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  1. I switched over and my full 17TB migrated without having to re-upload anything, I'm not alone in this either. SR
  2. CrashPlan Home Ending

    I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade to the Crashplan Pro option, I only have 1 device so it was still way cheaper than anywhere else. I fully expected to have to re-upload my 17TB but the whole lot migrated over, so I think the 5TB limit isn't totally rigid. Other users have confirmed this happened for them too. I've also checked with Crashplan support that it wasn't just a display error or something, and they have confirmed it's all migrated across. SR
  3. [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    It did that on me too. CP support told me it was just because the migration hadn't completed yet. I left it overnight and all was fine the next day. I'd try leaving it for a bit and see if it comes back. If not, or if it's already been a while I'd log a ticket with support. They've been pretty good in the past when I've needed them, even running with an unsupported headless installation. SR
  4. [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    Just migrated to the Pro version, docker updated ok. Also - Having fully expected to re-upload my 17TB, the whole lot migrated over without having to re-upload a single byte. I've confirmed this is correct with Crashplan support as I didn't want any nasty surprises if something had gone wrong. This might not be the case for everybody, but it looks like the 5TB migration limit isn't that rigid. SR
  5. Checksum Suite

    Oh well... No biggy, it is working despite the error and I don't access the settings enough for it to be really annoying. I know you're not really supporting this anymore, so thanks for looking. SR
  6. Checksum Suite

    That was quick... After looking a bit deeper it does appear that the monitor is working, although I get the "iNotify NOT installed" pop-up when accessing the settings, and the monitor status shows as not installed. SR
  7. Checksum Suite

    FYI - now iNotify is built-in to 6.3, the plugin no longer detects it. SR
  8. I have Plex set to "make my CPU hurt" and it still only peaks at around 70C, and that's with passive cooling. 95C is way hotter than I'd be comfortable with, I'd check the CPU cooler asap, and try to improve the airflow through the case as much as possible too. SR
  9. Trade crashplan space?

    What makes you say that? I've backed up nearly 15TB to-date with no problems at all. SR
  10. Extremely cheap 8TB drives in Germany (Amazon mistake ?)

    Looks like you got lucky, Amazon UK cancelled my order SR
  11. Extremely cheap 8TB drives in Germany (Amazon mistake ?)

    Also in the UK at a similar price to Germany... SR
  12. I can confirm the Dell H310 works just fine when flashed. I found mine for Ā£20 on Ebay. SR
  13. unRAID Server Release 6.2 Stable Release Available

    Hi, Just a heads-up - after upgrading, all my shares were set to "Use Cache? - No". I only noticed this when the Mover failed to move anything. Is this expected behaviour? SR
  14. HP H220 option on amazon

    As far as I know, the HP Smart Array cards won't work with unRAID as they don't have a JBOD mode. Other users (including myself) have tried creating single-disk RAID 0 arrays but this hasn't worked. I'm not actually 100% that the required drivers are included in unRAID at this point. I think LT did add them at a user's request for testing some time ago, but they may have been removed. SR
  15. Extracting RAR Files on Array

    If you're extracting .rar files on a protected array drive, it will be slow as it needs to update parity as it goes along. With the files on a cache drive (SSD or otherwise) it should be pretty quick as there's no parity to consider. I've not used Krusader, I have Unrar installed as part of the NerdPack plugin and run it from the command line. SR
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