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  1. Geoip is an nginx module and is included in this image. You may have to enable it in the nginx config or site config, that I'm not sure as I haven't used it myself
  2. Do the expansion and the hub versions contain the same drives? If not, which is better?
  3. I'm glad you're picking this up [emoji1] I'll put a link to this thread in my template thread
  4. Unraid gui under settings / scheduler I couldn't find it either and someone told me
  5. That's what I thought. Thanks so much. I guess switching to another disk would require manually moving the existing files to the new disk first.
  6. Squid, quick question for confirmation. . . I have been using the backup plugin for a long time and it was always set to backup to a share, on a specific disk, disk 3. Now disk 3 is getting full, and I'm thinking about changing the target location to "user" instead. Anything I should worry about? The share in question does not use a cache disk, and the same location is available through the /mnt/user path. It should just pickup all the existing files and append, right? Thanks
  7. This thread links to stable builds for arm but you can at least see the full version numbers in the links (I'm assuming the version numbers are the same for arm and x86-64): https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/221444/unofficial-armhf-arm64-multiarch-debian-package-e-g-rpi-2-3-bpi-odroid#latest
  8. You should ask the radarr devs on their github
  9. Unused memory is wasted memory. Why are you trying to limit it? These days the OSes are smart enough to reallocate resources where necessary (except for VMs, they reserve their memory and not share)
  10. Glad to hear it worked
  11. Don't enable the server in the gui. There is already a separate server instance running at the other port. You probably didn't set the library path variable in the container settings. It's described on the docker hub page.
  12. Yeah, I must have been drunk when I posted that. I thought it was the sonarr thread, lol. Nevermind me. I'll be in the corner
  13. If you have radarr installed, that might be why. You can set their passwords the same
  14. Container should run even if the certs are not generated. But nginx won't start because the config requires those certs. If you remove the two lines defining certs from your site config nginx should start
  15. It's a letsencrypt thing and outside of our control. You can contact them about it. Or you can get a free subdomain from duckdns and create as many sub-subdomains as you need With regards to the dns error, I can't say anything without logs or more info on your setup
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