starting, but still no UI or ability to use clients.
  4. Yeah. that's all I have learned about docker as well. That's be done.. and I'm doing it again now. What logs do you want? I would like to fix this myself, but I can't find out where to look for problems! EDIT: Ok.. new image, new templates, only one container - plexinc/pms-docker - no webUI... thoughts?
  5. Hi there, just switched from the linuxserver plex docker to the plex inc one. Now it won't start - or something's not working. Everything indicates it's working. Container log below. PMS logs look fine, but the webUI won't work and clients can't connect. I've never had any kind of network set up for this docker at all - and still don't, but is there something special I need to know about using the official plex docker on unRAID? How do I troubleshoot when a docker doesn't appear to be working properly? Headless systems are great until it goes tits up. ugg. whiteatom
  6. Ok.. An update for you all because this is not a problem any more. It appears that when you are working the array hard and have a disk locked up, docker won't shut down cleanly - or at least the ones I have. Today, I was tail -f'ing the docker.log from earlier troubleshooting and in the same second my dd process (I'm zeroing an old disk for removal) ended, the docker log updated with the locked up containers exiting and the updates I had requested processing. I'm not sure if this is a knowing behaviour, a limitation, or a bug, but it's pretty easy to get around now I know, but someone else will probably run into it at some point. whiteatom
  7. WiFivomFranMan, I was trying to find a way of saying "no, and with good reason" without sounding like I was gathering my pitchforks and torches. I appears I was just to first to reply because the community agrees with me. Don't take this as ganging up on you... If you do choose unRAID, this community is the true value. From stupid newbie mistakes to troubleshooting vague and complex hiccups, someone will help you out here. I doubt you will find that in many other places - it's why I switched from FreeNAS and never looked back.
  8. Pretty dedicated group of purchasers who paid full price on here. You may get lucky, but my feeling is that if you can't see $60 of value in a life time of UnRAID, you should probably look at other options.
  9. OK.. moving a bunch of data now.. but when it's done, I'll run the diagnostics and reboot. Probably a hard reboot again.. yikes! Something is screwy because this only happened since I went to dual parity. docker.img is not on the array, so I don't really see how it's related, but there's gotta be something holding up the docker processes.
  10. Ok.. still no improvements. Renamed the docker.img to docker.old and started fresh. Added a new docker for plex and it started fine - tested Plex and then tried to shut ti down. (click stop on the UI). The UI hung up for about 20 seconds and then I got a "Execution error Error code" error pop-up on the screen. The docker.log shows the same thing... time="2017-01-09T14:53:45.536132191-03:30" level=info msg="API listen on /var/run/docker.sock" time="2017-01-09T15:08:08.694244741-03:30" level=info msg="Container c30d84dab0d26e609175a008cf49db034ea02b20979747192513d4801cfb5477 failed to exit within 10 seconds of SIGTERM - using the force" time="2017-01-09T15:08:18.694564666-03:30" level=info msg="Container c30d84dab0d2 failed to exit within 10 seconds of kill - trying direct SIGKILL" And the docker is still running, even through Plex has shut down. Any new ideas? EDIT: eventually the docker did shut down, (nothing listed on docker ps), but the logs don't show anything....
  11. This may just be a poorly worded error, but with the array running and formatting a new pre-cleared disk I cannot access the "shares" page. It gives me the Array not running error. Is this expected behaviour? if so, perhaps that error page could be improved? if it's not, then we have a bug. Description: cannot access the Shares screen while formatting a drive - gives "array not running" error even though the array is running and accessible. How to reproduce: add pre-cleared disk to array and start. select to format the new disk and click on the shares tab. Expected results: to be shown the regular shares screen, or be told the screen cannot be accessed during a format Actual results: error described above Other information: may just need to reword error thanks!
  12. After I tried the powerdown -r, I looked in "ps aux" and the /etc/rc/d/rc.docker stop was running for 40mins before I got bored and hard reset the box. It's back up now without docker, so I'll try removing the img as you suggested.
  13. The powerdown command won't work either... the system is TOTALLY locked up by docker. Docker won't quit, the array won't stop, so nothing can be done. I set the docker config to no as you suggest and I guess I have to go through another hard reboot (pre clear just finished). Before rebooting, I ran the diagnostics (attached), but here's the only indication of a problem I can find, from docker.log: time="2017-01-09T13:44:12.367055840-03:30" level=info msg="Container 2d9e18b61a4dd529ab1924b36aa5312d43324fa5a0665b3984a95668a6f23d63 failed to exit within 10 seconds of SIGTERM - using the force" time="2017-01-09T13:44:22.367326715-03:30" level=info msg="Container 2d9e18b61a4d failed to exit within 10 seconds of kill - trying direct SIGKILL" Anyone else have any tips here? knox-diagnostics-20170109-1411.zip
  14. Diagnostics runs fine. Output attached. I looked through the Docker log... only thing I see there is the "name conflict for CouchPotato" - that's when I tried an upgrade of the container that started the problem today. I have tried removing some CA plugins (the auto upgrade one for starts) so see if that changes things... no improvements. Thanks for the help. Update: I tried "docker exec -it CouchPotato /bin/bash" to see if I could get into the container.. it does nothing for about 3 seconds and then just dumps me back to the host prompt. Tried the same command on a docker I haven't tried to exit and I get a root@<container-id> prompt immediately. It really looks like these containers are stuck at the tail end of a shutdown if the terminal is not responding. One other thing to note. I am running 2 other processes - a pre-clear as already stated, and I am zeroing an old disk (still in the array), so I can remove it without having to rebuild parity (according to this process). This process always kinda screws with the system because one of the data drives is loosing it's file system. I have nothing mapped to that disk, only to user shares, and that drive is excluded from all shares, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Cheers knox-diagnostics-20170108-2021.zip
  15. Hi there, I'm having trouble with my dockers not stopping when I try to stop the array. Everything just hangs up and I can't even seem to kill them off with docker kill or docker rm -r. I noticed this yesterday when I tried to stop a docker and couldn't (from the web ui). The GUI hung and i couldn't even restart from the command line.. A scary hard reset later and everything was fine, but now, it's happened again trying to upgrade a docker. I have no idea where to go from here? Where to I look to determine what's causing this? How do I kill docker off? I'm pre-clearing a disk right now, so I reeeeeealy don't want to restart. Thanks.
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