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  1. Oooh i had missed the first sentence. "method attempts to step fill each disk so at the end of each step there is an equal free space left on each disk."
  2. oh ok... I've always thought high water was 50% of all drives, then 75% and so on. So its 50% of the bigger , than until it is up to filling half the size of the 500gb it will move to this one?
  3. Hi everyone, I find this very strange that unRAID skipped one drive and even though all are at 50% and its going through the 75% full cycle, it never writes to one of my drives. This drive is not explicitely excluded from any share. Did this ever happen to anyone?
  4. All is well, still. I guess I can say problem solved! Thanks to you two
  5. Well, no lockups since I have disabled mover logging and automatic backups by CA Backup / Restore. I guess one of these 2 was probably the culprit
  6. Thanks for that!
  7. My mover is scheduled for 3am too. Sometimes when it hangs like this I have found that my log partition is 100% full. Is there any way to disable mover adding things to the log?
  8. Hi, my server used to randomly crash making local graphical login, shell, web ui and dockers to stop responding. yesterday though was a new one : Plex is not responding. Try the web ui, Plex's admin page, nothing works. I can login locally and use terminal and firefox. that works but no web ui still. Shell works remotely too but most commands just hang (ps aux, powerdown, and some others). Syslog shows nothing unusual. I had to hard reboot the computer. This morning: everything works. Get home from work tonight, load Plex on the tv. Server unreachable. Same thing as yesterday! anyone has a suggestion about where to look? edit: my bad, today the shell is hanging at the linux line after entering the password and the local gui is hanging after entering the password. I had to hard reset again
  9. I confirm that the latest version fixes the issues. Thank you!
  10. But the strange thing is that the smart reports of all drives on that controller are showing the temperature. As you can see the screenshot. So unRAID should be able to read it, I guess. Is it possible to manually run the script/process to update that data? I would love playing around with it
  11. Bump? I still haven't found how the disks.ini file is generated. I would love to see the actual temperature of my drives. And since smartctl can report it, why doesn't it show ?
  12. I am having the exact same issue, and the log is 0 bytes, nothing inside! Nothing shows up in the log when I try to start the preclear. I have attached 2 screenshots. The main preclear window, and the popup that opens and closes right away.
  13. To be honest I had totally forgotten about that thread Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Tapatalk Pro
  14. And as you can see, I was the last poster, and still haven't figured out a way to have a decent resolution in order to load Radeon drivers
  15. Hi, Is it possible to change the GUI's resolution? I have a 1920x1080 LCD monitor hooked up to it on a Radeon HD 6950 and the resolution is quite awful. It is stuck to a 4:3 ratio and I would love to have it full screen as I sometimes use it to browse the web when I'm working on it. Thanks
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