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  1. Quick Question On VM

    O7 CMDR and sorry for the delay. Busy times. Still researching and building my parts list. Should pull the trigger on the new gaming rig soon. Good news is the prices of the parts I'm looking at have dropped dramatically. $100 off the Ryzen 1800X alone.
  2. Quick Question On VM

    I looked at both and chose the Vive. The Vive and Oculus are both excellent and have very little difference between them, but the ability to have a 15 x 15 foot play space was the clincher for me. My friends love it. Thanks for the feedback. The pass through is really good to know. VMWare Workstation Pro cannot do that currently. Oh and I have my own NAS so that isn't an issue.
  3. Quick Question On VM

    Elite: Dangerous. Leisure Suit Larry runs under WINE.
  4. Quick Question On VM

    I'm currently running Ubuntu 16 as my main OS with Win 7 available on the same machine via dual boot for gaming. My current system is custom built and four years old. It's still good, but I'm looking at a replacement machine and am not 100% sure which way to go. OK, I'm posting here so I'm leaning towards UnRaid, but I need second opinions. I've got a strong background in commercial VMWare server products, but never used UnRaid before. . I've been looking at a RyZen 1800X, ASUS Crosshair Hero MB combo using GTX 980Ti and TitanX-P video cards. I can't dual boot because of Win 7 compatibility issues with RyZen and I'm not getting Win10. I have two choices for how I want the OS's set up. a) UnRaid with separate Ubuntu 16 VM and Win 7 VM that I can bring up as needed. b) Native Ubuntu 16 OS with Win 7 VM, (probably running on a VMWare Workstation Pro client.) The primary use of the Win 7 VM would be gaming. I can do everything else on the Linux side. Gaming (honestly just one game) is the last holdover for keeping Windows. I do use an HTC Vive for VR as well. From what I can see I'll lose a few % for VM overhead either way, but should be acceptable on the multi-core RyZen CPU. So which way would you go, and why? I know there are some issues with RyZen, but I'm a long term planner and know they will be solved eventually. Thanks.
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