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  2. Yeah I saw the "fairly new" comment in the wiki and thought it best to do the tried and true method. Aside from that I haven't run a good full parity check in about a week due to the drive swaps taking so much time to rebuild FROM parity. So I figured kill 2 birds and get it done again. Once this is all in I can resume the regularly scheduled checks and moves.
  3. I've had this before. Generally disabling RDP access, as well as disabling the firewall completely, reboot, re-enable RDP access, and then reboot again, solves it. Why it happens is one of the many wonders of Windows.
  4. It would have had to have been the phrase "remove drives" in order to come up anywhere in the top 10 or 20 results. First method seems to work perfectly! Parity will rebuild for the next 12 hours or so, and then I'll drop the box and physically remove the drives.
  5. I'm kidding. unRaid ALREADY DOES make coffee. Just add one of the home automation Dockers that works with z-wave, and buy the appropriate hardware. Presto! unRaid makes coffee.
  6. I always forget to enable it, which usually earns me an extra walk.
  7. Oddly enough, I signed up for PureVPN today, configured my little router to use it, and I come to realize this forum is blocking traffic from their servers, lol. Why? It's no biggie. I'm just curious why. PureVPN is the only one I've tested so far that gives me speeds as high as my service speed. So the plan I hatched 10 minutes ago is to configure Pfsense so I can exclude certain ips/hosts from the VPN and route those directly to the web, like this forum. If I find out I can't do that I'll just have to run 3 routers. 1 direct, 1 vpn, and 1 routing between the two based on traffic.
  8. This plugin is AWESOME! My browser crashed, because that's what Firefox does well, and I thought my move got screwed. Then I came back here to read you full post. I had no idea I could just start the move and close it. Excellent!
  9. Here I am searching on "remove drives" lol. Thanks!
  10. Hey I've read a few different things on this and I'm still not clear on the proper procedure to remove drives under the latest code. I just added larger drives to the system. I want to move all the data from the remaining smaller drives to the new larger drives, and then permanently remove the smaller drives. What's the correct way to go about that? Keep in mind I am decreasing the number of physical drives.
  11. Upgraded from 6.3.3 to 6.3.4 without an issue. In fact it rebooted 15 seconds faster than the last time under 6.3.3. STILL doesn't make coffee yet
  12. Well, I scrapped my "OpnSense" build. Mainly because I decided it didn't make much sense. Pfsense made more sense. Since so many run the Mellanox card on here, as well as Pfsense in an unRaid VM, I thought I would post this link here since it's not very easy to find. I'm putting it here because it's not directly related to unRaid, but still very relevant. If it needs to be moved or removed, so be it. Enjoy. I'm gonna give this a go later.
  13. Just don't do it if you're running anything that uses DRM. Windows gets cranky. The good news is you can reverse the config change and it all magically comes back.
  14. I've reinstalled twice without incident. All I did was re-run the install and activate.
  15. So my house is loaded with switches, sensors, and a few sirens. I never did go beyond that because I wasn't happy with Smartthings. What would it take to get it going on an unRAID VM, starting with Z-wave and Zigbee devices? This does have to run on a PC or VM, right?
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