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  1. Uh oh, forgot, sorry, lol. This is new territory for me.
  2. There has to be an easy fix for this. I verified the data is still there, but there are no dockers or vms listed in the tabs. How would I go about getting them back?
  3. When was the last time you tried it? The digital signal is a little different. Try picking up one of those flat leaf antennas for $15. You'll more than likely get 2, 4,5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 without a problem. I don't know what else is available over the air up there anymore, but you may get more. I've used one at 17 miles away, and could get 8 channels if I put it high up on the 2nd story in my window. Like this Also, read these tests. They were done in NYC.,review-2354.html
  4. Right, yeah it's at 0 when off on the KAW. I tested with all drives spun down, and it went to 62. Still a little high considering there's only onboard video, a SAS card, and a 10gb NIC. I'm interested to see the difference with the more efficient psu when it arrives.
  5. Well it was my misunderstanding that taking the array offline would spin down the drives. My UPS batteries just showed up so I'm about to pull the plug on it anyway and move the power. So I'll test within the next few hours, this time spinning them down at the console.
  6. I was thinking that too, but the PS purchase was already on the board. I just so happened to look for the one I wanted and it happened to be on rebate sale. It represents my last unraid purchase until I start hitting 80% on the array. I did try to test by manually spinning down, but something was going on and forcing them right back up. I didn't feel like playing with it then but I'll test again before I do the swap, and after.
  7. No just stopping the array. Everything on the console says the array is down, so the drives shouldn't be spinning. However it doesn't change the the reading at all. Still fluctuated between 83 and 85 watts. I actually had to check and make sure the right server was going through it. Then I shut it down, pulled the Kill-A-Watt, and used another Rosewill meter I have, and got about the same reading. Like I said, it's a 5yr old PSU I bought on rebate sale as a backup. An OCZ. I just ordered that Seasonic, so the OCZ is going back in the box, and back on the shelf anyway. We'll see what happens when I do the swap.
  8. I don't know if it's related to your specific problem, but I've noticed that I'll have hang issues during a parity check with VMs running. So I set my VMs to go down 10 minutes before the parity check starts, and I bring them up manually when finished. Haven't had a problem since.
  9. Oh I think I found a winner!
  10. Any reason why I would shut down the array, and still come up with 84 watts? (other than possibly the PSU) I did not "choose" this PSU. I bought it cheap years ago on sale as a spare. It's not bad, but it's not something I would choose for a primary. I've been keeping my eyes open for a sale on a Seasonic. NewEgg drops them every few months, and since I'm in no rush I figured I'd wait. But dropping the array and getting absolutely NO power back is not cool, lol. I may have to shop a little harder.
  11. That's the CPU I have. (1275v3) I'll have to do some testing to see what's eating what. I'm thinking I might yank the SAS card and 10gb nic just to boot and get a power reading. I'm curious now.
  12. FYI, ever since I swapped out 7 4tb drives that were the STN4000 Seagates and WD Greens, with 4 WD 10tb Gold drives, I no longer have a problem with "mover". It actually moves files quite fast now, and doesn't hang the system like it used to. Any idea why? Drive speed, or lower number of drives? Of course it's still a LITTLE slow, so the improvement is more than welcomed. Thanks!
  13. The problem is this isn't running in a VM on unRaid. The firewall has its own hardware. Currently an i3-4150 w/8gb mem. The reason is unRaid is unreliable in that "mover" hangs the system quite often, and having the firewall in a VM could take down the internet for everything if/when there's a problem.
  14. No, they took it out. It's based on BSD 10.3, and 10.3 has it. Yes, I could compile a driver, but that just ticked me off. I have no idea how to do it, and I refuse to learn more useless crap to overcome the whims of idiots.
  15. I have an APC SUA2200RM2U that I'm thinking about stuffing some new batteries in. It has been dormant almost 5 years. I also have a Tripplite Minuteman Rack UPS 2000VA, and an ungodly heavy 4u or 5u APC that is packed behind some stuff that I'm not digging out for the model number, lol. Anyway, the 2200 is already in the bottom of the rack. Will this plugin gracefully shutdown unRaid with that model? What about the others?
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