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  1. Duckdns automatically forwards all sub-subdomains to your ip as well. Just set it up with le so that your cert covers it
  2. Assuming the ip is correct, your router seems to be not forwarding the request on port 443 to the container properly
  3. So sqlite may be the culprit?
  4. I'm not sure, according to the log, it seems to start. Did you try going to http://unraidip:33400? If it's still not working, perhaps you can ask in their plex thread
  5. That is not correct. Do not move plex installation files or you'll likely break it and will have to set it up from scratch. Plex doesn't care or know about the root folder. We mount that folder as "/config" inside the container so all plex knows is that it's files are under /config. Whether it is /mnt/cache/appdata/blah or just /blah on your host does not make a difference to plex. Plus, your post is confusing because there is another folder called "Plex Media Server" under plex's internal structure (under /config/Library) and if someone moves that folder, they will surely break it. Leave the mount points as is. If plex is working, there is nothing wrong with them. Set the owner of the plugin files directly and restart plex. That's all that is needed. PS. The container only checks the top folder's permissions/owner on container start, and fixes them only if that folder's is wrong. So if you add files downstream with wrong permissions, the container won't fix it. In your case, my guess is that when you moved the whole plex folder, you likely changed the entire folder's permissions/owner and the container fixed it, also fixing the webtools permissions/owner.
  6. That is brilliant
  7. I'm not getting this error, but can you check the file "config.ini" in your config folder and see what the parameter "log_dir" is set to? That's a gui setting and by default it should be "/config/logs". If different, set it to that and restart
  8. Yup. "ls -al" will list permissions and owner info
  9. Check the permissions of the other folders in that location and match it If you do "chown -R nobody:users webtoolsfoldername" it should take care of it
  10. I don't quite understand where you expect to see the padlock icon in vpn. Your server is set up at the address: https://hamza219421.duckdns.org That is the address the cert checking websites are checking. That has nothing to do with vpn. Just go to that address in your browser while you're away from home and you'll see your website and the green padlock. If you want to access other services through that address, you'll have to set them up through reverse proxy. There is plenty of info on that in this thread.
  11. I usually hook up the externals to usb3 and run 2 cycles in the enclosure. If successful, I shuck and run another for good measure. If the enclosure is usb3, the preclears are almost as fast in the enclosure as they are out
  12. It was supposed to auto update to the latest version. I'll look into it
  13. I have two, one with a fresca chipset and one with a Renesas one. They both work, but the Renesas one is cheaper. Oculus used to recommend the fresca chipset but it had compatibility issues with my Supermicro (X9) mobo in Linux, where when I did a shutdown, the card would force it to start back up somehow. It didn't have that issue in my backup server with an asrock mobo (amd 880g).
  14. In order to use a device in docker, the host would need to load either the drivers or the kernel modules. I don't believe unraid supports any USB cameras
  15. I don't understand what the issue is. The certs are there, and the nightly renewal script is running successfully. So the container is running fine. The nginx error log has to do with a client that tried to access your site. It could be an issue on their end or an issue with your site config or contents. I have no information to determine that.
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