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  1. I have not yet. I updated to 6.3 stable, but then had to leave right after. I will attempt when O get back. I would prefer not to use a beta OS on this system
  2. How did you go about doing that? What OS did you use?
  3. Hi guys. I am trying to connect my Unraid Pro 6.2.4 box to my Windows Server 2016 Standard box so that I can control file permissions etc. I have been able to go to settings->SMB Shares and set it to enabled (domain) but the issue I have is that the Windows Server is a VM in the UnRAID box and when I try to connect (login) to the domain all of the VM's are shut down, thus turning off the DC and making it inaccessible and unable to login to. Is there any way to have UnRAID login to a domain without shutting down the VM's or some other bypass??
  4. Ok that took care of it. Thanks! I thought it would be something like that, but I thought I would ask and wait for a few minutes before I started flipping switches.
  5. Ok, so I may be completely wrong about what my issue actually is (i'm only 19 and setting up an ADDC is the most complicated thing I have done). Let me explain what is going on, then what I think is wrong. The bulk of our office network is on the 192.168.1.X network (including our UnRAID box with a Server 2016 standard server) and I am attempting to setup an ADDC server for login and security, but the computers are unable to join the domain that I set up on the server, they are also unable to ping the server. What I THINK is going on is that UnRAID's virtual network switch is assigning a 192.168.122.X IP address to the server putting it on a separate part of the network (term?). If I am correct how do I put the server on the 192.168.1.X network, or allow it to access it? If I am wrong what could be causing the problem? Thanks guys!
  6. Cool thanks! I didn't know if the key was also bonded to the motherboard/configuration like with Windows
  7. Hey guys, I will soon be replacing my NAS with one that has newer hardware and I was wondering if I can use my current UNRAID Pro licence on the new box, or if I would need to purchase a new software key.
  8. How to wipe an array and start from scratch?

    Cool that worked, but it is telling me that the parity is invalid. I am assuming it just needs to run its parity-sync and then that will be fixed?
  9. How to wipe an array and start from scratch?

    Thanks I will do that!
  10. Hi I recently reconfigured my UnRAID box and that involved the removal of 8X4TB drives from the array. My plan was just to wipe the array and start from scratch, but after using tools->new config and then re assigning the remaining drives to their parity, disk, and cache slots and starting the array UnRAID started to rebuild what it could of the previous array. How do I just kill the old array to start from scratch???
  11. I have 16GB of Registered ECC DDR2 RAM in a 4X4GB configuration, but have never come close to using it all. I recently reconfigured my drive arrangement form 8X4TB drives and 2X2TB drives down to 3X2TB drives, involving the need to transfer 3TB of the files off of the server onto an external HDD attached to my computer over a gigabit network connection and the server never used more than 29% of the available RAM
  12. Hi I was trying to unzip a folder in UnRAID 6.2.4 (in terminal using "unzip [file path]") and got the error; bash: /usr/bin/unzip: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error and from what I can find that error is normally for when you are trying to run a 32 bit program on a 64 bit os. Is there a fix for this, or a new command??
  13. VMSettings "Status:Stopped"

    Ok I tryed all of this but the VM 's tab still does not exist, and it still says Status:Stopped
  14. VMSettings "Status:Stopped"

    Ok how would I go about doing that? I cant find the setting and googleing is not helping either. Thanks Justin_
  15. VMSettings "Status:Stopped"

    Also no tab labeled "VM's" shows up, please help
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