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  1. Security issues related to opening ports

    Thanks. So, what are my choices? If I want to use a VPN, it looks like my only choice is to open all ports? Also, I was playing with the idea to route the traffic through a VPS and only open the port(s) on the VPS. But this may not be trivial to set up?
  2. Not sure where on the forum this is best posted, so putting under general. Unfortunately, my ISP does not allow me to forward ports. I do have a router VPN, which allows to automatically open all ports if I pay extra for a private IP. I am curious whether this is advisable from a security perspective. After opening all ports, I got a lot of comments in the log around access attempts on port 80. Not sure this is hacker related or something else? In general, it is not clear to me whether I am exposing myself to big trouble when opening / forwarding ports. My main intent is to access Unraid away from home via a VPN server (in Unraid docker), but this requires to open a port.
  3. User shares

    On a positive note, I didn't do it, so no harm happened. I do think though it would be a common use case. Many of us will have /movies as user share. Many of us will set this user share as target directory for radarr. When bulk-importing, it feels natural to first try things out with one disk (share) rather than putting all movies on all disks in the user share through the import process. Of course, I can rename the folder of one share to /movies2 to achieve the same. Just saying that it could naturally happen. The root cause is actually that I find the radarr bulk-import process particularly complicated: renames the movie folders and files upon bulk-import and copying movies is not exactly straight forward and quite cumbersome.
  4. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    Thanks. Clear existing appdate means to delete the mbz folder within my docker folder? So, the edits #2 (18/05) does not apply for fresh installs? and the first one is only relevant once everything is fully downloaded? How can I tell that this is the case?
  5. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    I am still struggling to get things work. Maybe one of these two edits give me an indication. re 1 - what is "initiatilisation"? Let the docker run or stop it and make this change after the docker is downloaded? When is the initialisation process complete? re 2 - also required for fresh install? At what point do I need to do so?
  6. User shares

    I don't know for Sonarr. For Radarr, it copies it. Even renames the folder when using the bulk rename function. I would hope you are right, but it is very unfortunate that Radarr works this way. Makes it annoying to bulk-import as all folder titles change and causes significant copy activities.
  7. User shares

    Nothing happened, but I realized an easy easy way for this issue to arise with Radarr. All my movies are on disk shares /movies. I have now created a user share /movies. When bulk importing from a disk share into Radarr, it would copy the file to the user share and thus kill the file? Same for Sonarr. Way to avoid is to import from the user share or change the folder name from /movies to /movies2. Just reporting this back as others may trip into this.
  8. are things easier if not passing through a gpu? is the clover update important or can i just keep an “old” version? main use case of my mac vm is mac photos. does the photos app benefit from use of a passed through gpu? unfortunately, it’s quite slow / sluggish for me.
  9. Great to hear. This reads complicated. I thought you could just upgrade and it works. Why do you need to reinstall the graphics driver again and what do you need to do with Clover? Anyone tried a fresh install recently and can confirm whether latest Clover driver fixes the "black screen" issue?
  10. User shares

    I believe I have solved the permission. Had to set both folder and file permission to 0777. Only did for file, which wasn't sufficient. Any thoughts about the use of a cache disk appreciated. I could change my current cache disk (where my VMs and dockers reside) to an unassigned disk. And then have a dedicated cache SSD disk for caching. Thoughts?
  11. Any thoughts whether this is now working with Clover later than 4200?
  12. [Support] - Nextcloud

    I have some structural issues that prevent me from opening ports on my router. I have been thinking of work-arounds and having a VPS may be a good and safe solution? I got inspired by this article Would love to get your thoughts whether that's possible with Nextcloud running in an Unraid Docker. If I read this correctly, I may not need letsencrypt in this case, but it would require me to tunnel the Unraid Nextcloud docker to my VPS through some form of VPN? Any thoughts and advice for me?
  13. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    I don't perceive this at all as picking on me. Actually, I need to say that community members of this forum in general are among the most polite and helpful compared to all other forums I am engaging. Part of the reason what gets me interested to pursue more and more new Unraid related projects.
  14. Can dockers have their own IP address?

    Thanks, very helpful.
  15. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Got it thanks. Just browsed this threat and realized that a native implementation within the app is the most requested new feature. Is there still hope for native support?

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