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  1. Tkd itimpi, I have read the same concerning Servers and ECC RAM. I will need to cogitate on the VM possibilities.
  2. Tks trurl, I will take another run at the Overview article; it may make better sense now that you guys have cleared up my questions. Referring to my Server setup, I also had stated, "The server mobo is a dual Xenon Asus Z10PE-D8 WS , with two Xeon E5-2603 V4 CPUs. ...Please advise me on your recommendations for RAM." I have read that 1GB RAM is recommended for each 1TB of HDD storage space. Should this be ECC RAM ? What type RAM and how much RAM do you guys recommend ?
  3. So itimpi, there is no need for a C: system drive? Could I use my nvme SSD as the cache drive ?
  4. Thank you, itimpi and wgstarks for your response.
  5. As a newbie I need help similar to what Chris1bass was asking. My personal computer is running Win10 Pro 64 bit on an Asus X97 Pro mobo, with an i7-4790K CPU, and using a Samsung 512GB SSD for the OS. I have a tech friend building me a combination NAS-MediaServer. It is intended to contain and distribute across my home LAN , all family photos, videos, and music. (probably using PLEX and a Roku client box at each home TV, I so far believe) The server case has 12 bays for 3.5" HDDs. I am populating it with 12 Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDDs. If I use one 8TB for parity, and a second for cache (or should I consider a 1TB SSD for the cache?), do you recommend using unRAID in a one 10 disk set RAID 6 style approach , or in a two 5 disk RAID 6 sets married in a RAID 60 style approach? The server mobo is a dual Xenon Asus Z10PE-D8 WS , with two Xeon E5-2603 V4 CPUs. The OS (C:) drive is a Samsung 950 Pro nvme SSD. Please advise me on your recommendations for RAM. I have been trained most of my life to believe that a hardware RAID controller is always superior to software RAID. Recently I read the AnandTech article reporting on your unRAID 6 product. I understand the primo Achilles heel of using a controller card is the catastrophic failure of that hardware card. I further believe all hardware controller cards use proprietary massaging of the data written across the storage drives. I may be ready to abandon hardware RAID controller cards. I read the instructions set out in your "Getting Started with unRAID Server OS" and I am unclear about "...alter configuration settings in your BIOS". I believe you were referring to the BIOS of the unRAID 6 Server OS . Or were you referring to a different BIOS? To me you were not being very clear. I am inferring from the "Getting Started..." instructions that pre-installation (on the server machine) of a Linux OS (or any other OS) is not required. I had believed that Linux was a pre-requisite. Now I perceive unRAID to be an Server OS, and an underlying Linux or Windows etc is not required on the NAS/MediaServer machine. Is that correct? I have been out of my depth software wise ever since we left DOS behind. Any help you may provide will be greatly appreciated. Captmcnet
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