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  1. Cool thanks! I didn't know if the key was also bonded to the motherboard/configuration like with Windows
  2. Hey guys, I will soon be replacing my NAS with one that has newer hardware and I was wondering if I can use my current UNRAID Pro licence on the new box, or if I would need to purchase a new software key.
  3. Cool that worked, but it is telling me that the parity is invalid. I am assuming it just needs to run its parity-sync and then that will be fixed?
  4. Thanks I will do that!
  5. Hi I recently reconfigured my UnRAID box and that involved the removal of 8X4TB drives from the array. My plan was just to wipe the array and start from scratch, but after using tools->new config and then re assigning the remaining drives to their parity, disk, and cache slots and starting the array UnRAID started to rebuild what it could of the previous array. How do I just kill the old array to start from scratch???
  6. I have 16GB of Registered ECC DDR2 RAM in a 4X4GB configuration, but have never come close to using it all. I recently reconfigured my drive arrangement form 8X4TB drives and 2X2TB drives down to 3X2TB drives, involving the need to transfer 3TB of the files off of the server onto an external HDD attached to my computer over a gigabit network connection and the server never used more than 29% of the available RAM
  7. Hi I was trying to unzip a folder in UnRAID 6.2.4 (in terminal using "unzip [file path]") and got the error; bash: /usr/bin/unzip: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error and from what I can find that error is normally for when you are trying to run a 32 bit program on a 64 bit os. Is there a fix for this, or a new command??
  8. Ok I tryed all of this but the VM 's tab still does not exist, and it still says Status:Stopped
  9. Ok how would I go about doing that? I cant find the setting and googleing is not helping either. Thanks Justin_
  10. Also no tab labeled "VM's" shows up, please help
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to setup a VM on UnRAID 6.2.4 stable on a standard Storinator Q30 Advanced. I have all of the virtualization settings enabled, and have set "Enable VM's" to YES and configured all of the file paths, but it remains saying "VMSettings" "Status:Stopped" How do I start VM's? I am sure this is likely something stupid simple, but I cant figure it out. Thanks! Server: http://www.45drives.com/products/storinator-q30-configurations.php tower-diagnostics-20161118-1509.zip
  12. Hi guys, I setup my UnRAID server with 6.2.0 beta because of added hardware support, but now that 6.2.0 stable is out I want to move to that, so on the UnRAID Web Console I went to Plugins->Check For Updates then hit Update on the UnRAID Server OS "Plugin" but it gives me an error; plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: [amazon S3 website] ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response) plugin: wget: [amazon s3 website] download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response) And then just gives me a done button Can somebody suggest some help, or is the file hosting down right now? Thanks Justin_
  13. Hey Guys, I have 2 servers with UnRAID, one at my work, and one at my house that is an offsite backup, plus a few drives for my own storage and I am finalising the setup, but I need help with one thing. I am unsure of the best method of transferring the files from the server at work (a stock Storinator S45 enhanced) and a custom server at home with 18GB RAM 2X Intel Xeon 771 CPUs and a HBA card. What would you recommend? --edit-- The server at work is running UnRAID 6.2 beta as I needed RAID controller support, and the server at home is running UnRAID 6.1.8 stable
  14. Ok but how would I go about that? the ssd doesn't show up as a separate drive that I Can just grab files off of in explorer
  15. I do have one more question, do I need to make UnRAID move the files off the cache drive before I reformat it?
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