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  1. You mean the 'Authenticate users with' on the Active Configuration should be 'local'? That's what I have and still am experiencing the above. The user account I use to log in with shows up in the UI, but I still need to use the command line to re-add that user and set its password.
  2. Yes, saw that. What I'm not clear on is why I have to update the users password every time the container gets updated and restarted.
  3. I'm not. The user was added via the UI, and is still in the UI on container restart, but I still need to add the user via the command line in order to set its password. The authentication is is set to local, not PAM.
  4. unRaid 6.3.5 and's openvpn-as Docker container. Ive not read through this whole thread, so if the answer exists here already, please shove me in that direction. This was originally posted at Reddit, with no resolution so far. I followed Spaceinvader One’s video for setting up OpenVPN as a Docker container and was able to get everything set up correctly, save for one issue. Any time there’s an update to the container, the user I've created to access the VPN, not admin, is deleted. I can manually create the user via the command line, but should I have to? Why would updating/restarting the container cause the user to get removed? The user does show up in the UI, but I can’t connect using its credentials. When I do docker exec –it openvpn-as adduser username after restarting the container, I can connect again. What am I missing?
  5. This was well written. Thanks for the reply. For anyone with the same issues/questions, the above, plus this thread, are both helpful.
  6. That makes sense; thanks. I'll leave it set to Only and keep an eye on the data's growth.
  7. Thanks itimpi. Im guessing this also means Im ok with directly specifying /mnt/cache to ensure the config data lives, and stays, on the cache. If anyone else has commentary, Id love to hear it.
  8. My unRaid environment is about a week old and Im working through setting up several Docker containers. The Docker portion is going well, but Im curious about the proper usage of the cache drive for appdata. Im currently specifying /mnt/cache/appdata for container config locations, and everything looks like its correctly writing to the cache drive. Should I instead be using /mnt/user/appdata and setting the share to Use Cache Disk to Only? Is one different from the other? What is the best practice? I want to take advantage of the SSD speed of my cache drive, and don't want the drive's contents being written to the array. Which method is best?
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