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  1. The Power Supply Thread

    Ah yes, forgot about that, looks like i'll be replacing the seasonic psu fan then
  2. The Power Supply Thread

    Well my seems in my quest to find a decent 2u psu (note sure shy i wrote 1u earlier in the thread) i managed to find a seasonic 600watt 2u modular psu But there is a problem that i have never come across running unraid the 60mm fan runs at a very noisey full speed. Boot win10 or ubuntu a the psu fan slows down to near silent level. No idea why this is Now i im thinking either replace the loud 60dba adda fan with more silent fan, i have one that is loudest at 34dba and shifts a decent amount of air. Or try the bequiet 300w tfx psu? Im not sure 300w will be enough in the long run.
  3. The Power Supply Thread

    I know this is a long shot Anyone have any suggestions on a quietish 1u psu? My case currently has Emacs 460w psu which came with, and on it own sounds like a jet taking off And a ton of cables i have no need for. I need it to power the folowing Asrock avoton itx board Perc 310 card 12x 3.5 hdds 2x ssds And about 10 fans for cooling
  4. ironwolf seagate drives

    Ive got 4 ironwolfs for my build today, couldnt find a definative answer as the drives are pretty new. They seem to be priced lower than reds just hope i dont experiance anything like my last seagate drives, i had 4 die on me but that was 10 years ago.
  5. Oh hums should have jumped on them, hope fully i'll get the 2 i ordered
  6. Hoping they will still be priced the same come friday
  7. Doubt it, its almost always the top end that get a sort of price promo. But even then its £20-£50 if that
  8. Hmmm debating what to do i was all set to splash out on 10tb hdd drives. But the price point is unbeliveable
  9. These ok to be used for building a nas?
  10. Need advice on my nas build

    Thanks for the reply, i got the mobo and mem for good price. As for the psu i may just end up the psu in the case it just depends on noise levels its from my privious gaming pc its tere if i need it. Thanks for the heads up on the cards. That btrfs link is nice and simple:) What are peoples thoughts on the seagate iron wolf drives? I may just go for them as atm they cheaper than wd and hgst nas drives
  11. Need advice on my nas build

    Hi everyone Pretty much had it with drobo support and am planning on dumping my drobo nas. Need some advice on an unraid nas i am building specs are as follows Mobo asrock rack avoton c2750 Mem 4x 8gb crucial ecc ram Seasonic 850w psu 3u Rack case with 16 bays an 4 internal bays Nas use is primarly for storing media and photos to be accsessed by 2 kodi boxes and one or 2 tablets and notebooks. I know alot people use and recomend WD red drives and thats what i have been using in my drobos but what are peoples opinon on seagates iron wolf drives? I only ask as the 10tb iron wolf drives have dropped in price a bit. Also my plan is to use 2x 10tb drives as parity drives and 4x10tb drives and over time add more hdd's as i go a long. The manual makes it seem like a fairly simple process to add drives, is this the case? I also have different sized ssd's 120gb, 250gb and 500gb id it ok to mix and match diffrent ssds for cache drives? If end up using all the on board sata connections which pcie card would be recomrnded for use for cache and parity drives? Thanks
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