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  1. ok i see, thanks for explaing
  2. hmm ive installed it via the APPs as plugin...was working, so didnt bother so use something else. Did use the Transmission-VPN docker , but now i have VPN on Router level so no need of this docker... --- So this plugin doesnt behave properly anymore and its better to use that Docker version? Thanks
  3. Hello, i would like to ask about Transmission plugin - its installed all set, working. BUT - soon as i reboot the unRAID its stops (even set to auto start) and when is go to Unraid - Setting - Transmission - it gives me option "Install plugin" so i have to install and Start afterwards (all settings and everything stays the same). Any clue why is this happening? or what i need to check and where? maybe some folder rights or something... thanks
  4. any guide how to start this? Installed plugin (Unraid server is enabled) getting : unraidtower refused to connect. Thansk
  5. does it include also Apollo Lake? having issues since beginning... Jul 19 04:40:08 unRAIDTower root: Fix Common Problems: Error: Machine Check Events detected on your server Jul 19 04:40:08 unRAIDTower root: mcelog: Family 6 Model 92 CPU: only decoding architectural errors thanks
  6. any luck?
  7. hmm...yeah thats also an option, been using ApexDC++ Any tip for Linux client? Thanks
  8. Hello, Is in unraid any "DC++" client plugin or docker? been searching some but without any luck... If u know about any solution...let me know , thanks PS: if its in wrong category please move to correct one.
  9. Had to change Server conf - to Google DNS, then it works
  10. Im running OVPN Server on unraid, but soon as i connect from remote PC as client , i lose internet connection on that PC. Any clue what/where to check? Thanks
  11. Thanks
  12. thx for tip, anything i try from that menu - no change look still the same.
  13. yeah i have 1.30 , nothing new since
  14. Thanks, but im affraid thats out of my skills, not sure what to check in to script or change...:(
  15. colors from disks are gone
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