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  1. [support] dlandon - Zoneminder

    In order to use physical devices in docker, the host has to load the drivers first. Unraid doesn't have usb webcam drivers. That's why for dvb tuners, community is compiling and distributing custom unraid kernels with dvb driver support
  2. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    There is an example for that in the default site config
  3. [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    Linuxserver site does not tell you to add users through command line. I repeat, do not add users through command line. Follow the steps in the original post. They're super simple.
  4. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Does your domain name contain any weird characters? You can pm me if you don't want to post it publicly. I think a user had a similar issue that stemmed from the domain name being different (can't remember exactly how) that broke the scripts that create the folders
  5. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Try changing the config path to /mnt/cache or /mnt/disk
  6. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Most likely a mapping issue. What settings did you use? Where is your config folder stored?
  7. [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    Read the github or the docker hub page. It is all explained there
  8. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    You're missing the port forwarding on your router as sparklyballs wrote above. Validation requests from letsencrypt come to your router, but they need to be forwarded to your unraid's ip and the port you selected for letsencrypt
  9. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Looks like you didn't forward the port on your router
  10. (Support) Aptalca's docker templates

    It first tries to get the latest release's version number, and then inserts it into the url to get the link https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge/releases/download/v4.5.6/ha-bridge-4.5.6.jar but in your case the first part failed and it got blank, hence the wrong url: https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge/releases/download/v/ha-bridge-.jar You can place the jar file into the config folder, and then set the environment variable -e VERSION="4.5.6" That way it will find it locally and will use it until your connection issue is resolved. EDIT: To see what issue it's having, can you exec into the container with "docker exec -it Home-Automation-Bridge bash" and then run the following? curl -sX GET https://api.github.com/repos/bwssytems/ha-bridge/releases/latest | grep 'tag_name' | cut -d\" -f4 It should give you "v4.5.6"
  11. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nginx

    Nginx in this container already supports http2. Based on what you posted above, it seems one of your php files is referencing another, which doesn't exist. It's a user config problem, not a docker one. You need to make sure Request2.php exists and it is being referred to at the correct location
  12. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nginx

    Those are ubuntu commands. This container is based on alpine. I'm not sure what exactly you need but we don't support dev versions of nginx, only stable releases
  13. (Support) Aptalca's docker templates

    Still working here. Looks like you had a connection issue to github and the container could not figure out the latest version correctly
  14. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Check to make sure the transcode folder selected has the right permissions. If it does, then it's a question for plex
  15. [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    As far as I know, there is no easy solution for that problem and it is a very common issue for people using 192.268.1.x You would have to change one of the ip ranges

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