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  1. Top notch guys. Keep it up.
  2. No doubt, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to try to helping out. Pardon me if I sounded arrogant. I have worked with many virtualization platforms. So the basic troubleshooting was done.
  3. The first guide is a very basic setup. The second guide is more advanced. My VM provisioning process covered the tutorials. Thank you for sharing regardless.
  4. Could you give me a particular example?
  5. Confirmed, the issue is with Hyper-V Features. Once disabled, system boots no problem. No guide. I just went in, selected windows 10 template, populated there rest and installed.
  6. TL;DR: Use proper CPU pinning to avoid issues with VMs. For example: if you have 4 cores + HT. 0 + 4 1 + 5 2 + 6 3 + 7 And have an *even* number assigned. *** RESOLVED ** Looks like I have an issue with starting up VMs... The VM starts to boot, then two out of the three assigned cores are pinned at 100% and a few minutes later the VM crashes... Not much from the logs either... Host OS: unRAID 6.3.5 Host HW: Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM Fujitsu D2607-8i (Flashed to 9211-8i) 8x4TB Hitachi Ultrastars 2 x 1TB Crucial M500 SSDs (VMs run on the SSDs) VM - Windows 10 Cheers.
  7. I've also noticed issues with pegged cores when launching VMs (VMs would hang), not much logging available... Which is what is driving me nuts at the moment. EDIT: This has been resolved. Proper CPU Pinning fixes the issue.
  8. New notification providers: Join & Telegram

    Telegram for sure! I am already using it for all sorts of things! Telegram
  9. Keep up the good work. I am very impressed.
  10. Disable SMBv1 following WannaCry(pt0r) attacks?

    SMB2 support was introduced in 3.6.0: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_3.6_Features_added/changed#SMB2_support
  11. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc changes

    This is so sexxy. Thank you!
  12. I created a separate thread:
  13. The trick for me was to reflash the SBR at the end, that gets both ports going. Try that. I tested this on a11 and a21. cheers.
  14. Attached are files to flash to P20 FW LSI 9211-8i. Enjoy. PS. I decided to create a separate thread for this due to repetitive questions on the same subject. Based on your version A11 or A21, choose the appropriate files. Create a bootable USB with Rufus and FreeDOS: https://rufus.akeo.ie/ Backup Links: http://romtruck.pw/xlam/d2607/ -- Boot into FreeDOS: 1) MegaCli.exe -AdpAllInfo -aAll |find /i "sas address" > sas_addr.txt 2) MegaRec.exe -readsbr 0 orig.sbr 3) MegaRec.exe -cleanflash 0 4) MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a21.bin or MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a11.bin 5) MegaRec.exe -cleanflash 0 Boot into EFI: mount fs0 fs0: or mount fs# (# is the number for your USB) sas2hax -o -f 2118it.bin -noreset reboot into EFI sas2hax -o -f 2118it.bin -b mptsas2.rom sas2hax -o -sasadd <sas address from sas_addr.txt> Boot into FreeDOS: MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a21.bin or MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a11.bin ** DONE ** --- D2607.7z
  15. Alright let me shed some light on how flashing of Fujitsu D2607 is actually done to be successful. I've flashed about 20 of them by now. -- Boot into FreeDOS: Get your current SAS Addres: 1) MegaCli.exe -AdpAllInfo -aAll |find /i "sas address" > sas_addr.txt Write down your SAS Address: type sas_addr.txt Read your current SBR: 2) MegaRec.exe -readsbr 0 orig.sbr Cleanflash (yes, do this first or it might fail) 3) MegaRec.exe -cleanflash 0 Flash based on a11 or a21 model: 4) MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a21.bin or MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a11.bin Cleanflash again (yes, do this second time because you flashed another SBR): 5) MegaRec.exe -cleanflash 0 Boot into EFI shell and navigate to the USB, your device might be fs0, fs1, fs2, fsN (where N is the number): fs0: Flash the 9211 Firmware: sas2hax -o -f 2118it.bin Note: Ignore the warning about failed to reset adapter after flashing, this is expected. reboot into EFI: Flash 9211 Firmware and BIOS: sas2hax -o -f 2118it.bin -b mptsas2.rom Add your SAS Address that you got sas2hax -o -sasadd <sas address from sas_addr.txt> Boot into FreeDOS: You need to reflash the SBR for both ports to work: MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a21.bin or MegaRec.exe -writesbr 0 sbr-a11.bin ** DONE ** --
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