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  1. High Read on one Drive

    I'm not sure I understand what you don't understand, but on the Apps tab there are Plugins you can install to look at Active Streams and to look at Open Files.
  2. Getting into a command line?

    default root password is blank. Just hit Enter.
  3. At this point we are speculating about the past. Stop blue iris, set share to cache-yes, run mover, see if they get moved. Set share to cache-no, start blue iris, see if any new ones get created on cache.
  4. Not really good advice for a noob without a lot of followup. Just changing the filesystem on a disk will format it.
  5. You shouldn't be getting any parity errors if you rebuilt parity after changing the configuration.
  6. Parity checks, disk I/O, and SMART tests are all going to impact each other. Don't see how it could be otherwise. Maybe you just never tried this much I/O during parity check.
  7. unRAID parity is realtime, any write updates parity, and anything that isn't a simple read is a write, so parity is always going to be preserved whatever you do. So no problems for parity. And no problems for user shares either. User shares are simply the aggregate of all top level folders on cache and array disks. If you have a share named "movies", a top level folder named "movies" is on cache and/or array disks, and everything in those folders is part of the user share, whether or not they were created while accessing the disks directly or while accessing the user share.
  8. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    You said you are having this problem using safari or chrome. Since the unRAID OS doesn't have safari or chrome, then I don't see how it can be a problem with unRAID. That is why I suggested you try to find a solution on the plex forums.
  9. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Sounds like a question for the plex forum.
  10. is this the best wayu to use a cache disk?

    You have these exactly backwards.
  11. [6.3.5] Restoring settings on boot flash drive

    Did somebody else setup your dockers for you?
  12. [6.3.5] Restoring settings on boot flash drive

    Do you mean you ran mover and nothing changed? Do you still have appdata files on disk2? That is the only thing running mover might have fixed. If you do still have appdata on disk2, try stopping your dockers and run mover again. As for Krusader, you will have to edit the Krusader docker settings and change the UNASSIGNED volume to use slave mode. You will probably have to go to Advanced view.
  13. Parity limitations

    If you think about it for a minute, it should be obvious that parity alone cannot possibly have the capacity to be a backup of all the other drives. Here is a good explanation from the wiki: And speaking of backups, you absolutely must have a backup of any important and irreplaceable files. Even if your house doesn't burn down, there are a lot of ways to lose files that parity cannot save you from.
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