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  1. Is your question for the gfjardim's container (looks like it's not the one you are using)? BTW, inotify limit must be increased on the host, not in containers...
  2. Looks like the backup engine is crashing... How big is your backup? Maybe you need to increase memory.
  3. Ok now the issue is that port mappings have incorrect container ports. I think this is an issue that occurs when switching the network mode. To bring back default mappings: Remove ports from settings. Apply settings. Click the "Check for Updates" button (Docker tab). Edit again the config. Ports will be back. Just re-apply the config (change any field and put it back to the same value).
  4. It's to access your VM. Bridge mode should work fine. It's the default and recommended mode. Try to edit the config again and after you hit the Apply button, post the docker command that is showed. Also, look again at the container logs.
  5. Ah, any reason why not using the bridge mode? The problem is that you have something else running on port 5900 on your server. You can see it with: netstat -tulpn|grep 5900
  6. In your container settings, is the network type set to "bridge"?
  7. Try to get them by executing: docker logs CrashPlanPRO
  8. First logs are missing. Can you try to stop the container, start it and take the logs again?
  9. Ports in red don't indicate a problem, I have the same thing. Can you provide the container's log? Are you using the latest version of the container?
  10. Try to remove duplicated settings. Then look at the Docker tab, you have a column with all the port mappings. Make sure there is no duplicates. Also, port 5800 is the container's internal port. By default, it is mapped to port 7810 and it's the port you use to access the web interface: http://IP:7810.
  11. Are you using default port mappings? If not, make sure the port you assign is not already used by another container.
  12. You can enable the secure connection and use the container's web port directly.
  13. No issue for me. If you still have problems you can try to restart the container to see if it helps.
  14. It seems that there is something wrong with the CrashPlan data. I would start from scratch with an empty appdata and then perform the adoption process if you don't want to re-upload everything.
  15. [Support] Djoss - CloudBerry Backup

    It depends on which version you had... but using Community Application plugin, you can look at the whole change log : Under the "Apps" tab, display your installed apps and click on the icon of CloudBerry Backup. You can also use the search box instead.
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