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  1. Parity disk doesn't have any of your data and each data disk is an independent filesystem which can be read without any of the other disks.
  2. What time zone? Better yet, how long ago was 7am for you?
  3. A much better approach would be to really learn and understand dockers, and switch to a sonarr docker. Then you wouldn't need to muck about with unRAID OS locations. I expect the files you are trying to work with actually reside in the easily reachable appdata if you were using a sonarr docker.
  4. Not sure what you are referring to here. Not a lot has changed about User Shares from 4.7 except some of the Use Cache settings. Were you not using User Shares before?
  5. Assuming you don't have anything configured to expect certain things to be on certain drives, then order only matters if you have 2 parity drives.
  6. If you were using mv command I assume you were working at the command line on your unRAID server. If so, you should be logged in as root so I don't think it's a permissions issue. Possibly the disk is read-only due to filesystem corruption. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete zip.
  7. As I said earlier in this thread: When I did this there wasn't a wiki for it. I didn't even bother with rsync and verification. I just used mc to move disk to disk. Never needed New Config, parity rebuild, or preclear. But everyone won't have the spare capacity, or other details specific to my system. And it still took a few days since that is what is needed to move TBs of data. It perhaps doesn't need to be nearly as complex as the wiki procedure for most people, but the specifics of the process will depend on the specifics of their system. The wiki is trying to give a process that will work for all possible systems. And it may even be that some people will have something about their system that nobody thought of and is not covered by the wiki. All of which maybe makes it understandable that Limetech's limited resources haven't gotten involved in this. It is only done once for a given system, and not done at all for new users. So there is nothing built-in and foolproof to do it.
  8. I question whether this is the solution for whatever your (secret) problem is. Hosts just gives names to IPs, sort of an override of DNS. Usually any time you need to specify a network location you can just use the IP instead of the name, Have you tried that?
  9. Have you tried another ethernet cable? Another port on the switch/router?
  10. Parity has dropped offline. You should always double check all connections when you change things inside the machine.
  11. There is /etc/hosts but I've never heard of anyone needing to edit it.
  13. Do you have console (attached keyboard/monitor)? Type "diagnostics" at the command line then when it finishes type "poweroff". Put your flash in your PC and get the diagnostics zip file from it and post.
  14. If you can shutdown until you get the new disk then you could get your array protected again before starting on the filesystem repair. You can use the drive manufacturers diagnostics software to test the new disk on another computer rather than preclearing it, since it is not necessary to have a clear disk for a rebuild. Do you have backups of any irreplaceable data?
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