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  1. @limetech Any news on whether the Intel Hyper-Threading fix will be applied before the final release?
  2. Apparently it's not fixed. Only Statistics section in the Dashboard is thinner, all the rest of the webGui is still taking up the whole 3440 pixel width of my screen, making browsing the webGui very annoying.
  3. @BBoYTuRBois your Unraid server runnning an Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake CPU? I'm wondering if this has something to do with our issue: I was running with logging enabled since May, but of course the server didn't hang since then, so I still don't know for sure what was causing the hangs. For now I have disabled Hyper-Threading on my server.
  4. Any news on this? I tried manually loading the intel-ucode.img before Unraid but I must be doing something wrong because the microcode update doesn't seem to apply.
  5. My SSD has a custom smart attribute that shows how many unused reserved blocks are remaining, it would be nice if unraid didn't warn me that this value is high and instead warned me when the value is decreased. Maybe if the custom attribute ID is prefixed with a minus (eg. "-180"), then it would treat it as a value that shouldn't be decreasing, not the other way around.
  6. Could we make it a separate option? So it still checks once every now and then, but it won't recheck updates every single time you enter the plugin page or update a plugin.
  7. Please, can we go back to the narrow UI? It looks ridiculous now.
  8. @Squid Could you add a config option to change the docker stop timeout? I've noticed that my deluge instance throws errors for incomplete torrents and I think the reason may be that it is not shutting down correctly.
  9. There aren't any on my system. I piped the log to the pendrive using fix common problems, I'll check the logs when the system hangs again.
  10. My unRAID NAS started hanging randomly. Everything stops working, emhttp, dockers, smb, ssh, telnet. When I try to login via the VGA console it hangs too after I input the username (I can still switch TTYs). I have to do a hard reset for it to unhang. This is the second time it did that, the last time was a week ago, I was hoping it was a one-time event but apparently not. At this point I'm scared of keeping data on the array. There are no errors popping out in the console, and I obviously can't provide any logs because unRAID doesn't persist them between reboots, for whatever reason. How can I diagnose this issue? Can I pipe the system log to the array or cache so that after the hard reset I would still be able to read the log?
  11. Any news on this? It is especially painful when a mover operation is running. Not only FIP tries to calculate checksums for multiple files at a time on one disk, mover is also trying to copy more files to said disk. This increases the move time significantly and basically makes the array unusable while it is running.
  12. @Squid Could you add an option to create a tar backup instead of the whole directory structure?
  13. I know that. Like I said, it doesn't work. After I refresh the page it changes, either all partitions on auto-mount or none. I tried reinstalling the plugin, didn't work.
  14. When I do that the other partitions have the auto-mount disabled on them too.
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