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  1. Hi jonathnm, I tried to find a way of marking the post as solved when I got it fixed but can't and still can't find a way of editing the title?
  2. Hi Joe, If you read my previous post you will see that the problem is now resolved Cheers
  3. Frank, Thank you so much, I followed your steps in post #30 and formatted my USB stick etc... My Server shares were accessible with seconds of booting up... Nothing was detected by windows when scanning the USB stick but a fresh installation cured the problem. I am now just reinstalling all my dockers & VM etc but happy to do this rather than recover as I like a clean start now & then with most things :-) Again... many many thanks!!
  4. Hi unevent, I tried what you said first as is seemed the less severe and still no dice, I also turned off all other windows machines and have attached the diagnostics... I am taking the kids out for a couple of hours and if still no change or miraculous discovery I will try Franks Method! Thanks again for everyones help, I really appreciate it, a special thanks to Frank for your incredibly detailed post which I appreciate would have taken a lot of your time! thank you! unraidserver-diagnostics-20170617-1745.zip
  5. forgot to mention I also changed the identification and the IP of the server (to a static address different than before) and that has also not changed the situation
  6. Hi, I have shut everything in the house down apart from 1 Windows Laptop which I have just performed a fresh install on and I still have the same situation so I am positive that the unRAID server is the culprit and there are no other influences on the network any more. I did not make any changes to the USB key, I simply changed the motherboard & CPU, even the disks assigned themselves correctly! I changed from an Asrock H77 Pro4/MVP to an Asus A88XM-PLUS I would be willing to try anything but cannot lose my 21TB of data
  7. one of my disks is showing 2 errors but if I click the disk I get a lot of information but nothing about errors? are they read errors? write? imminent failure? not sure what to actually do about it? Many Thanks
  8. Hi Frank, My network is working perfectly, each machine can access each other, all my devices are accessible through WORKGROUP as was my unraid server until I changed the Motherboard/CPU you can even see the plex server on the unraidserver, The biggest clue I think is what I posted on post #3 but I cannot find a way to investigate it "The computer or device you are trying to reach is available, but it doesn’t support what you’re trying to do. This might be a configuration issue or a limitation of the device."
  9. Hi, Thanks for your time... everything you have asked is below but please remember I have 6 Windows machines on the network plus 3 Linux machines 6 Android devices, FREENAS, Printers, TV's etc and nothing has changed except upgrading the motherboard/CPU on the unRAID server. All the problems I have being unable to connect to the unRAID server are the same for each device whereas I have always been able to connect to the unRAID server from all of these devices all day long before the replacement of the motherboard/CPU. 1, Diagnostics file attached 2, Image attached for WORKGROUP settings on one of my Windows machines and the unRAID SMB Settings are on the previous post. 3, Lanscan gives the error shown below (it did work a few days ago) it does this same error on all Windows machines but my network is working perfectly for all other devices/machines. I hope you can see something/anything to prevent a complete rebuild :-( unraidserver-diagnostics-20170615-1619.zip
  10. bump! Wondering if I have to start everything again from scratch! :-( 21TB OF Data I cannot access
  11. I have not changed anything here but does this all look ok?
  12. here is a copy of my network.cfg file just in case anyone can see anything awry? root@UNRAIDSERVER:/boot/config# vi network.cfg reading network.cfg # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="br0" BONDNAME[0]="bond0" BONDING_MIIMON[0]="100" BRNAME[0]="br0" BRSTP[0]="no" BRFD[0]="0" BONDING_MODE[0]="1" BONDNICS[0]="eth0" BRNICS[0]="bond0" DESCRIPTION[0]="" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" MTU[0]="" SYSNICS="1" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Read network.cfg, 15 lines, 260 chars
  13. The motherboard upgrade resulted in going from Intel to AMD so a completely different chipset, NIC & controllers (now all SATA 6) the RAM is the only part that is the same!
  14. Thanks for the advice, I have already tried that several times and even left overnight. I have Android/Linux/windows 10/7 all cannot connect to my server. I can confirm that my server is the master since yesterday.. this is really annoying!
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