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  1. So the server is working out great, took 4 days to move all the data..........but it is done, dockers are awesome! Thanks again to everyone who explained the extra details for me.
  2. I was going to go the NVMe route, but my workstation board is c612 chipset and only has 1 m.2 slot, and I prefer redundancy, plus 2 SM863 960GB will serve me well, read/write isnt the greatest, compared to my 850, but it is more suited to server use, plus i got 2 for $240...........cant go wrong there. Hows the heat on those NVMe, I have a 750 pcie and those tings get HOT, kinda why I always stayed away from m.2, with no heatsinks I can only imagine?
  3. Thank you guys for all the suggestions, I finally got all my drives. Will be doing the build over the weekend. UnRaid here i come.
  4. Ended up getting a sweet deal on 2 SM863 960GB, cheaper than a 850 equivalent Now waiting on 7x HGST he8 8TB HDDs 7.2k RPM, i am not looking forward to moving 30TB of data or so.... Assuming I should turn off caching until I move all of the data right?
  5. Looking through the forums, there has not been a lot of talk regarding NVMe or PCIe based SSDs as of lately. Are there any of these SSDs that are compatible and usable as cache drives?
  6. Sounds great, so if the VMs live there, basically the more VMs you want, the more space you should have then. How about torrents, do they live on the cache drive like everything else till completion?
  7. So after reading many threads on NAS software and the fact that I don't want just a storage computer I decided to bite the bullet and make a quite overkill server, but I need some help with the cache pool drives. Is there a common rule of thumb on the size of drives you should be using, I will definitely do a cache drive with a parity in-case one fails. System specs: mobo: Z10PE-D16 WS cpu: 2x e5-2690v4 ram: 4x16 ECC case: supermicro with 1200W dual psu, 24 hot swaps gpu: W5900 2gb HBA: 2278300-R Adaptec SAS HBA 71605H Single drives: 6x8TB (2 parities) helium drives, i have a crapton of 4tb greens and reds but I will use them in a separate enclose as backups. I plan to run Plex, emby, torrent, couchpatoate, and other things related to media library, owncloud, teamspek server, retro game server, probably 2 Windows 10 VMs, and a Ubuntu VM to learn. Anyways, i wonder if 2x1TB enterprise SSDs will do for cache or would 2x2TB drives be a better choice. There has been days that between moving data files and light torrents I can probably move over 1TB of data in one day. Question is how does unRaid handle this, does it just accumulate the data and move it all at night. Is it possible to fill up the cache drive? Will it just start moving files to spinner HDDs at some point once it starts filling up? Thanks for filling in my noobnes on this subject.
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