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  1. Yea I puts /Downloads , changed it to /downloads and bang said 17tb free Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. Next question how I get watch folder to work if I can have a watch folder ? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. I posted the maps I used in my first post it created the watch folder and download folder has read and write permissions looks like 1 capital letter stumped it Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. i not worried i deleted the 1tb of files i downloaded
  5. unfortantly same thing Permission denied (/Downloads/torrentfile)
  6. Wheres my downloads? i been reading and tought i set my downloads and watch folder ect ect /downloads /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents//watch /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/Watch/config /mnt/user/appdata/activ-transmissionvpn/data /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/ i see /home/nobody/Downloads when i try to download , it downloads but cant find my files it downloads if i set download i get this "Permission denied (/mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/torrentfile) i need this to work its first time i see a web ui , and it connected to my vpn , i tryed using filezilla to find the file and nothink help please
  7. Bios Defaults worked servers name correct and back up running , that was strange , thanks for the help tho i added log to see if u know what i did wrong in bios server-diagnostics-20170416-1425.zip
  8. Thanks for your response , i have just tryed that and altho it all boots no web ui or shares , also server name is tower not server i have also tryed a fresh install on unraid and same think happened no gui web i can accese root via ssh going to try default bios see if it helps
  9. Update: tryed removing the raid card to old set up same think tryed GUI versions no plugings still no luck usb poss corrupted ~?
  10. I have just changed out a few things , GPU from 2 to 1 and changed bios settings to change immou to disable and install a raid card and installed 2 more drives after restarting i no longer find the web interface pinging server comes back fine and ssh in to server is fine , i have noticed server name is not Tower from Server running latest version of unraid any help will be great i have no access to my shares and have 30tb of data on there server shows up on network but no files or folders please help
  11. i did a stupid thing i changed events and images path to /mnt/user/CCTV and well now i cant use zone minder no more error: Cannot write to content dirs('/mnt/user/CCTV/events','/mnt/user/CCTV/images'). Check that these exist and are owned by the web account user Jan 17 07:44:53 365a4ff40221 zma[2440]: ERR [Can't make /mnt/user/CCTV/events/1: No such file or directory] Jan 17 07:44:53 365a4ff40221 zma[2440]: FAT [Can't change directory to '/mnt/user/CCTV/events': No such file or directory] any way to edit a config files to delete the path i entered ? thanks craig
  12. having issue installing the docker root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="nextcloud" --net="bridge" --privileged="true" -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "PUID"="99" -e "PGID"="100" -p 443:443/tcp -v "/mnt/user/nextcloud/":"/config":rw -v "":"/data":rw lsiodev/nextcloud docker: Error response from daemon: Invalid volume spec ":/data:rw": volumeinvalid: Invalid volume specification: ':/data:rw'. See '/usr/bin/docker run --help'. The command failed. any ideas?
  13. Check out owncloud as well can work very well depending on ur plans Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk Nextcloud is a fork of Owncloud by the original author(s) and seeing much faster development imho. Oh cool I'll have to look in to that , I saw it looked the same , is there a PC sync app Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. Check out owncloud as well can work very well depending on ur plans Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. Would be really helpful if you could outline the details of the fix as I'm sure I will come across it soon Thanks. yea i did think that all down to incorrect set up by me sure it bugged me well issue was events would dissapear for no reason and even restarting and trying to delete all recordings witch kept coming back after looking about i saw sumink with was purge when full witch i looked up and well 90% + means all events will delete as it was at 98% but unraid server has 26tb left , turns out my app data uses cache only ! and well zoneminder stores all its files in appdata so changing location in docker editing would of fixed it all i did tho was change app data to use all raid drive not just 240gb cache so now 40% used so now got to sort my cache and move all the stored files to free it up now hope this helps I don't use this but if you have other dockers it would probably make more sense to make another share for zoneminder to put its appdata in and let the other dockers continue to use a cache-only share.
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