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  1. Luckily you can pass the keyboard/mouse on a machine without vt-d so just add a keyboard! You only need vt-d for pci passthrough. Also try adding this below the xml for the disabled nic, if above fails <interface type='bridge'> <mac address='52:54:00:35:d1:d2'/> <source bridge='br0'/> <model type='e1000-82545em'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x03' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/> </interface> This will add a second nic best of luck !
  2. I normally make mine about 220 x 220 but they will scale. unRAID stores the icons in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/templates/images However, this location isn't persistent so when you reboot the icons will go. That's why I use a location on the array and have it copy them to the correct location on boot.
  3. I have put together a tutorial showing how to link media containers through Binhex's excellent vpn containers.
  4. I have put together a tutorial showing how to link media containers through Binhex's excellent vpn containers.
  5. I have put together a tutorial showing how to link media containers through Binhex's excellent vpn containers.
  6. This video shows how to route media collection programmes like Sonarr, Radarr Sickrage etc. through the VPN via the privoxy using Binhex's excellent VPN containers such as deluge-VPN and Sabnzdb-VPN. These applications can use the proxy when downloading metadata, such as nzb or torrent files from index sites, as some ISP's may block certain index sites this is an extremely useful. Using Privoxy you can also route traffic from your LAN over the VPN tunnel and back again on your VMs and physical computers.
  7. If you have access to the share with a windows box map it to z: The you could make a bat file and run it and should work for /r "z:\name\of\source\" %%x in (*.avi) do move "%%x" "Z:\destination\folder\"
  8. Maybe you could make it so it checks for the EFI folder and if it doesn't exist rename it to so UEFI will boot. Then have it set a flag for when it boots after the change to check for the existence of "/sys/firmware/EFI and if after booting it doesn't see this a message tells the user to check their motherboard bios settings saying UEFI was not successful? edit Also would be useful to have this displayed in the dashboard if server has been legacy or UEFI booted.
  9. Would you put this option in the GUI so it renames this for the user or would this have to be done manually?
  10. Yeah sounds a good idea to have the default as legacy then let users change to UEFI should they want to.
  11. Yeah its an awesome bit of software. Also great as it is cross platform for mac,windows and linux.
  12. Try manually installing the qxl drivers. It isn't the qxl driver, that you want its the qxldod (QXL graphics driver for Windows 8 and later) Maybe it's not pulling the correct driver in on the auto search. I am using 0.1.126 If this doesn't work I see that maybe you are using an older Win 10 image. I say that because I see in your video the error on the HID Button over Interrupt driver This was caused apparently by a typo when putting in support more recent ACPI specs. On newer 10 images I think this is fixed as I haven't seen this recently on new 10 VMS I have made. So maybe worth a try on a newer 10 if so. If you want 4k resolution on qxl it needs 4 bytes per pixel for that res so we need to change the video ram to 64 meg (65536) So edit the XML to as below <video> <model type='qxl' ram='131072' vram='131072' vgamem='65536' heads='1' primary='yes'/> </video> On a side note if anyone wants to fix the HID Button over Interrupt driver issue on the older 10 builds you can with these steps. 1. Uninstall the existed driver package for this device, if can check delete button, please check it too. 2. Download the PsTools from 3. Unzip PsTools, and locate the folder of PsTools, then input in CMD (Run as Administrator): psexec -s -i regedit.exe 4. Delete subkey ACPI0010 under HKLM\SYSTEM\DriverDataBase\DriverPackage\hiinterrupt.inf_x86_<some instance ID>\Descriptors\ACPI0010 And delete subkey "bidinterrupt.inf" under HKLM\SYSTEM\DriverDataBase\DeviceIds\ACPI\ACPI0010 5. Rescan device to see the effect.
  13. Give no machine a go a great remote desktop solution
  14. I wouldn't say it poses a higher risk of getting infected with ransomware, but having one share that can access all the array from the infected PC would certainly let it do more damage than just having some shares that only access a few areas. So if you are worried it would be better to maybe map it with a different username password to the pc, then disconnect the drive when not using it. Also, have you seen @Squid great ransomware protection plugin?
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