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  1. The email is for a cert that is no longer used. You likely reinstalled this container and deleted the old appdata without revoking the old certs. Nothing to worry about. Letsencrypt lets you get multiple certs for the same domain without revoking the old ones (albeit with limits on number and frequency)
  2. Does your downloader have notification feature? Sab, sonarr, radarr and the like can notify the emby server when new media is added so emby refreshes the library. Then it will immediately show up in kodi
  3. As I wrote before, you need to post your container settings and the log for the container. Otherwise we have no idea what's going on. If letsencrypt cert generation is unsuccessful, nginx will not start due to nonexistent certs. So you won't be able to see the webpage even on port 80/81
  4. The certificate works for the domain name / url, not ip address. You have to go to https://your.domain.com Post your docker container settings and a log for further assistance
  5. Port 443 on the wan should forward to port 443 inside the container. Since you mapped 4430 in unraid to 443 in the container, your router should be forwarding outside 443 to 4430 on the unraid IP
  6. Fail2ban is simply a log parser. If whatever criteria/trigger you're looking for is in a log accessible by fail2ban, it can monitor that and take action.
  7. Fail2ban monitors the logs in the same container. You need to set up http auth in this container so that if someone enters the wrong password, it gets logged in the nginx logs in this container. Fail2ban monitors the nginx log and tracks the auth fail messages. If your reverse proxy container passes everything with no errors logged, fail2ban won't ban anything. For nextcloud, you can mount the log location for nc in this container and set up fail2ban to watch those.
  8. You did not set up your php processor (php-fpm) in your config so nginx doesn't know what to do with it. It just serves it as is
  9. In my personal opinion, htpasswd with a fail2ban rule that prevents brute force attempts by banning after so many tries On my company server, I even have a recidive rule set up so if any fail2ban rule does 3 10min bans in a 3hr period, they get banned for a week
  10. Not for the admin user, but works on the vpn client users
  11. Read two posts above yours
  12. It wasn't a complaint or criticism. Just an observation. It wasn't what I was looking for based on what I was used to from the earlier versions. Now that I know, it's perfectly fine (and it would have been fine if I were a new user) [emoji6]
  13. Also keep in mind that if you get power cuts back to back where your server auto starts when the ups battery is already low, and you get another power cut, your server may not have enough time to shut down safely. I like to start the server manually (or through ipmi) after making sure the ups battery has enough juice for another power cut
  14. Then you can cifs mount an unraid share in the vm and map that same folder to the docker container
  15. Is the vm on unraid? You can probably do a 9p share in the vm, save into that folder and map that for this container
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