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  1. I also have an Asrock Rack board and am in the same situation. They said they were "working on it" months ago but no update. I also have an issue where the IPMI in my board uses such an old encryption, the latest Java version blocks it as too insecure. So they are supposedly making an update for that too. Not holding my breath.
  2. I used to have 16GB but then I had memory issues so I maxed min out with 32GB of DDR4 ECC Memory.
  3. Do you use spin up groups?

    Nope, I am not sure why I would.
  4. Where did the urBackup docker go?

    With Crashplan going away Urbackup is looking like it might be one of the better peer to peer options. Does anyone know if any of the Dockerhub dockers for it are any good?
  5. CrashPlan Home Ending

    Yes, on the US site there is no longer unlimited for files. This is what I see when I go to sign up in the US https://www.amazon.com/b/?node=15547130011&ref=sxts_snpl_3_0_3072085762&qid=1504096906&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3072085762&pf_rd_r=E8D7044CWATC92CGE7FN&pd_rd_wg=mHHKa&pf_rd_s=desktop-signpost&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_w=uYEhX&pf_rd_i=Amazon+drive&pd_rd_r=086JYQBK63YQ5BBE0DV1
  6. CrashPlan Home Ending

    You are missing that Amazon no longer offers the unlimited plan. $60/year is just for 1TB, not unlimited storage. They do say unlimited photos and videos but that is not drive space and you have to upload using their photo apps
  7. CrashPlan Home Ending

    The 60 days comes from they EXTENDED any existing subscriptions by 60 days. So if you had 6 months left on your subscription, you now have 8 months. The 1 year 2 months is the max date it could be extended to AND the date that computer to computer backups stop. That is the date they shut off the home service entirely as you could potentially have a subscription that goes that long.
  8. CrashPlan Home Ending

    They didn't give 60 days, they gave 1 year 2 months, the cut off is October 2018 not 2017. That said, the general sentiment I agree with, I will be looking at other options most likely instead of migrating to business.
  9. [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    This sucks, I make very heavy use of computer to computer backups, now I am going to have to re-think my entire backup strategy and infrastructure. This doesn't just affect me either, my parents and in-laws both back up to my unraid server. I *just* started backing up to Backblaze B2 which helps for the cloud part but I wanted redundant cloud backups and does nothing for computer to computer backups.
  10. Ah, that is the problem, that is for the consumer boards. I have a server board that is only listed on Asrockrack.com (Asrocks server store) and that does not have beta firmware available.
  11. How did you find out about the beta bios for Asrock? I can't find it on their website. I hope it is released soon (and for their server boards as well)
  12. Now waiting on ASRockRack to do the same for their boards. Not too hopeful :-( Is there a fix the Unraid can do as well? If there is, they really need to.
  13. Exactly, this is my complaint. The way around this is to safely remove a drive completely and then add a new one, not just swap as if it failed. Then replacing a failed disk, yes, but I am concerned about replacing a working disk. It is easy if you are ok with going into a reduced parity state during rebuild but considering rebuilds stress the drives and is the MOST likely time for another failure I think that is too risky. There should be a way to safely remove a drive (change the array) then add a drive in to replace it. The adding a drive is easy so really, we just need an easy way to completely remove a drive safely. Whether the goal is to just downgrade the array size or replace it later shouldn't matter.
  14. If you just straight up replace the disk and have Unraid rebuild, aren't you losing parity protection during that operation as it is the same as a drive failure? I don't consider that an acceptable option. I want to be able to remove a drive completely and not have to do the zeroing and new config dance. Then, only after it is removed safely with parity kept in tact, will I add the new drive.
  15. Yes! Replacing a drive either with a bigger one or because it is getting a lot of errors/is failing is a huge pain right now and involves the command line. Synology makes this easy, you just select a drive, tell it you want to remove it and it copies all data off to other drives, updates parity and then removes the drive from the array automatically. You just have to wait (a very long time of course) for it to mark the drive ok to remove. I would love to have an easy drive removal feature like this that minimizes array downtime as well. Having to zero a drive with the array stopped in order to remove the drive is kind of and insane amount of downtime.
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