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  1. Np - some useful links here
  2. change to Q35-2.6 and seabios - anything > than 2.6 doesn't seem to work (at least for me)
  3. I will attach my diags when I get home as I've just remotely rebooted the server so the kids can use their VMs, but I'm having similar problems where W10 VMs are freezing and I can't force stop/Reboot etc from the GUI. My VMs have been a bit temperamental since v14 e.g. freezing on reboot, but at least with v14 I could always eventually force stop although I'd have to wait a bit sometimes for the VM page to load.
  4. CPU throttle sabnzbd

    maybe try nzbget? I switched a few months ago and the resource requirement seems a lot lower, and it never locks up like sabnzbd does.
  5. I think the majority of users put their VMs on an unassigned disk to isolate the disk from transcoding, unpacking etc activity that could impact VM performance. It's very easy to do using the unassigned drive plugin. With a single unassigned drive, yes you loose parity/pool protection, but there's a very good VM backup script that I run to make backups of my VMs on the array for protection. You could also put your dockers on a UD, but imo the cache pool would be fine - I think it's rare ppl put dockers on a UD. My point about PCIe slots wasn't that you couldn't use one for a HDD expansion card, but given that the mobo doesn't have many, you were setting yourself up for having to use one of the precious slots by using small drives. Getting a usb enclosure (you need a PCIe slot to do esata...) Isn't recommend, so your best bet is to get the biggest disks that are economically viable. I've had my r5 a year and I love it. With 8-11 drive capacity it can cover most scenarios, as with the right drives that's over 100TB using current drive capacities. There are some massive systems using unraid with 20+ drives, but they are mostly using smaller drives and very few have more capacity than 100TB. So if you start right with 8TBs you'll be fine.
  6. ignore the Ip issue - forgot I needed to open the port for VLAN-2-VLAN traffic
  7. 1. Fairly certain you can add 2xNVMe to a cache pool. You can definitely pass them through - there's a spaceinvaderone video that shows how to finetune for bare metal performance 2. have a look at the SM961 which is almost as fast - got one myself and very happy 3. For your cache pool I think NVMe drives will be a waste. You'd be better off getting SSDs for your pool and using a smaller NVMe as an unassigned drive for your VMs, so that you can isolate all the background unraid activity from your VMs 4. don't know much about RAM Only other comment I have is about the disks. you have the same case as me and I'd recommend buying 8TB drives rather than 4TBs if you are buying new drives: case only has 8 HDD bays (you can potentially get another 2-3 in the 2x5.25" bays) - filling up now with 6 doesn't leave you much room for expansion your motherboard choice only has 8 SATA slots and limited PCIe slots - again by the time you've added a cache pool and the 6 drives you've got no slots left and no PCIe slots available for expansion I'm guessing like me you like the low noise of the R5 - less drives equals less noise from drives and fans having to cool I know it'll cost you about Ā£100 more to buy the 8TBs, but it'll probably increase the lifespan of your system or put off for longer having to go through the hassle of upgrading drives
  8. all working so far except I can't assign an IP to the docker - I need this for it be to be able to talk to my other dockers e.g. nzbget. Works on bridge What's the data folder for? is this supposed to be the download folder?
  9. Me too - I've been hoping someone would post a template I can use on unraid, as I've given up on headphones. I've tried a few times to install lidarr myself with no joy.
  10. I think you mean CA Docker Autostart Manager. I hadn't considered using that way (currently I use it to ensure dockers start in right order), but it didn't solve my problem - I tried telling the first docker in the sequence to see if it could reach the unRAID IP before launching. I think the docker update check is independent of when dockers start.
  11. I'll have another go disabling docker autostart, but I'm sure I've tried this in the past and it didn't work. The problem for me is I need some dockers to autostart e.g. unifi, mariadb, mineos, tvheadend in case there's a crash or powercut when I'm not home as the rest of the family need them.
  12. Can dockers have their own IP address?

    Sorry, no idea - never touched the go file.
  13. Can dockers have their own IP address?

    1. No and things would get messy if you did 2. Yes, go to settings/identification to change unraid ports. However, there's no need as unraid would listen on say and le on whatever IP you assign e.g
  14. Can dockers have their own IP address?

    Yes. I'd use letsencrypt for remote access, rather than opening ports for nextcloud

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