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  1. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    I tried It's an issue I live daily with, generally, use Safari for most things if I'm actually on a mac but I can't see CPU usage. Webhooks issue. I'm still tempted by a 1950X but seems they are struggling a little more than the Ryzen range with passthrough related etc. I suggest posting in the Pre Release section with the error and diags for 6.4. EDIT - Looks like you have already
  2. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    If you're using Safari you don't see any stats and need to use Chrome to see usage.
  3. I would strongly suggest following something similar to what SSD has said. I've not looked into Theardripper yet or the boards, but can you really run all them slots at 16X? I would of expecting you to be down to 8x at least with that many cards. Also with my board the nvme slot shares bandwidth with one my pcie slots. (Based on reading the manual) so i've never populated it.
  4. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    @luisv I know you've kept c-states off a while now due to the issues. I don't think anyone has reported C-State issues since the 'fix' was added for it, which was awhile ago. I'm just wondering if its time to try figure out what else it could be. @everyone-else else Has anyone else had C-State issues with the recent versions? EDIT: Maybe I should have read @david279's post first.
  5. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Thanks for your post! What you have explained is very similar to myself apart from I've not given up on the passthrough in the top port and I've not purchased a usb pcie card yet. I started off passing through just the 670, then I added a 6950 but replaced that with a Firepro I had spare. I'm running two GPU's in my system which is the main reason ive not tried the PCIe usb card yet. Passing through the Keyboard and Mouse has always worked great. USB audio has drop outs, but I can play most games with only a few audio hickups.. some are much worse than others. After the NPT fix I also had the 43 error, made a couple of posts about it in the pre release thread. I don't really have any proof but I felt that I had more issues after my VM was shutdown after the NPT fix than before. To be clear I mean shutting down the VM and starting it up again. I installed the NPT fix (before Limetech added it to rc10) using a dvb plugin build scripts and supplying the patch before it actually built the thing. Then the fun started. I rebooted and tested my Windows VM.. It worked.. GREAT. I rebooted and my GPU would not start up with error 43. NOT SO GREAT! I created a new VM and my GPU would not start up Error 43. NOT SO GREAT! (Note this error 43 is presented to me within Device Manager, not at boot like I've seen others post) I repeated this many times... nothing seemed to fix it. New VM, New Drivers, Old drivers. Then I rebooted my whole server... and Error 43 disappeared. This led me to think that there are some issues after a VM is shutdown with the hand off with the GPU. I have no fact or really any proof to back this up. But I've not had another error code 43 since then first few days of testing.
  6. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    I followed the Nivida GPU passthrough guide that showed you how to dump your vbios and then provide the path to it within the XML.
  7. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    How are people passing through Audio to their windows VM for gaming? Just doing USB pass through of a usb soundcard causes drop outs during load screens and a few other times. I've read the better way is to pass through another usb controller such as a PCIe card. That might be a reason to take x370 over something else.
  8. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    It will depend on the GPU it self, many Nivida GPU's require you to pass the vbios within the XML although once that is configured it works fine as the only GPU in the system. I'm passing my primary 670 to a windows VM for me and a second GPU firepro to another windows VM.
  9. Ryzen Freezes

    Interesting, thanks for the possible workaround ! FYI I've been running RC10b since it came out, no crashes so far. In the first 24 hours I ran the stock kernel. I then rebooted and added the DVB update once it was released. Been running since. Uptime of 3d 10hours.
  10. KVM to ethernet?

    I was looking for raspberry pi options for KVM, there must be a cheaper option out there. *edit* I thought I found a cheaper option on ebay, but it wasn't.
  11. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    The 43 error I had, disappeared after a reboot of the server. Updated to the official release and now testing further! Since fixing a few other things, rebuilding the vm and upgrading I'm seeing 110fps. For the GPU I have and settings it's on i'm happy with that. Now I just need to solve the audio dropout issue I have with usb passthrough.
  12. Updated. thanks for pushing this out so quick. I'm sure a lot of AMD users wanted to test this.
  13. Windows Xp VM No Disk issue

    When you edit the the VM within Unraid, you should see a vdisk option. You can change the controller there.
  14. I managed to use the DVB build scripts to test the patch out, it seems to be working well. Nice stable performance for the first time. @saarg @CHBMB thanks for the help and having that git page available! Commented out everything apart from the kernel script (with a minor change) and tbs-os scripts, the build went ok apart from I think I saw an umount error on /var/lib but the rest of the process worked.
  15. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    The patch works, playing overwatch with a nice 70fps and npt=1 compared to how it used to run this is very different. Default settings for the game, 1080 etc with this gpu. Now to try improving that fps for 120hz monitor. My 670 is looking old, I may need a new GPU now. I used to play with npt=0 and it was ok but had slow downs when too much was happening. Prior to testing this patch npt=1 would give me really high fps 120+ for a split second and drop back down to awful performance. Update.... Unrelated to the patch I believe, but my windows VM did break a few hours after running the best it ever has! Error 28 and 43. Changes included, GPU Drivers updated, Windows Updated and I made manual changes to the XML to add another harddrive. Following these changes windows boots up and will not start my GPU, I can see the desktop but GPU drivers failed to start with error 43. I'm going to build a new windows VM from my image as I made too many changes and then finally met with error 43. Note I've already removed the updated Nividia drivers and allowed unraid to recreate the XML itself. Same result. I'm suspecting the latest windows update..

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