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  1. Not at all. I want the actual unRAID Docker page you get when you first click on the Docker tab at the top.
  2. Go to the Docker page in the unRAID webUI and post a screenshot. I am trying to see your Volume Mappings for Plex.
  3. I am talking about the GUI. It shows the docker run command when you start the docker. Did you read the link?
  4. The 2nd screenshot shows you are definitely looking in the wrong place. Other than that it might be OK, though I would recommend using the plex docker from LinuxServerIO instead of the limetech docker. But before you change anything, post your docker run command.
  5. So far it doesn't sound like you have done anything really bad. Just don't do this: That doesn't really make any sense anyway because clearing and formatting are not even remotely similar, and neither would help. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete diagnostics zip.
  6. If you haven't added the new disks then how are you formatting them? You must let unRAID format them after they have been added to the array. If you haven't done New Config then put your array back like it was, with the original disks, and without the new disks. It might even let you start it like that depending on exactly what you meant by "failed". Then post a diagnostic.
  7. Never mind. If you have already done New Config then its too late to go back.
  8. We really have no idea what exactly you meant by this. I think it is quite likely that we could have gotten your system back to just one disk that could have been rebuilt from parity. Probably if you would just put the original disks back in and post your diagnostics we could have a better idea of what your options are.
  9. Everyone has already explained this pretty well, but instead of unbalancing, you could have just rebuilt the 2TB disks (one at a time) with their data onto the new 8TB disks. That is the usual way to replace disks. And you could still take that approach, by rebuilding the "empty" 2TB disks onto the new 8TB disks. At this point, though, a New Config without the "empty" 2TB disks and with the new 8TB disks then rebuilding parity would be less time, trouble, and disk activity.
  10. Based on your PM it seems like you didn't read or understand what I said here. These instructions I gave are referring to the unRAID webUI. You can do this edit in the webUI. You don't need to edit it from Windows.
  11. Maybe this is what you meant, but you don't want to ADD disks, you want to REPLACE them. Unless you have 2 parity disks you can't rebuild 2 failed disks. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete diagnostics zip.
  12. It looks like appdata got moved to cache, did you recently add a cache disk? If so, you should disable docker and VM services and then run mover manually to make sure everything gets moved. I suspect your docker img is corrupt so you will have to delete and recreate it. Why do you have it set to 30G? Have you been filling it up? Most people don't need that much to run very many dockers.
  13. Main - Boot Device - click on Flash to get to its page. In Syslinux Configuration move the menu default line under the label you want to be the default and Apply.
  14. You should be able to run memtest forever without errors.
  15. except Do you have a BIOS setting that would let you use less memory for video?
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