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  1. Hello I created an NFS share in unAID called Videos (public sharing) and rescan all my shares for the permissions to be effective. I try to mount this share in my Linux OS (ArchLinux). I wrote this in /etc/fstab : /mnt/Videos nfs defaults,user,auto,noatime,intr 0 0 An error appears : mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting Thanks for helping me build my share
  2. Hello, I try to use my DVD writter in a VM but all my attempts have failed. I tried this: <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='scsi' managed='no' rawio='yes'> <source> <adapter name='scsi_host11'/> <address type='scsi' bus='0' target='0' unit='0'/> </source> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='0'/> </hostdev> And a few other variations but nothing seems to work. Has anyone ever done that kind of thing? thank you for helping me
  3. [VOLVED] SteamOS VM

    Yes that's what I was looking for It's perfect, thank you
  4. [VOLVED] SteamOS VM

    Tank you
  5. [VOLVED] SteamOS VM

    Hello, I would like to install SteamOS on a VM but I am in front of a worry: The official site does not propose an ISO file nor an IMG file! How do you do a SteamOS installation? Thanks in advance
  6. Special case

    Tank's for your help, I chose the Antec ^^
  7. VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    With commandline its ok For php-virtualbox, i dont know how it is installed on unRAID
  8. Special case

    I do not want a rack Either I find the mark and these are racks, or I can not find the mark. I found a BitFenix reference in desktop tower with 10 bays hotswap but it seems to no longer exist ...
  9. Special case

    Hello, I would like to make a second server and I would like to find a tower (desktop or NAS type) with at least 10 hotswap in facade. I searched but find it hard to find (delivred in France). Someone would have one or more models to advise me? thanks in advance
  10. It will not work with my VM
  11. Hello, I try to mount an ISO in my VM when running and to be able to change it when I need it when one is already mounted. I have searched but I have not found how to do it. Thank you for helping me.
  12. [Plug-In] SNMP

  13. [Plug-In] SNMP

    Hello Installation is impossible ... plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coppit/unraid-snmp/master/snmp.plg plugin: downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coppit/unraid-snmp/master/snmp.plg plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coppit/unraid-snmp/master/snmp.plg ... done This plugin requires perl. The easiest way to get it is to install NerdPack: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=37541.0 Exiting plugin: run failed: /bin/bash retval: 1 Tanks for helping
  14. It does not work ... For now my current tower has not adapted to the addition of my GTX 970 (which is too long). As soon as I can, I will change my tower to have my 970 and my 2,750ti so I would have no worries
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