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  1. Do you have any adblocker in your browser? Whitelist your server.
  2. And I don't think it can even be accurately called a plugin. It is just a a .txz that installs from /boot/extra, so cannot be managed like other unRAID plugins. Docker is definitely the best approach for this application and most others.
  3. If the few posts you have made so far are any indication, I think you could be a great asset to the community. I hope you will be a frequent contributor. Another user suggested moving this thread, and I agree it is more useful than typical Lounge posts, so I am moving it to UCD where your build thread is. Welcome! Stick around!
  4. Don't know how you got this from this: which is basically the same thing wgstarks said: If you look at the docker code you can see that it actually downloads the specified version from the plex website when the docker is started.
  5. The container "contains" plex. The container code can be updated but still contain the same version of plex the previous version of the container had. And with this particular docker ( plex), the container will get the latest plex (or another version if you so specify) each time you restart it, whether or not the container is updated. You shouldn't update plex from inside the application, but instead just restart the container and let it get the new version.
  6. Sorry, I had forgotten about the Auto Turbo Write plugin. Still recommend you read the linked post to get a better understanding of what turbo write actually is.
  7. Did you bother to read the post I linked? Cache-no shares are not moved.
  8. Turbo Write isn't a plugin, and your question doesn't really make much sense. Did you bother to read the linked post?
  9. You have a couple of non-system shares set to cache-prefer. Normally only appdata and some other system shares are set to cache-prefer. This setting moves from array to cache, not cache to array.
  10. Did you try a different port?
  11. When you setup again, do you also have to rescan your library, or does it remember your media? Are you sure you have your plex appdata mapped to persistent storage?
  12. Dashboard - System Status:General - flash log docker
  13. Midnight Commander is not part of Nerdpack. It has always been builtin to unRAID since at least 4.7 missing csrf is typically an out-of-date plugin. If you have a power out and you set it to run on UPS too long, then you may discharge the UPS so much that a subsequent power out will make the UPS run down before the timeout for shutdown.
  14. The unRAID OS unpacks from USB flash drive into RAM and runs in RAM as mentioned. The whole notion of a C: system drive is pretty much a Windows thing. Yes. You should take a look at the Overview linked earlier in this thread. unRAID is not RAID.
  15. Radio share include only disk1, problem solved, no need for disk shares.
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