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  1. Ok I have the same issue on my side. I'm investigating, maybe something broke in recent container version.
  2. I guess that you save your videos under /storage in MKVToolNix? If yes, can you check the permissions inside the container? Run: docker exec -ti MKVToolNix sh Once logged inside, check permissions: ls -l / ls -l /storage and the directory where you save the video.
  3. You mapped the '/storage' to which folder?
  4. Maybe it would be easier to just remove and re-install the container. Did you try that?
  5. Yes, I guess it's something that could be done. I will look at this! @giantkingsquid, would you expect the same directory structure for the output? Example: /watch/movie/movie.mp4 --> /output/movie/movie.mp4 /watch/movie2/movie2.mp4 --> /output/movie2/movie2.mp4
  6. Make sure to read the related section in the documentation if you want to backup between CrashPlan instances running on different machines of your LAN. This particular scenario doesn't work well "out-of-the-box"...
  7. I also have a tiny column width, but I am able to widen it. To grab the column, it seems that you need to click a little bit on the right of the column line. Clicking directly on the line is not working for me. It's difficult to see, but in the middle of the right side of the column, there are some vertical points showing that you can click there...
  8. Yeah, I was leaning toward this solution also... Thanks @saarg and @kizer for your comments!
  9. Since '/mnt/user' contains all the shares, I thought it was a good and safe starting point. Isn't the case?
  10. @kizer, do you still have issues with the container?
  11. Also, you probably need to change the default permissions of the 'Storage' to 'Read/Write`. Toggle the 'Advanced View` and you will be able to edit the setting. Alternatively, you can remove and re-install the container from the CA. I fixed the default permissions in the template.
  12. Thanks for letting me know! Currently, CrashPlan can't update itself, because the update script is doing too much stuff that is not compatible with a container environment. You can now update your container to get the latest version
  13. Yes, I guess it's something that could be done. I will look at this!
  14. Could you provide the container logs?
  15. Ok I see. I have to say that I never tried this scenario... However, I found this: Maybe this can be useful to you?
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