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  1. Help me choose. . .

    Thank you guys for your suggestions!! I'll probably do something similar to SSD's suggestion first, and then look to migrate the hardware to a Norco case sometime in 2018.
  2. Help me choose. . .

    Hi Guys, My unRAID array is nearly full and I want to expand storage (see below.) Parity (4TB) Parity 2 (4TB) Disk 1 4 TB Disk 2 2 TB Disk 3 4 TB Disk 4 4 TB Disk 5 3 TB Disk 6 2 TB Disk 7 4 TB Disk 8 4 TB Disk 9 4 TB Disk 10 4 TB Disk 11 4 TB I've come to a crossroads and need some advice. The two options I'm considering are: 1) Purchase 3 8TB drives: Replace the 2 Parity Drives with 2 8TBs Pull an old 2TB HDD and replace with 1 8TB Re-purpose the old 4TB parity HDDs as replacements for the 3TB & 2TB HDDs to increase storage Pros: Doesn't require too much interaction Delays migrating to a larger, louder & ugly case Cons: Expensive initial purchase As needed, replacing 4TBs with 8TB HDDs will also be expensive The disk rearranging will take some time; so there's some risk of "Murphy" rearing his ugly head. I only have 13 drive bays; so as storage fills up, I'll be faced with this dilemma again at some point in the future What to do with all the old 4TBs once they're retired 2) Purchase a Norco 4224 Case Migrate the existing unRAID hardware to the new case Continue to add 4TB HDDs until the unit is full. Pros: Future 'Proof' in the sense I can upgrade to a bigger Mobo (ie dual core, Xeon CPUs, more RAM etc.) 24 Drive cages; instead of 13 Delays purchasing expensive 8TB HDDs; hopefully they will be more affordable once that becomes the next option. Cons: Expensive initial purchase PSU requirements - I have no idea how much or what kind of PSU I would need to power 24HDDs, and a bigger Mobo as a future purchase, etc. (this is the main reason I'm posting) Loud & Looks hideous (I don't have a server closet, so it will be in a shelf in my room) Excessive heat build up I'm open to other options too, so any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Joseph
  3. Double or Triple "Cache" pools

    +1 for multiple, redundant SSD cache pools! I would like to have a RAID1 pool that's dedicated to writing data which is then moved to the protected array nightly; and one RAID1 for VMs, system caching of appdata and etc. that is never moved. Other RAID levels would be cool too.
  4. [Solved?] 2 Failed Disks

    I decided to try replacing the entire data cable harness first. It took awhile to get in, but I've have it replaced and I'm rebuilding parity failed disks from parity now. will keep this post updated. UPDATE: Both hard drives were rebuilt via parity without any issue. However, I am cautiously optimistic. If memory serves, this is exactly what happened last time....the drives were only knocked offline during a scheduled parity check. UPDATE 2: Yesterday, a rogue process hammered the load on all cores/threads to 100% utilization. (I suspect it was the Emby transcoder.) I stopped all VMs & Dockers to no avail. When I attempted to stop the array, unRAID was unable to unmount the shares and the webgui was no longer responsive. I attempted to shutdown via the command line but in the end I had to hard shutdown. Upon reboot, unRAID detected an unclean shutdown and so I started a parity check. During that time the CPU usage was nominal and it finished overnight with no issues. Again, I'm pretty sure the drives get knocked offline during a scheduled parity check. So, I will report back after the next one (the first of the month.) TL;DR Ran a parity check from an unclean shutdown and it completed with no issues. FINAL UPDATE: Parity check finished with 0 errors. Marking this as solved, even though I'm still concerned it happens when doing heavy read/writes to and from the SSD cache pool and a parity check is running.
  5. [Solved?] 2 Failed Disks

    I've been chasing issues similar to this for months and still can't find the root cause... seems to happen when doing heavy read/writes to and from the SSD cache pool. Yesterday 2 drives got knocked offline and marked as bad while doing heavy read/writes to and from the unRAID cache SSDs. The first one happened in the middle of the night while data was being moved from the cache via the mover AND while jdownloader2 was writing to the cache; the second one happened the next morning while using jdownloader and unzipping files thru a VM AND accessing shares via the network. The strange thing is, it doesn't appear that either of these HDDs were being written to or accessed. I've tried swapping data cables, double checking power connectors and the problem stays with at least one drive, which is designed for large disk NAS environments. I recently checked SMART on all drives and at the time all was OK. I'm beginning to suspect there's something else going on. Other than cables, power supply and perhaps controllers what else could be causing this? I have also seen unusual error messages in the logs that might be related to CPU overheating but I would think that if it throttles back, there shouldn't be any issues. Thoughts and help much appreciated!
  6. New Hardware w/ 5 Parity Check Error's

    @CrimsonTyphoon, I can confirm, replacing mine with a Dell H310 fixed my 5 parity errors issue. Hope this helps.
  7. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Hi Guys, I've just started using CA appdata backup, but its disappointing to check the dockers and VMs in the morning to find that they were either shutdown improperly or no longer running the tasks that were setup from the night before because of the shutdown requirements of CA appdata backup. Does anyone know of a way to perform an scheduled "open" file backup on the appdata folder? (I know there's a way to exclude some dockers from the backup, but that's not the same as an "open" file backup) If not, this would be a cool feature to implement some day. Thanks guys for any help that is offered.
  8. [PhAzE] Plugins for Unraid 5/6

    UPDATE: I ran a scan media library and now everything is GONE! Any thoughts? NO FREAKIN' WAY!!! The Emby conversion from the plugin to the docker seems to be working without a hitch... However, I had to make some modifications to your instructions. (Note: For some reason I have 2 folders for the emby plugin "appdata/Emby" & "appdata/Embyserver". Perhaps I set things up incorrectly.) NOTE: Use at your own risk, the below proceedure is reconstructed from my various attempts but it should be ok. 1) Created a new folder in my appdata folder called apps (where all my dockers are going). Then created one within it called EmbyServer. 2) Shut down my Phaze plugin. Started the docker, let it run for a minute or two until its complete. [Not sure what you meant by complete] Then stopped it. 3) I saved encoding.xml from the appdata/apps/EmbyServer/data folder to another place. [This file was actually in located in "appdata/Emby/config"] 4) Changed directory to the Phaze folder (appdata/Embyserver). 5) Used this command "sudo cp -rp * /mnt/cache/appdata/apps/EmbyServer" 5a) Changed directory to the Phaze folder (appdata/Emby). 5b) Used this command "sudo cp -rp * /mnt/cache/appdata/apps/EmbyServer" 6) Copied back the encoding.xml file I had saved back into the appdata/apps/EmbyServer/data [because I originally found it in the /config dir. I copied it to both "/data" & "/config"] 7) Changed back to the folder appdata/apps/EmbyServer/data Used the following commands: sqlite3 library.db "UPDATE TypedBaseItems SET Path = replace( Path, '/mnt/cache/appdata/Embyserver', '/config' ) WHERE Path LIKE '/mnt/cache/appdata/Embyserver%'" sqlite3 library.db "UPDATE TypedBaseItems SET Images = replace( Images, '/mnt/cache/appdata/Embyserver', '/config' ) WHERE Images LIKE '/mnt/cache/appdata/Embyserver%'" 8a) Freaked out a little. 9) Started the docker 10) And there was much rejoicing! Tears after running scan media library I'm going to do more testing to see if everything is working as it should be. Thank you so much for posting a way to migrate the library. You saved me hours of frustration.
  9. Sounds like you need to invest in a gas powered PC tower if you're worried about the electricity costs... Mine's getting 40 hours to the gallon!
  10. fwiw, here's a link to an issue regarding the SAS2LP that was resolved by replacing the controller. The Dell H310 is inexpensive and easy to flash. I now have 2 of them installed in my unRAID rig... and barring unforeseen faulty cable issues, its been running like a champ!
  11. [PhAzE] Plugins for Unraid 5/6

    Not yet, but I should have done so over the weekend after dealing with a nasty mess...
  12. UPDATE: I think I have everything back in order. Its unconfirmed, but I believe all errors--on the protected array and cache--were a result of one or both bad data cables on the cache drive. I've attached a photo so others can see that just the slightest bit of warping on the connector may have been the culprit... which I suspect this was caused by heat over time. I've replaced both cables with locking ones. That said, my thoughts are they too are not immune to warping. Additionally, I've installed and setup the CA Appdata Backup/Restore plugin by Andrew Zawadzk to protect the appdata on the cache drive, the VM XML files and the USB flash data. Thank you again for all your help!!
  13. Thanks, In other news, I see this error again (perhaps it never went away) Aug 2 15:07:40 Tower kernel: ata4: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4040000 action 0xe frozen I'm going to shut everything down and double check cables--AGAIN!! before bringing the cache pool back online. *HEAD-DESK!*
  14. Hey Guys, A few days ago, unRAID knocked a HDD offline; its behavior indicated that it might be a physical failure. So I pulled the drive and wait for a warranty replacement. Meanwhile, something hiccuped with a cache SSD; which I'm hoping was just a bad data cable. While waiting for the replacement HDD, another one went offline; I suspect there is nothing wrong with it so I moved it to empty slot which is on a different HBA & power/data cable and got it rebuilt. I then attempt a shut down to replace the data cable on the SSD... and here's where another issue arose: unRAID locked up on the shutdown; which I suspect had something to do with the cache SSD. After waiting 15 minuets or so, I manually turned off the system, replaced the SSD data cable in question and restarted unRAID. It then reported on the main page "Unclean shutdown detected" & "Start will bring the array on-line and start Parity-Check." I didn't want to rebuild parity with a missing drive, so I waited until my warranty replacement arrived later that afternoon. Once the warranty HDD arrived and was installed, unRAID rebuilt the contents of the missing HDD and now, everything seems to be ok ---Except--- the cache SSDs are detected, but will not mount. There is an option to format the cache pool, but I don't want to do that, because there is appdata and other data on the disk that I don't want to lose. Attached are the diags....can anyone assist in helping me recover the data? Thanks, ~j
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