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  1. interesting.
  2. I was curious because I've started playing with kvm's on ubuntu and am less than pleased with the customization ability of virt-manager and the lack of easily editing xml... I've found like really like how it's done on unRaid and was curious if the ability to have something similar in ubuntu was possible if it was based or from something else. Appears not
  3. I use crashplan for remote backup. it's easy. it works. it's encrypted.
  4. look on the hackintosh forums. It probably has some built in osx abiltiy/drivers, and you could also end up trying the web drivers. I don't know for certain since i've never used that card. I did have a gtx 760 sc but it got too hot and died.
  5. No, and apple is sketchy about how it is suppose to work. This is the basic breakdown: fcp x does no clustering. to use compressor for clustering, the app needs to be loaded onto any other networked osx machine (or vm.) in the compressor preferences of each machine, you set it to be able to be used for network transcoding. on the main controller machine, in compressor you set your batch groups by selecting those other machines it sees on the network as available. then once you are ready to trancode, you select the cluster you have made. it then ends it out. I've found that I can saturate a gigabit connection with just 2 other machines on the network transcoding. So i went to a 10gbe card on the server and run the vmxnet3 adapter on the main conroller/compressor server to be able to feed more mouths at a time. it's not hard to setup, it's just a pain to troubleshoot when it doesn't work right because there is scant info about it online. I stumbled on the video card requirement by accident when I couldn't figure out why 1 server worked and the other one didn't when they were nearly identical... the difference was the presence of a video card. I added one to the machine that didn't have one, it worked without issue.
  6. And a heads up, all the cluster vm's all require a video card present, otherwise they get an error. They don't use the card for processing (and all cores get maxed transcoding instead) but something else in the program requires it. I used cheap gt 710's for that. And those are not powerful enough to edit in fcp x. I have been unable to find a workaround.
  7. I use a gtx 1050 for fcp editing but send all my video exports via compressor to a render cluster that uses CPU for the workload. Fcp x uses opencl for rendering. Amd cards work better for gpu rendering with opencl than nvidia BUT some say that they are more difficult to get difficult working in a vm (I've only ever worked with nvidia cards) There are certainly better cards/more powerful to use, but mine was under 100 bucks and my render frarm has a combined 40k passmark, which is where I emphasized my build. look into nomachine for Remote Desktop use. You will probably need this emulator for gpu acceleration http://www.fit-pc.com/web/products/fit-headless/
  8. Isolate vm cores from unraid system cores to prevent overlap. this isn't an explanation of your problem, but a way to help possibly prevent it.
  9. It can't make it not be able to access it anymore than it already isn't able. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Before i went 10gbe, I had no issues connecting to my server running 802. Did you try connecting via Go>Connect to server? Probably won't work if it's not pinging... Might try enabling afp on the server?
  11. This is a great find. Performs much better for me than teamviewer or splashtop.
  12. another weird issue when uploading to youtube/soundcloud/etc it crawls slower than a 2 legged tortoise.... But online speed tests show full internet bandwidth.
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