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  1. You can modify the action files. Copy the sendmail-common.conf to sendmail-common.local and modify the sendmail command and add your email addresses
  2. Radarr is smarter. It actually retrieves the download path from sab and nzbget and looks for the downloaded files there. Cp asks you to enter the location where the files are supposed to be, in its settings
  3. You don't need to configure sendmail. You can define the smtp server and other options while sending the e-mail in command line Type the following in commandline to see the available options: sendmail -? EDIT: I tested something like this and it works: sendmail -t -v -H 'exec openssl s_client -quiet -tls1 -connect smtp.gmail.com:465' -auMYEMAILADDRESS -apMYPASSWORD <mail.txt mail.txt looks like this: To: email@gmail.com Subject: Whatever you like Here's the body of the e-mail
  4. Did you enter one subdomain or multiple? If multiple, are they comma separated with no spaces? Did you input just the subdomain or the whole domain? Do either the subdomains or the token contain any weird characters? Any quotation marks? There should only be letters, numbers, dash and maybe underline in either
  5. Unraid is not a media server. It's a NAS intended for LAN access. If you turn it into a media server by installing services through docker or VMs, you can also install a reverse proxy in docker to provide access to those guis securely. You can try the linuxserver letsencrypt container which gets and maintains free 3rd party validated certs automatically. For remote smb or ssh access to unraid, you can set up vpn through docker as well
  6. The container has sendmail you can use
  7. Man, this thread is 5 years old. Look on the plex forum for the trakt.tv plugin
  8. The absolute path is /zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms It was a requirement for zm 1.29 It is detailed in the container description/instructions on docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/aptalca/zoneminder-1.29/
  9. you can mount the locations of the log files in the letsencrypt container
  10. When you guys check the transcode info in the currently playing tab in plex web, does it show "Transcoding H264 (hw) to H264 (hw)"? Mine shows "Transcoding H264 (hw) to H264" where the (hw) is only after the from part. And the cpu usage is just as high as software transcode.
  11. The issue is likely due to your router not allowing "nat loopback". Most routers have ways to whitelist domains, so Google is your friend.
  12. You didn't answer all of my questions. I would suggest reading some guides online about nginx reverse proxy especially with regards to the base url and subdomain methods
  13. Did you try to go to the full address: https://XXXXX.duckdns.org/myfah ? Try removing the trailing slash in your default config after myfah Also, does whatever you are trying to proxy allow you to set a base url so you can proxy_pass http://192.168.1.xx:7396/myfah ? The error in the log doesn't make sense to me. Did you make changes to your default site config since then? I don't see a location statement at line 56
  14. What is your setup?
  15. Nothing fancy, just a list of links to various webguis on a pretty looking page
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