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  1. Worked a charm, thanks (once I'd unpicked all the changes I'd made from the previous attempts!)
  2. Just going through that now - it was my original preference to use dedicatedsubdomain.mydomain.co.uk - only all the guides I found seemed to use this /nextcloud method Is there any reason I should go back and redo the original mariadb & nc setup? It works fine in itself - think it was your tutorial on linuxserver.io i followed in the first place (just didn't go as far as getting apache working at the time)
  3. Hi, after a little bit of help on the config side - but happy to go to a more specific NC group if I'm better off asking there... I've been trying to get SSL / HTTPS access working, so I can access via oc.mydomain.com/nextcloud. I'm using the letsencrypt docker, and been broadly following this walkthrough. As it stands, I've got HTTPS working, and I can browse to https://oc.mydomain.com/nextcloud and it connects fine However, the desktop client now can't connect - on either the original internal address, or the new https address The only address I can get to work in the sync client is The error suggest it's looking for the folder/file /owncloud/status.php. What is a little odd, is that whilst I understand that NC is a fork of OC, I can't see that owncloud folder myself anywhere. My nginx config (from the letsencrypt docker) is ... location /nextcloud { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass; } and in nextcloud\nginx\site-confs\default , I changed the install location (as per the walkthrough) # Path to the root of your installation #root /config/www/nextcloud/; root /config/www; I also updated the config.php file to add the below, but didn't seem to impact anything before or after I changed it (I'd already added oc.mydomain.com as a trusted domain) 'trusted_proxies' => [''], 'overwritewebroot' => '/nextcloud', 'overwrite.cli.url' => '/nextcloud', #'overwrite.cli.url' => '', Have I missed a step out somewhere? I also tried this - which didn't make any difference either way (could still access via web browser fine) location /nextcloud { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass; } My hunch is that I need to change the value of the 'overwritewebroot' value, but tried a few options here to no positive effect
  4. I finally got around to giving this a go. Pulled everything from the system, except the ram. Still can't utilise the 2 slots. Given the board is a new replacement board, and the ram itself I know to work fine (and have also tried known good ram from another system) - the only common part is now the cpu. Either that or just very unlucky and received two duff motherboards. Edit: Only other point of info I can think of to mention... The existence of the slots themselves is recognised. If I select 'Info'-->'More' from unraid, it lists all 8 slots (with A0 & A1 marked as DIMM_A1 & DIMM_A2), but nothing is seen in plugged into them.
  5. Yeah, a few people have suggested this - which is odd, as they work fine, but certainly something I'm going to try when it's next down for maintenance!
  6. Will certainly add where I can - far from a Linux pro - more a 'just about get by'! But at the very least I'll be an advocate, and hopefully be able to help from time to time!
  7. Yeah, I let him finish Paw Patrol, but then turned it off - just couldn't get it to respond to a shutdown, or even a forced halt command - but was fine with me stopping smb, unmounting drives etc. Very odd. I'll remember next time not to click download until I'm actually ready to go!
  8. Here's my take. Works great with dark, but works with light as well.
  9. What started as a small project to replace my DS414 with a larger device running Xpenology has seen me buy - and subsequently chuck out - a 12-bay Rack Server, spend the best part of £2k on new hardware, learn all about SAS Cards, Flashing, Parity, Cache and have ended up with a monster 65TB based system running Unraid Pro in a monster Lian Li D8000B case. Had a huge amount of help along the way - and sure I will still to come. Still a few loose ends to tie up (need to figure out if my raid cards are stopping my ram slots from working, need to get the https working on nextcloud, need to re-do the cooling setup in the case, and have a few more drives to clear & add) - but very happy with it all so far, and my DS414 and my HP MicroServer have both been retired. Only a shame that in a month or 2 it'll be packed away for 3-4 months whilst it's shipped to the other side of the world! Already looking at my other 2 servers (Plex, which is a standalone windows device) and my SQL Server / R / Data Analysis Server (again, standalone Windows Server machine) could be hosted as VM's. .... Think I'm going to need some more ram and a faster processor (seen a great deal on an E5-2620v3!)!
  10. Forgive me if I underestimate what might be involved in doing this, but what would be useful is the ability to get partial parity checks as part of regular housekeeping / tasks. Reason being, a full parity check can take a couple of days - what I'd like is to be able to do is set a job which checks a rolling n% per cycle (eg 10% per day). Of course a full parity check for an unclean shutdown etc should probably stay as is, but would definitely like the option to distribute periodic checks to limit them to low-use, low-impact periods.
  11. In the end, I tried manually stopping / unmounting everything via SSH, but this didn't avoid triggering a parity check. Bummer Still, I'm back online - and it appears that the update was successful - it tells me i'm on 6.3.4 - is there a way / need to validate the install?
  12. I'm happy to abort the pre-clear - started one last night (so about 11 hours in) and one this morning, so not a big deal. Will a full on shutdown command trigger a parity check, or should I be ok with that? Edit: Even a shutdown -r now command isn't being processed!
  13. Thanks itimpi - any tips on either stopping the pre-clear or performing a clean restart? Struggling to any response from the gui
  14. And annoyingly, the 'unassigned devices' plugin is one of those being unresponsive on the main tab, so can't get in to cancel it. The download link should definitely come with a health warning if a pre-clear might block it, esp as that can be 24hrs+ Can I cancel the pre-clear via ssh? Edit: May have found the culprit - the littleun is watching Paw Patrol over Plex, so the array can't be stopped (at least, that's what I'm inferring from the unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free message on the ipmi terminal)
  15. thanks Garycase - previous backups have only have 10 mins or so, and don't think I have a way to check whether it's done or not (the web gui tries to load, but ultimately fails), but will sweat it out. Not precious about the pre-clearing - chances are I'll leave a reboot until afterwards, but I'd not long started them, and not in a rush. Quite agree - unfortunately, this was my first upgrade, and that 'download' link doesn't forewarn you that it will also attempt to apply the update. That was in fact why I was running the backup - because I was getting prepaid to run the update, and wanted a recent backup of the usb drive & appdata. Some sort of warning / confirmation would certainly be useful for noobs like me
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