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  1. Yes, they haven't released an update. I even contacted them and they said an update was in the works, but that was 3 months ago so I'm not holding my breath. The board is Asrock C236M WS.
  2. In my opinion there should be something like this included by default in unRAID. Crashes sometimes are unpredictable, and if a system crashes for a user, enabling the logging after that might not do that much good because the crash may not even happen for another few months. I had a system crash on me twice (luckily no data was lost), after that I enabled logging, and what do you know, it never crashed after that... To this day I don't know for sure what caused the crashes.
  3. Can we please get this included? It's been 4 months.
  4. Preclear plugin

    Not sure if this was reported already, but when updating this plugin I get no button to close the update dialog as with all the other plugins I update.
  5. [Support] Gitea

    /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for fanningert/gitea:latest not found. Your docker hub doesn't seem to have any releases present.
  6. How to adjust theme width?

    Like I said, it's more important for users of UW monitors. 16:9 monitors (which WQHD is) usually don't have 35 inch screen sizes, while for UW monitors it's something normal.
  7. How to adjust theme width?

    I can, but honestly, who resizes their browser window. We all just maximize it, am I right? I added a patch to /boot/config/go that changes the max-width in the css file to 1200px and that works for me. But I think anyone who uses an ultra wide monitor will agree with me that 1200px (or thereabouts) should be the default. We may have super wide monitors, but it's no fun to move your head around so much.
  8. How to adjust theme width?

    @limetech Ok, in the latest update it's better, but I think 1920px width is still too high. I found 1200px to be the sweet spot.
  9. I have an Asrock C236M WS with an i3-6100. Previously I've experienced system hangs which could not be explained (no logs, no errors etc.). I have now disabled HT and am waiting for Asrock to release a fix, which they are supposedly working on, but I wasn't able to get from them on when they are planning to release it. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if that's what was causing my issue but I have almost a month of uptime currently with no problems at all.
  10. @limetech Any news on whether the Intel Hyper-Threading fix will be applied before the final release?
  11. How to adjust theme width?

    Apparently it's not fixed. Only Statistics section in the Dashboard is thinner, all the rest of the webGui is still taking up the whole 3440 pixel width of my screen, making browsing the webGui very annoying.
  12. unRAID 6.3.3 hangs randomly

    @BBoYTuRBois your Unraid server runnning an Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake CPU? I'm wondering if this has something to do with our issue: I was running with logging enabled since May, but of course the server didn't hang since then, so I still don't know for sure what was causing the hangs. For now I have disabled Hyper-Threading on my server.
  13. Any news on this? I tried manually loading the intel-ucode.img before Unraid but I must be doing something wrong because the microcode update doesn't seem to apply.
  14. My SSD has a custom smart attribute that shows how many unused reserved blocks are remaining, it would be nice if unraid didn't warn me that this value is high and instead warned me when the value is decreased. Maybe if the custom attribute ID is prefixed with a minus (eg. "-180"), then it would treat it as a value that shouldn't be decreasing, not the other way around.

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