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  1. When can we expect to start testing 6.4 betas for those us with Ryzen CPUs?
  2. I just downgraded my x99 64gb 2600v3 10 core because I hardly ever used the full capacity of it. I'm now waiting to build my 1800x and asus prime with 32gb gskill. TBH it's not that much of a downgrade since I'll be saving some watts by not using the Xeon...
  3. Please do report back, I am considering this board as my next UNRAID build. I stripped down my Intel 2660v3 build since I was not using its full potential, got myself a 1800x, gskill 2x32GB - just deciding on a board and cooler now.
  4. Id like to know that too, im really undecided on what is the best board to get at the mo. Torn between asus crosshair, asrock taichi or msi titanium
  5. Yeah, future proofing should be the way to go, decisions, decisions...
  6. Thats good news. I will probably get the asrock x370 gaming pro without built in gfx since the ryzen does not support it.
  7. If anyone manages to get 2 x GPUs passed through to seperate VMs let me know. I plan to get an MSI x370 titanium and 1800x with 32GB g.skill. IOMMU grouping issues is putting me off at the moment.
  8. Great work but when will nvme temperatures in the main gui work as it did in 6.2.9?
  9. Try clicking the Check for upgrades button again. nope - still shows 6.3.0 stable
  10. 6.3.0 stable appears as the only upgrade option when updating the plugins?? Shouldn't 6.3.1 be there? Whats the best quickest way to manually upgrade 6.3 RCx to 6.3.1 ?
  11. I'm using Asrock x99 and passing through my soundblaster Z PCIe card with no issues. Much better than the on board realtek btw!
  12. This is the same issue for me, fixed by using the patched clover. Mind you, this only happens when on 6.3rc6.
  13. downgrade to 6.2.4 And that solves what exactly? 6.3 uses 6.2 ovmf as far as I know.
  14. I upgraded to 6.3RC6 and now my sierra VM is running at half the speed that it was before, very strange! I did not change a thing, same UEFI clover boot loader. VM boots fine, OSX is usable but very slow. I have another install using UEFI and enoch boot loader and this is fine, full speed. any ideas?
  15. Hi I am using an NTFS formatted nvme drive in unassigned devices so that I can passthrough the partition in a windows 10 VM. I do this by using /dev/disk/by-id method. This works well but the UNRAID console keeps outputting a blockdev error.... blockdev: cannot open /dev/nvme1n1p: No such file or directory. This error appears when I rescan or refresh the unassigned devices list in the main webUI. The nvme1n1p device does not exist in /dev/ so I am not sure how to exclude it or where it has manifested from. Any ideas?
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