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  1. Got it!! Thank you so much!!
  2. Thanks... Not to sound dense, but what is OP?
  3. Prior to 6.2, I believe, I had several script options to select from using Preclear. One from JoeL, gfjardim and I believe one other. Somewhere along the way I lost all but the one from gfjardim. It works just fine, but I like having options Any thoughts on how to add the others back?
  4. I gotcha, the only trade off there is most of the onboard sata ports on that particular mobo are 3gb/s. Thanks again for sharing your build and step for me is to get buy-in from the Mrs.
  5. 1400$ isn't too bad... its the drives that add up quickly. A few of us in the forums recently had the 'pleasure' of flashing the H310. I thought I bricked mine as well... I'm now in need of another one, so we'll see how it goes. I noticed you have a fan on the H310s and there's one x16 slot still open, Do you think adding a GPU such as the GTX 980TI (for VM gaming but only when the boss is away, lol) would add too much heat? That is a bit concerning. I've heard of others using the Norco 4224 Case (back planes look to be horizontal) but there are some owners on the interwebs that say they overheat. Configuring unRAID is has its moments; it took me nearly a year to sort through everything. You may want to run preclear on the drives first, if you haven't done so already. Not real fun, but it gives you peace of mind. \m/
  6. ohhh, I want one!! Did you run into any issues? Also, If you don't mind me asking, about how much $$$ did this set your company back?
  7. My longest run to the mobo is 2ft and the SFF cables to the HBA are about 2.47ft. I somewhere that the max spec is 1 meter so wouldn't advise going over 3ft.
  8. What are your thoughts of not using any of the on-board SATA ports and use this configuration: Slot 1 (x8 speed): Dell H310 #1 Slot 2 (x8 speed): Dell H310 #2 Slot 4 (x4 speed): GPU <~~~ I suppose this means the Nvidia GTX 1060 is out of the question due to physical size (space constraints) and limited lanes? Is there a card that would work for VM gaming?
  9. Here it is... I see an I/O error. Thoughts?
  10. Currently it is in Slot #2. I only have 3 slots, Slot #1, I have an el-cheapo gpu, but plan to use for a better one for VMs soon. Slot #2 is the LSI. In this config, the lanes are on 1 & 2 are 8x. Slot #3, is a 4x lane only slot. I am going to have to buy another H310 so I can have all drive cages connected. Not sure the best way to have all 3 installed.
  11. re: my post from last week, here's the actual shutdown error I have. I think it has something to do with the UPS. Anyone have thoughts on how to fix?
  12. UPDATE: I ran 2 parity checks, with a reboot in between each and I'm happy to report there were 0 errors on both checks! So I believe the issue has been finally resolved! YAY!! However, with the old configuration, a typical parity check took around 8 or so hours to complete @ about 125MB/s Now the parity checks are taking almost 12 hours at about 80MB/s or 90MB/s. I noticed a speed drop using MC too. Could it be that the tunables entries need to be adjusted? Or is it that it will be slower now that the parity drives are on the Mobo SATA II controller? Would Turbo mode be worth a consideration? Tunable (enable NCQ): No Tunable (nr_requests): 128 default Tunable (md_num_stripes): 4096 user-set Tunable (md_sync_window): 2048 user-set Tunable (md_sync_thresh): 2000 user-set
  13. Ok, I followed your instructions and was able to backup the cache drive; cleared the partition on both, add them back into the pool and restore the data. No errors now, per say, just the ACPI warnings; sadly the mobo is EOL, so I'm afraid I have the latest BIOS dated 11/09/2012. Again, SAS2LP is not installed and the on-board Marvell controller has been disabled in the BIOS. The tunables entries have been adjusted per your suggestions I am going to start the parity checks now and will post the results. Thank you again for everything!
  14. True! Now you're making me want to buy a 4x1Gb/s NIC!!
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