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  1. I didn't find anything useful If you want, you can try to open a support ticket with Code42. When creating the ticket, upload your logs at the same time: shit+ctrl+c and then run the command "getlogs". You will get the path to the compressed logs. The other option is to start with an empty app data folder. You should be able to sign in without problem. When you sign in, select the option to replace a device and then skip the file transfert. You should be able to be up and running again without having to re-upload your data.
  2. Does it takes a long time before showing up the error message? Can you provide service.log.0, located in /config/log/? I can check if there is anything obvious.
  3. When you said that you upgraded, were you running the same image before or a different one?
  4. Do you know to which version it upgraded. If it’s to version 6.6.0, it’s possible that the container doesn’t support it.
  5. Did you try multiple times ? I know that when you start from scratch, you got an error. But just sign in again and it’s working.
  6. Don't worry, the headless thing Code42 is talking about is the one described here: Inside the container, from CP point of view, it's running like on a standard desktop.
  7. [Support] Djoss - FileZilla

    Ok I see. Do you know any sftp server that you would like to use that is not available on unRAID? I can look to create a docker container for it.
  8. [Support] Djoss - FileZilla

    unRAID has one built-in. Why not using it?
  9. [Support] Djoss - FileZilla

    This is only the client.
  10. It's under log: /mnt/cache/appdata/CrashplanPRO/log/
  11. It's probably the update to the version 6.6.0. I'm working on doing a new image with this version. Could you check in /config/log/service.log.0 for the update URL? It's basically a file that CP tries to download that contains the upgrade code. I would look at it to make sure I don't miss anything.
  12. In the context where the container should be always running, there is no value... I will update the documentation to remove this parameter since it creates some confusion.
  13. [Support] Djoss - MKVToolNix

    It can be expanded, but the place to do it is hard to see:

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