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  1. Format required before creating new array?

    Go over to passmark and look up the cpu your interested in and check the score plex suggests 1500-2000 points per stream
  2. Wow I'll have to keep that in mind I was thinking of moving to higher capacity drives based on the price of shucking one of those external units for its drive but I also would like to have redundancy and add a second parity drive, will probably up my license and just continue to build on what I have will be interesting to hear others regarding these larger drives and their experiences with them, will see!
  3. Yeah I was thinking more along the lines of not cheap and a hell of a lot of lost data if it is a catastrophic failure
  4. HaHa yeah especially when one shits the bed right out of warranty unlikely these things will be cheap
  5. Cannot find unRAID server from Windows 10

    Ha interestingly it worked although I tried several times and failed so I took the array offline and poof it worked! Another positive side affect is that now after trying for weeks to have openVPN start under host and failing it now works, will try later to set it up so I can access from outside the network Thanks again!
  6. Cannot find unRAID server from Windows 10

    I've had the same problem with not seeing my box on my network with windows 10 and I too had to map my shares and that worked but I did find something interesting that may be playing an issue my local master is actually showing my extender as the master does that sound right shouldn't it be my unRAID server listed
  7. for unRAID 6.1+

    That's great nice to see them getting caught I guess they figure that the lay person will never know!
  8. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    According to my settings yes it is set to bonding, should I change that? And if bridging isn't needed that is on as well from what I've read those 2 settings seem to be for VM use for which at this time I have no interest in if that helps
  9. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    So I'm determined to make this work my first question is I pulled down the docker and when its set to host it will not connect, if I set it to bridge it will and I can get to the setup for openVPN I did not change anything else in the setup screen, where do I find what I need to change so host will open or does it matter? I am willing to pay for a dns account how is dyndns any opinions? Idon't see anything pertinent in the syslog but I posted it anyway syslog.txt
  10. Moving the entire array

    Cool I'm at work when I get home I'll give it a go! Thanks for the info!
  11. Moving the entire array

    Yep have one, I was limited by the case no more room for drives and the mobo was also limited with the bios so needed to move on to better hardware with the upgrade I reduced temps by 8-12c on both the cpu and the drives but did add approx 10 watts at the wall though Yep went off without a hitch I was more worried about the routine issues I might run into that I did not find searching such as would the drives be required to be connected to a specific sata port or the need to be assigned the same drive label in my case what happened was the system was assigned a new ip which I did not factor in and caught me off guard when all my computers would not load the web ui took a minute realize but got it done. Now if I can figure out how to access the NAS from outside the network it will be golden, have made a few attempts with space invaders openVPN video but have not figured that part out yet.
  12. So I'm upping my game and I have purchased a new mobo, power supply and case so I'll be moving the entire system over any recommendations in doing this I have no real data to be concerned about so no need to back it up, here's the current and updated specs: Current: i7 6700 locked cpu pre built HP mobo this only had 3 sata ports onboard and 4 HDD slots in case ddr4 2133 a 16gig 300 watt psu 1 4TB parity 2 4TB data 1 1TB data 2 240gig SSD cache New setup: SUPERMICR0 **C7Z170-M 1151 MATX with M.2 stole this @ $48 new COOLER MASTER 500W 80 PLUS PSU CORSAIR CARBIDE SERIES 300R CASE 7 HDD slots 4 SSD slots will move processor and ram and drives over I figure this will allow for some expansion if needed will be able to move up the the 2nd tier of 12 drives and now gives me more control over fan curves for which I had none they were on 24/7 and it has a more robust bios any tips appreciated!
  13. Latency question

    server HP envy pre-built i7 6700 16 gigs of ddr4 ram 5 drives 1 parity 2 4TB hdd 2 240 gig ssd using the igpu running on an R7 1800x x370 chipset 16 gigs of ddr4 gtx1080 gpu it is set to VNC tried to set it to igpu but gave me this error Ubuntu QEMU Log.html
  14. Latency question

    New to VM's so I loaded unbuntu to play around with I did not install but did the try it option but its really laggy is that because I did not install it or is there some settings I need to make within unRAID or may it be my network connection - I'm currently running the server into my isp supplied router and I'm trying it on my rig that is hard wired to the extender which is also hardwired just curious as not familiar with it yet.
  15. Finally connected a KillaWatt to my Ryzen system

    HaHa yeah micro center the end of me that place will be too damn close to home
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