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  1. Dashboard - System Status:General - flash log docker
  2. Midnight Commander is not part of Nerdpack. It has always been builtin to unRAID since at least 4.7 missing csrf is typically an out-of-date plugin. If you have a power out and you set it to run on UPS too long, then you may discharge the UPS so much that a subsequent power out will make the UPS run down before the timeout for shutdown.
  3. The unRAID OS unpacks from USB flash drive into RAM and runs in RAM as mentioned. The whole notion of a C: system drive is pretty much a Windows thing. Yes. You should take a look at the Overview linked earlier in this thread. unRAID is not RAID.
  4. Radio share include only disk1, problem solved, no need for disk shares.
  5. Yes, link is broken and I can't fix it since the forum software seems to have lost the post. See the troubleshooting section in the old forum here:
  6. yes, just the same as when you first create parity.
  7. Think of a docker container as a tiny VM with just the amount of OS needed to support a single app. A docker runs in the Docker Engine that is part of the unRAID OS. There are literally hundreds of dockers supported by this community. Install Community Applications to help you find, choose, and install them.
  8. Preclear new drive to test it. Replace the fullest 2TB drive with the new drive and let it rebuild. Copy other disks files to new drive. Set New Config without the small drives and let parity rebuild.
  9. Your docker.img is full. See the Troubleshooting section of the docker FAQ.
  10. On the boot menu
  11. There has been more than one case of memory causing this, including me.
  12. You have to edit umask in settings.json in transmission's appdata. See transmission website.
  13. I don't think preclear plugin will format a disk, unless that functionality was recently added, and I very much doubt it. There is no reason for it to do so, it would defeat the purpose of clearing a disk, and it would confuse many users. As for erasing, there is not really a good definition of "erase" that is different than "clear". It does verify that it is able to write zeros to the entire disk (clear) by reading them back.
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