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  1. Disks not spinning down

    I appear to have the same problem on 6.3.5, they will spin down manually but don't seem to be spinning down by the scheduler going to do a complete shut down tonight and reboot to see if its just a glitch
  2. Move your USB boot drive inside

    I did this didn't want my kids ripping out the stick while the box was running the mover or copying files peace of mind for sure! And good choice as if I remember reading USB 2 is what you should be running the os on.
  3. Can anybody confirm if this WD red drive is able to be shucked it's on sale for $200 and I want to up my parity so I can increase my data in the future WD - easystore® 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black Model: WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN
  4. Is this a normal HDD curve in speed test

    Ahh yes I actually remember now reading up on short stroking a hard drive and does improve read/write speeds anybody doing that in unRAID? Probably not effective in this use case?
  5. Is this a normal HDD curve in speed test

    Well they were bought only a few moths ago and placed in the system together I was just shocked at the steep curve I've never seen a curve before always just a number associated with the final speed like in crystal disk mark
  6. Is this a normal HDD curve in speed test

    Thank you!
  7. Is this a normal HDD curve in speed test for a drive in the storage array, it's a WD RED 4TB the average was around 140mb
  8. UPS and drops

    Wow good info I just switched from cable (comcast) to fibre (verizon) but I'll have to look now that you brought that to my attention as it's only fibre to the control panel
  9. UPS and drops

    Thank you for the input and yes you are correct the router power brick was incorrectly installed on the surge protection side I have installed the ethernet directly into the router so far so good no drops, Do you know of any known issues running the coax into this unit I did because it was there? Thanks again that was what I was looking for! And that first power outage happen to be the real deal I did not do that so guess the investment has already showed some dividends between the utility company and my kids popping breakers this thing will serve me well!
  10. UPS and drops

    To be clear I'm looking for information regarding my original post from someone who may have had or knows of a similar issue, so first off I have begun fault isolation and have set many parameters to default in the settings I have deleted or disabled a couple dockers i.e. calibre in the event that played a role and by the way I posted the syslog in my first post, tell you what how about you move along there is apparently nothing for you to see here other than to criticize what you perceive as me looking for someone to do the work for me
  11. UPS and drops

    That is correct the unRAID server is connected to the UPS via USB and the windows machine is a separate unit on the network and the server is headless. I noticed the problem after installing the UPS and the windows unit crapped out with the fall update and I tried to install calibre, the server never gave me drops before this so I'm not sure what changed I guess it has to be something in the settings or an orphan script from when I tried to install calibre although I have deleted appdata through the plugin
  12. UPS and drops

    Well that's the question I don't know that it's an unraid issue but that's why the I posted in the hardware section in the event that this is a known issue with UPS's, My box is a supermicro mobo with 16 gigs of ddr4 2133 with a I7 6700 cpu no GPU no passthrough simply a 9TB NAS, my daily driver is an asus CH6 with 16gigs of ddr4 3200 an R7 1800x on windows 10 home I figured maybe with the UPS connected to USB it might be sending and receiving data causing the drops I only noticed it after a few days of being connected
  13. UPS and drops

    I installed a UPS (APC-NS1080G) and now noticed drops on eth0 received is that possible? it is a USB cabled device so not sure if it is responsible or not I have had to reinstall windows after the update screwed up several app drivers I also tried to install calibre but ran into a problem trying to install the script to the docker so I removed it and its appdata wondering if there are remnants of that causing the issue, any takers on where the problem might lie? syslog.txt
  14. Lag after creators update

    So I updated the windows creators update yesterday (big mistake) and it totally messed up some of my apps/drivers wound up having to reinstall windows but in the process now it takes 30secs to a minute to open unRAID (6.3.5) if it doesn't lock up, I placed a copy on my desktop but same issue I reset my router but no go maybe something in the sys log will tell:
  15. [Support] - Nextcloud

    Quick question I have this working but do I need a vpn for security is this secure on its own?

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