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  1. unRAID must partition and format any drive it will use. It sounds like you may have not actually done the format, but the repartition was done as soon as you assigned the drives. You will have to research data recovery tools for ubuntu.
  2. Restarting the docker will get the latest version unless you have specified another version.
  3. You must set Minimum Free to be larger than the largest file you expect to write. When unRAID begins to write a file, it doesn't know how large the file will become. If you have more than minimum free, it can choose the drive and then if the file is larger than the available space, the write will fail. If the drive has less than minimum free, unRAID will choose another drive (depending on the other settings explained in the FAQ I linked).
  4. Study this and see if you can adapt
  5. cache-prefer will result in files being moved from the array to cache. Please turn on Help when setting up your user shares. You probably also want to go to Global Share Settings and set Minimum Free for cache. Also, see here: Moving this thread to General Support
  6. What do you have for Global Share Settings?
  7. Sounds like something isn't setup right. Are you absolutely sure you have set the user share to cache-yes and not cache-prefer or cache-only? Post diagnostics.
  8. I didn't review the posts in the "rabbit hole" but I think the concern with using SSD in the parity array is precisely because it might invalidate parity when the SSD did anything "behind the scenes".
  9. Looks like you've got it! Just check and make sure the only drive it wants to format is the old parity you assigned as data. And double-check your connections.
  10. The emulated disk can be read and written just like a real disk. It won't be very efficient since all other drives are used to emulate the disabled disk. Why do you want to do this? Rebuilding the disabled disk is the normal way to keep that data.
  11. 2 parity is all that's supported and I personally wouldn't trust more data drives with only 2 parity. Do you really need that many? Drives are pretty large these days and you can get a lot of capacity without using a lot of drives. I always recommend people only add drives as needed. More drives just means more opportunities for problems.
  12. Parity cannot be allowed to change while it is being copied because the copy wouldn't be correct. I've never done a parity swap so I don't know if it lets you use the array again after the copy phase has completed or not.
  13. Have you read the Help for Manual Split Level?
  14. This may be the firefox checkbox bug. Try another browser.
  15. Do you have an adblocker or any web security that might be interfering? Whitelist your server. You might also try clearing browser cache.
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