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  1. see this thread: cheers
  2. AMD Hardware should work also if your CPU supports AMD-Vi
  3. you can passthrough a Hard Drive: see here:
  4. the Problem is that Nvidia disable the Gamestream function when there is no Monitor detected. So you have to use this Dongle for a headless PC.
  5. Hi, activate the Remote Support for your Windows and use the Microsoft Remote Desktop from Microsoft for your Macbook. The Port is 3389. But you only need to enter the IP of your VM. A good tool is also Splashtop.
  6. Many thanks for this!!! This should also working for Emby Docker. I will test this. -------------------------- EDIT a great feature! Thanks Limetech for adding the i915 CONFIG to the kernel.
  7. Yes it works. But your have to use a Headless Dongle:
  8. Hey, set the vcpu to 1 and try again. That should work.
  9. hey anthonws, please can you make a short description? Many thanks!
  10. hey WonderingDane, please go to your BIOS and set the pcie speed to 2.0 (not Auto and 3.0) i had the same issue. after set to 2.0 the geforce lag was gone.
  11. Same here, but everything is working?!
  12. Hey, normally you don't have to dump your BIOS from your Geforce GTX Card. Your CPU has a GPU build in. - Go to your BIOS and check, if your iGPU is activated - check in your BIOS that the Grafic init is set to your iGPU - Boot your System. The Console should show with your iGPU Now you can passthrough your Geforce Card without any Problems!
  13. hey, thanks for this solution. I've tested this with my skylake server. it's working. Thanks.
  14. at the moment the way to go is the use of a vm machine. When you have a skylake cpu you can install a ubuntu 16.04 vm and passthrough your intel gpu. You have to use the unraid 6.3 RC Version. In Emby you have to set Vaapi transcoding. That solution works.
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