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  1. Thanks! A new image is currently building. It should be available in a couple of minutes.
  2. @nAffie, can you try this just to confirm that adding the library will fix you issue? From you unRAID server, login to the container: docker exec -ti HandBrake sh Then install the library: apk --no-cache add libdvdcss Finally restart the container, just to make sure...
  3. I will look into adding libdvdcss...
  4. Did you try to increase the amount of allocated memory? You can do it in container's settings.
  5. Is there anything special in the container's log?
  6. This is now available again in CA!
  7. You can try the latest image. Let me know if it's better.
  8. Thanks! Happy to know that it is useful to you!
  9. I'm able to reproduce both issue. Fixes will be available soon.
  10. Can you provide more details on how to reproduce this? You mean after a container restart or after a container image/config update?
  11. So the setting http://[iP]:[PORT:5800] is correct. PORT is a placeholder for the configured host network port mapped to container port 5800 (web ui).
  12. When using the bridge network mode, the container's network is isolated from the host's one. Thus, network ports need to be mapped between the host and the container. Ports used by the container are usually stable and always the same. It's the port on the host side that is configured. In your case, 5800 is the port inside the container. 7807 is the port on the host. The Docker's network driver takes care of doing the proper translation. It's like having NAT between the container and the host.
  13. Support for FileZilla docker container Application Name: FileZilla Application Site: Docker Hub: Github: Unlike other containers, this one is based on Alpine Linux, meaning that its size is very small (at least 50% smaller). It also has a very nice, mobile-friendly web UI to access FileZilla's graphical interface and is actively supported! Make sure to look at the complete documentation, available on Github ! Post any questions or issues relating to this docker in this thread.
  14. Yes, this should be the case. So you can reach the container's web interface via port 5800 but not 7808? Did you change the network type? It should be set to bridge, not host.
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