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  1. http://www.microcenter.com/product/469984/Barracuda_4TB_35_Hard_Drive_-_OEM
  2. So you're the guy!!! ... the one that responds to Amazon questions with "I don't know"
  3. OMG OMG OMG ME ME ME BETA BETA BETA WOOT WOOT WOOT [remembers he has no GPU on his server]
  4. needo isn't around much these days. linuxserver.io is probably most recommended and support plexpass and betas. Maybe so but he's definitely still updating it. In fact I just got an update today to That is the nature of the docker "update" by restarting it. It goes out and gets the latest build from Plex. Needo hasn't touched the docker container code in months. The implication is that the docker code needs to be touched. Is there something about Needo's docker code that needs updating?
  5. Be sure you do not have any old plugins installed like the dynamix.plg that was a beta test version. I would start in safe mode and see if that works, and then start re-installing plugins to see if one is breaking unRAID. I tried this already but was not able to start docker with 6.3. I deinstalld all docker plugins and deaktivated docker, then upgrade to 6.3 and then i tried to create a docker image and start it. Creating was possible but no start. Did all from scratch severel times but no luck - as soon 6.3 is on, docker cant be startet. Start 6.3, attempt to start the docker, give logs. If no docker is even shown for you to be able to start, then post logs. Either way, needs logs or can't help.
  6. How can i do a restart command? Dashboard -> click on Plex to show context menu -> restart -> -> Profit!
  7. FWIW, plex wasn't accessible, despite the docker "running" until I issued a restart command for it. Then all was good. This was after first reboot after update.
  8. I seem to have the same issue. Did you erase the appdata openvpn folder and start over fresh? I have all my devices setup and would hate to have to recreate it all. Thanks Yes that is what I had to do. I only have one user and two devices so I wasn't too concerned about retaining settings. You might get away with just moving the bin folder out of there and see if it recreates correctly. Or go the other way and start with a fresh appdata folder and then can you import your device connection settings?
  9. hmmm I just tonight told it to update from the Docker tab. I take I just need to delete the whole thing? So I removed the container and the image. Repulled from CA and I'm still looking at 2.1.2 Would it be because I reused my appdata folder without emptying it? EDIT: [sigh] yup that was it. cleared out appdata. I'm sure somewhere in this thread it is mentioned.
  10. sooo openvpn-as is now up to version 2.4 but I only seem to grab 2.1.2 .... am i missing something?
  11. So just to bring my own thread back OT I feel like we're got a few open questions concerning the real threat surface of: The mover script / MV at risk of malformed file names; I can't imagine this is easy or lucrative enough for a black-hat to even try Docker apps being granted R/O access to shares they don't need R/W access; this can at least reduce the impact of an attack Docker itself and how to mitigate its compromise; I think the answer is backups ... anyone else? Compromise of any media player, like Plex's custom ffmpeg, via malformed media file posted to torrent sites; could be lucrative if its possible. Let's say, a poisoned GoT torrent hmmmm Ditto for a malicious RAR and the tool being used to extract it I mean these are the server side attacks that I can think of for a box like mine, but the way I see it, all except a Docker exploit can only hit my media/torrent which is less of a concern than my PC backups which hold actual important data. Still it would be nice to discuss ways to further prevent an attack and limit the extent of the damage should it happen.
  12. Seems to be a bit of a consistency challenge in these comments :) Hey discussing, researching, and evaluating various security best practices are well within my job description
  13. Ohhh now settle down old man, I'm working I am just doing "other things" while awaiting my scripts to run. Well, at least that is what I tell the guy sitting behind me now git awf MA lern
  14. Well remember Move and Docker do not access shares via SMB. They access them directly through /mnt. So rework your entire thinking with that in mind. so yes Mover can access ALL file shares, not the least of which because it is run as root (99% sure of that at least hehe). But windows has no way of making mover do anything because its only toehold into the server is via SMB. That means 1) dropping a file into a share that is malicious and 2) an application with root (or elevated to root through chicanery) executing that file (everything I said about rutorrent, rar, and plex above). But the mover doesn't execute files persay. I suppose a really malformed filename might make the mover script or MV crash and execute arbitrary code. But I mean, I haven't heard about that happening and what would that filename even look like? I have the same thoughts about cron scripts. Docker is, as I said above, a whole other animal. The docker service runs with deep hooks into the system so anything that can break out of that is cause of severe concern, but little we can do about it other than "physical" isolation of backups. Again, just my musings as I avoid work long enough to just leave. I hope someone comes in and corrects me because learning will occur
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