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  1. Cool. Let us know your 3dmark bench scores particularly the fire strike physics and combined since that is severely impacted by the NPT issue and Ryzen. Where did you purchase from if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Hello I have been reading many reports from various sources regarding the NPT issue with Ryzen and GPU passthrough. Many (including myself) are frustrated with the poor GPU/CPU performance exhibited in either ntp=0 or npt=1 modes. No-one from Linux KVM dev teams from what I can tell has acknowledged there is an issue and that it is being looked at, this is extremely worrying especially with Threadripper just around the corner. I would be interested to hear the techie's thoughts from Limetech regarding this problem. Maybe someone has good connections in the KVM dev community and can possibly give us a positive update on this problem? I'm sure the UNRAID faithful would welcome some update/news either way. Thank you.
  3. Wait until it's confirmed that npt issue that's plaguing ryzen owners is not present in threadripper. I have no idea if it's being looked at tbh and like you I'm very keen on TR.
  4. Since we have another Ryzen thread that discusses compatibility and user experiences with Ryzen 1700/1800 series CPU, I thought it would be best to create a new thread exclusive to Threadripper. Existing 1700/1800 Ryzen processors seem to be having GPU perfomance hits with NPT/KVM/Passthrough and whilst wildly recognised, there doesn't seem to be much progress with resolution. Hopefully, Threadripper does not have this issue and this processor will be everyone's favourite UNRAID build. Please do post your Threadripper/UNRAID experiences, 3d benchmarks etc. here.
  5. Are you seeing close to bare metal 3D performance? Everyone that I know with ryzen and kvm are having big performance drops with npt. Physics scores are also very low.
  6. Did you ever get this resolved?
  7. This NPT issue is a serious brick wall for those of us wanting to play high-end games. I thought it was my VM/980ti that was causing stuttering and general low fps in titles that played absolutely fine on my Xeon. Whoever fixes this issue is going to be Knighted.
  8. Yeah, it's the main reason why I'm not playing games as much as i used to on my xeon system. If this NPT issue does not get resolved soon and I mean within the month, Intel 7900x will be mine.
  9. I'm probably going to sell off my ryen build and get Intel i9. I'm fed up with the crud GPU performance in some gfx intensive games due to npt issue.
  10. Can someone please share their 3dmark firestrike extreme physics score on a 1800x windows 10 VM? I only get 6000ish and not sure why. I have 4 cores and 8 threads allocated to my w10 VM and performance in physics is pretty dire. My Spec: 1800x 980ti 32GB Gskill at 2400mhz. UNRAID 6.4RC6 Asus Prime latest BIOS
  11. Hello So, i have a spare 128GB m.2 drive sitting around doing nothing and now I added it to UNRAID. Since it's a small amount of disk capacity, i am undecided how to allocate it in UNRAID. I was thinkingcache drive but I only have one HDD in the array at the moment. Other option was to use it for a couple of small VM's but I don't have a need for any more VMs right now. Any suggestions?
  12. Yes I searched the site. Hyper v on or off does not make any difference. Why it works i legacy but not uefi is not clear to me
  13. Booting in UEFI mode from the flash drive stops my NVidia 980ti from working. I get the dreaded code 43 in windows. Back to normal legacy boot and all is OK. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  14. Asus Prime x370 Ryzen 1800x 32GB Gskill Zotac 980ti Amp! UNRAID 6.3.5
  15. Guys - what's your experiences with Windows 10 and either 4 cores or 8 cores, which performs better for you in gaming? I passed through my 980ti today and getting really poor physics scores in 3dmark, In firestrike extreme i get 6fps on just the physics test. I dedicated 8 ryzen cores in the usual pairs 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. GPU scores seem normal so not sure why my CPU is taking a big hit in physics. What's everyone else's scores?
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