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  1. I confirm that the latest version fixes the issues. Thank you!
  2. But the strange thing is that the smart reports of all drives on that controller are showing the temperature. As you can see the screenshot. So unRAID should be able to read it, I guess. Is it possible to manually run the script/process to update that data? I would love playing around with it
  3. Bump? I still haven't found how the disks.ini file is generated. I would love to see the actual temperature of my drives. And since smartctl can report it, why doesn't it show ?
  4. I am having the exact same issue, and the log is 0 bytes, nothing inside! Nothing shows up in the log when I try to start the preclear. I have attached 2 screenshots. The main preclear window, and the popup that opens and closes right away.
  5. To be honest I had totally forgotten about that thread Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk Pro
  6. And as you can see, I was the last poster, and still haven't figured out a way to have a decent resolution in order to load Radeon drivers
  7. Hi, Is it possible to change the GUI's resolution? I have a 1920x1080 LCD monitor hooked up to it on a Radeon HD 6950 and the resolution is quite awful. It is stuck to a 4:3 ratio and I would love to have it full screen as I sometimes use it to browse the web when I'm working on it. Thanks
  8. It really is. I have moved my package to the /boot/extra folder so that it installs automatically. Here is the result of the file attribute after a reboot: root@Tower:~# ls /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat -la -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1383 Apr 27 2015 /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat I will update my "guide" in my previous post to save a line in "go"
  9. I know that this thread is old, but if anyone ever has the same issue, this worked for me (on 6.2.4): I have downloaded the package in my /boot/extra folder (packages in this folder are automatically installed at each boot) mkdir /boot/extra cd /boot/extra wget then I installed and started the vnstat daemon using these commands: pkginstall vnstat-1.13-x86_64-1_slack.txz chdmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat start then I updated my /boot/config/go file to add the vnstat startup commands on every reboot nano /boot/config/go added these 2 lines at the bottom of the file: chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat /etc/rc.d/rc.vnstat start "ctrl-x then enter" to save file The rc.vnstat file is not created as executable when installing the package so it needs to be chmod'ed +x manually. The logs wont survive a reboot though, and you need to create a backup script for that if you wish to keep them.
  10. I have finally managed to hotadd a new drive today using Adaptec's "arcconf" command line tool. Finally!
  11. This was already done at the very beginning of my build, and eveytime I add a new drive because they are not recognized at all under unRAID if I dont initialize+JBOD them all. The drives are currently fully working. Only the GUI doesn't show the temperature is the devices list. I kind of looked at the code of the unassigned devices plugin and found that it grabs the info using this command: smartctl -A -d sat,12 $dev 2>/dev/null| /bin/grep -m 1 -i Temperature_Celsius | /bin/awk '{print $10}'" Now for the Dynamix part, it seems like it grabs the info about the drives from /var/local/emhttp/disks.ini How is that file generated? This file has the * in it at the temperature line
  12. I have successfully installed Win7 and WinXP VMs on an AMD FX-4130. In order to get passed the Windows boot logo, you need to select the i440fx-2.5 machine, SeaBIOS and VNC cirrus or vmvga video driver (cirrus won't allow more tha 1024x768 while vmvga allows larger resolutions). If you select the default one (QXL) or a Q35 machine it will not boot. I am adding my settings in a screenshot if that can help!
  13. Hi, I am kind of wondering what is happening. My hard drives do report SMART data, including temperature (194). None of the drive show the temperature in the GUI (see screenshots) even though they are spun up, except for the one that is mounted with the "Unassigned devices" plugin. Before adding that plugin, the drives would not report temperature at all, any of them. Is there any tweak I can do?
  14. Hi, I noticed that the SATA choice is available under General SMART settings, but not under a unique disk settings (view screenshots) Running on 6.2.4
  15. Is host the 1st number or the second? Because they were 7:x:x:x when I did the commands, and now after the reboot they're 2:1:x:x
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