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  1. [support] Capt.Insano's Docker Repository

    Good post! Any word about Deluge?
  2. Those two additional scenarios are highly unlikely. 1) My UnRAID box never takes more than a minute or so to reboot. So shutting down is a matter of seconds. 2) I don't have spinning harddisks So anyway, what is the reason UnRAID by default throws away logs? Especially in case of an unclean shutdown, it should be smart enough not to clean out the logs!
  3. Docker appdata files not accessible

    How would you recommend I set it up then? I'm not sure what to enter where, you see...
  4. I can imagine a very small amount, like 1GB, should suffice when unraid is used purely as a fileserver. I personally have got 16GB installed, because I'm running a few VMs and a couple of dockers. I also like the idea of filecache in memory, and a bit of overhead in case when something really needs it, has never hurt anyone. Also, memory is quite cheap, so why not.
  5. Do you use spin up groups?

    I don't use them. My unraid box only has SSD's anyway. Spinning up/down is purely a legacy function from my perspective. On spinning harddisks, this is something that can be automated perfectly. Power management should be able to handle spinning disks up/down when it makes sense. There's absolutely no need for anyone to configure this manually, unless in case of a control freak. Better not clutter unraid with unneccesary functions, iyam.
  6. Got my Transmission docker running absolutely fine. Except for the config. Somewhere along its life, the appdata files have become unreadable over SMB for me. The docker itself seems to be able to read them (I think) but is unable to persist configuration - possibly due to the same permissions problem. Through the web interface, I can read the files (which is fiddly) but I can't see how to upload and overwrite files. Obviously, I already tried stopping the docker, to make sure it isn't locking the files for exclusive use. 1) How can I force unraid to make the files readable/writable? 2) How can I prevent permissions from getting broken again in the future? 2a) Or alternatively, how can I see why & when permissions where altered, and/or by whom?
  7. Apparently, my unraid box recovered from an unexpected shutdown, as if someone cut the power lead (which noone did). This could mean two things. 1. Unlikey, but a power outage may have lasted long enough to drain the UPS, and unraid didn't honour the shutdown settings while running on UPS battery. 2. More likely, the server crashed itself and got itself to reboot automatically. But crashed because of what...? In either case, I don't know where to find out more. I can't find a log for the UPS. I would like to know a date+time of the last outage, or the last outage X seconds ago. Either would be helpful, but I don't know where to get this information. It's an APC Back-UPS ES 550G, connected via USB. I also can't find information on what happened before the unexpected reboot. The server log seems to have been cleared during startup, which is extremely bad practice if this was deliberate. The damage (if any) is already done, so enabling persistent logs is of no use now. More so because I have no way of knowing how to reproduce the problem - I don't even know where to start, it could be literally anything, so far. At any rate, where can I find logging information from before the crash? PS, the reason scenario 2 is more likely, is because other UPS's in the house didn't indicate an outage either, although I'm not sure how good they are at reporting them. My NAS survived the outage if there was one, so that's an indication. I wasn't around to experience it myself, unfortunately.
  8. Sparklyballs' Repo- Sparkly Stuff In Here

    Even so, the default password must be known with *someone*, *somewhere*...
  9. Sparklyballs' Repo- Sparkly Stuff In Here

    I just installed Amule. Now what am I supposed to enter for the password? I've tried "password", "root", "admin", my unraid root-password, the value stored in amule.conf, and even "welcome". None of those work.
  10. Updating 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 is broken

    Thanks, I can certainly try. But I don't want to be downloading a broken update and mess up my server, which is why I prefer an automated update. I can't know what's wrong, until I understand what's going on, you see... So basically I'd rather fix the problem than working around it. /edit Oh and suddenly it works. Now we'll never know. Well, thanks for the help either way
  11. When I try upgrading from 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 just from the plugins page, I get an error. Not much about it, other than this: plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response) plugin: wget: download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response) When I try downloading the zip with my browser, it downloads just fine.
  12. Mount NFS volume?

    Brilliant, got it to work. Works a lot smoother than I expected too (since I didn't understand how to get straight linux to mount these NFS volumes). So incomplete files are now kept on my unraid box, and when complete, they get moved to my much more massive NAS. Just the why I like. Makes sense to me. Thanks for the suggestion to install "unassigned devices". That's my friend from now on A bit oddly named for what it does for me, but as long as it works.
  13. Mount NFS volume?

    I can't find an option for this anywhere, and plowing through the forums only leads to far more complex scenarios. What I want is quite simple as far as I see it: I have a Synology NAS that is able to act as an NFS server. My unRAID server runs a docker that can download stuff unattended, which is great, but uses a lot of storage over time. So I'd like it to write that stuff to my NAS via NFS, instead of to a local disk. Then, I should be able to assign the output dir of that docker to the NFS mount point, and be a slightly happier person TLDR: I'm looking for way to have unRAID maintain NFS mount points to another machine. How can I do that?
  14. The whole server freezes

    I'd rather not for too long, but in a little while I'll be able to do without it for maybe a week or so. I could try that if the problem isn't resolved by other means by then. In the mean time, I've tried another thing, which is to uninstall and completely wipe AVG on this VM, and revert back to Defender. Surely, Defender must work without issues since it's a default Windows component. Let's see how that goes. So far, so good. No crash/freeze for a little under 4 days. But I'm not yet convinced due to the random nature of these crashes.
  15. The whole server freezes

    Just found this topic on the same issue where between the lines I seem to read that AVG is causing similar problems. Can anyone confirm this? Surely, I must not be the only person running antivirus inside a VM, right? Alternatively, the cause of these crashes could still be somewhere else of course. The question is where. And more importantly, how to diagnose?

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