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  1. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Cheers. BIOS 2.00 was released not too long ago for the Taichi. I'm going to try that this weekend with RC15e (released today) assuming you don't beat me to it. If it's still not working I'll flash 1.70 and see what happens.
  2. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc15e available

    Awesome! Will try this release at the weekend, along with a new BIOS update for my X399 system. Anything worthwhile in here for Ryzen/Threadripper?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. Limetech: I'll give that workaround a go next chance I get, though probably won't be for a little while. Yup, checked, card on latest firmware. Charlie: I'm using 1.80. Figured things would naturally get better with BIOS revisions on a new platform, but what do I know? same as above. Helldirver: Correct, I didn't flash the bootfrom for this card either, so can't see if HDDs are detected, but as stated, the H310 I was using saw drives fine, then didn't here. I'd expect the same is true of the 9211.
  4. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Similar to what John_M asked, if you try with one card, and it's detected, do you see your logs full of the same errors I do? You don't always see it by opening the live log, so I usually go Tools -> System Log. What slots have you tried the card in? Because I've tried it in all of them, same thing. I have a 9207-8i on the way as well. I'll give things a go with that at some point, but the exact same behavior was present with an IT-flashed H310 as well, which makes me think it's not the card.
  5. AMD Ryzen update

    Thanks for adding a specific topic for this. I've experienced one crash so far on Ryzen (Threadripper) due to this, but that's on 6.3.5. I haven't been able to move to the RCs because my HBA isn't detected. Is there a possibility this can be looked at? I'm willing to pay for a troubleshooting session to facilitate data gathering, testing, etc. if need be. Relevant reading: https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/61500-64rc101112-it-flashed-lsi-9211-8i-drives-not-detected-on-x399/
  6. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Unifi

    Thanks guys. Had to set adapter to host mode for the container, and had to manually force an inform via SSH, but all up and running now. Man does regular consumer stuff suck in comparison.
  7. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Unifi

    Hi all, Running this container in 6.3.5. Get to the setup in the webUI, but can't detect any devices. All settings are default, no ports changed. Server is static 1.100 address. Installing controller software on a Windows machine on 1.8 works as expected. USG, AP and switch are all seen on the configuration wizard. Any ideas?
  8. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Using Chrome.
  9. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Thought I'd chime in here. Haven't read the thread (yet) as it's huge, but: 1950X / X399 Taichi build. On 6.3.5 at the moment. Have been for a day or two now. Originally I was having lots of problems with a HBA, so I ended up leaving SVM disabled. Ran for over a day with no problems. Turned SVM on today and everything's back up, with the only change being I can't see my CPU usage on the dashboard (though it works in Stats). I should mention I've changed no settings at all, other than enabling, SR-IOV, SVM, and IOMMU in BIOS. Now the problems with 6.4 If I boot into 6.4 with BIOS defaults, my HBA isn't detected. If I then enable IOMMU, my HBA is detected, but my logs are flooded with: I'm hesitant to start my array in this condition, so I've gone back to 6.3.5, which seems (weirdly), to be working completely fine so far. I'm not using passthrough for any of my VMs, so perhaps that's why. I also haven't disabled C-States. Does anyone have anything I can try? As I said, I haven't read through the thread yet, so there could well be something simple I'm missing. server-diagnostics-20171118-1501.zip server-diagnostics-20171119-1730.zip
  10. I've just run a non-correcting parity check. There's actually been some discussion recently on whether checks should be correcting or not, but in the event you want to run a non-correcting one, it seems a bit strange that I should have to bog down my server for another ~20 hours to write (in this case) 6 corrections that unRAID is already aware of. There isn't much helpful info in the logs either, or at least there doesn't appear to be much user-facing data about where these errors were located. A nice thing to have would be a dialog box pop up if a user clicks on the last parity check display on the dashboard, showing at least something about the errors, and a button to write corrections to parity, rather than having to scan the entire system again.
  11. Hi all, Posted about this in general support, but posting here for visibility as well. Moved my rig recently from a C2750 base to an X399 Taichi / 1950X. Under 6.3.5, my 9211-8i is detected fine, but with any of the RCs I tried (10, 11, and 12) they're not shown. johnnie.black noticed the following after looking through diags: Nov 18 13:59:52 server kernel: mpt3sas 0000:42:00.0: Refused to change power state, currently in D3 Nov 18 13:59:52 server kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: 64 BIT PCI BUS DMA ADDRESSING SUPPORTED, total mem (32813424 kB) Nov 18 13:59:52 server kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: sending diag reset !! Nov 18 13:59:52 server kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: diag reset: FAILED Nov 18 13:59:52 server kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: failure at drivers/scsi/mpt3sas/mpt3sas_scsih.c:8937/_scsih_probe()! While I haven't gone back to confirm this, I'm pretty sure an IT-mode H310 I had in my system previously exhibited the same behavior. (I ordered the 9211 because I thought I'd bricked it reflashing firmware). If need be, I can test things, but it'll probably have to wait a while. I've spend two weekends troubleshooting this, so at the moment I'm just happy to have my server back. Diags attached. 1402 is on 6.4rc11 (I think), 1501 is after c/p'ing my original 6.3.5 contents back to the drive. server-diagnostics-20171118-1402.zip server-diagnostics-20171118-1501.zip
  12. Interestingly, all drives are detected on 6.3.5. @limetech Any ideas if anything changed in unRAID or the Linux kernel that might explain this? I can't imagine support for whatever isn't working in this card was dropped. Perhaps something in supporting Ryzen simply exposed this? server-diagnostics-20171118-1501.zip
  13. Thanks a million for looking through the logs! That's irritating. I'll give it a go in another machine to see what happens. Though I think it might be a board issue. Tried a flashed H310 as well, and had similar issues. I don't suppose you've any idea what settings I should be changing? Not familiar with more technical settings on AMD boards.
  14. Hi all, Moved my build to an X399 system. Drives connected to the board show up fine, drives connected to the 9211-8i (P19 IT) aren't being detected in the WebUI. Card was previously working fine. Tried different slots, same thing. Anyone care to have a look through diags to see if any light can be shed on this? server-diagnostics-20171118-1402.zip
  15. I'm almost sure this has been brought up before, so sorry if I'm duplicating. Googled and searched, couldn't find it. After a recent upgrade, and some problems, I'm in a situation where, because of a failed HBA, I can't bring enough drives online to start my array. Plenty of SATA connections left for my cache pool and any unassigned devices, but can't start the bulk storage. Even though all my VMs, and most of my Docker containers can start, I can't actually do anything with them, so my server, which hosts lots of game servers via VMs, and Plex an associated applications through Docker can't function. TL;DR - Allow starting of cache and unassigned devices outside of main array?

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