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  1. Hi, I have been reading throught the compatibility list for controller cards and wondering if anyone has some personal experience with an 8+ Port internal controller card that will not bottleneck? Many Thanks
  2. New Emby Docker

    Hi, will hardware transoding come to this docker or will I have to switch to another? Many thanks
  3. Barely Anything....
  4. Off is not an available option Shonky
  5. I cannot find a way to disable deduplication? I have some TV Shows that are incredibly difficult/impossible to find :-)
  6. Hi, I noticed that last night and this is now my xml file. <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize>1073741824</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize> <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan>1</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan> <dataDeDuplication>MINIMAL</dataDeDuplication> But after restarting and allocating some more RAM (4GB) and CPU (Now 100%) this is what speed I get I don't know what else to try as this used to work perfectly at 18MB/s
  7. Nope, nothing at all! My speedtest shows 20mb upload but crashplan uploading at 800kbp/s :-( have restarted everything but been like this for a week now... does my xml look the same as yours? Cheers
  8. Any idea why it is not working then? I am getting 1mb/s upload instead of the usual 18? does my xml look ok? cheers
  9. Have Crashplan done something to prevent the fast upload we could achieve by editing the my.service.xml? I used to get 18mb/s upload when changing the AutoMaxFileSizeForWan from 0 to 1 but I am now getting 1mb/s upload on Crashplan Pro which will take 3 years to complete instead of a month! I also notice the <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize>1073741824</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize> line? I do not remember this, can anyone else here still take advantage of higher upload speeds with Crashplan Pro like they did on Crashplan home? <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize>1073741824</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSize> <dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan>1</dataDeDupAutoMaxFileSizeForWan> <dataDeDuplication>MINIMAL</dataDeDuplication>
  10. [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    Perfect! Many Thanks! :-)
  11. [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    Hi, I have been experimenting with TVHeadend and this docker and had problems with it utilizing my DVBSky S952 card (only 1 tuner worked) it was recommended that I try the plugin instead but I also changed the unRAID DVB OS so not sure what fixed it but it worked! I would prefer to use the docker so I have uninstalled the plugin & rebooted several times but this docker no longer recognizes my DVBSky card? it is detected in unraid DVB OS so I presume the plugin is somehow hanging onto the card? can anyone throw some suggestions my way please? Many Thanks
  12. unRAIDFindDuplicates.sh

    Many thanks, that worked :-)
  13. unRAIDFindDuplicates.sh

    when trying to run this script I get permission denied? I am logged on as root?
  14. TVheadend plugin for unRaid 6

    That's great! thank you, I can now loging after disabling. entering details, re-enabling, I just have the issue where I don't think my dual tuner card is going to work as I can only get one tuner working :-(
  15. TVheadend plugin for unRaid 6

    Many Thanks but I cannot type in there? I have tried stopping the plugin as well but it's greyed out?
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