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  1. It's not good at all. This is how you would add it in the extra parameters box, but you managed to add it in one of the fields for device pass through. Edit it and only use /dev/dri in both host and container field.
  2. If you stub the card it will not work in unraid. That is the point of stubbing the card Remove the stubbing to check if it's working in unraid.
  3. If you go here it's explained how to set it up. Post your m3u file as it might not be correct. You should also limit the input streams to the tuners available on the HDHomerun. You are on the latest tvheadend version and not stable right?
  4. People seem to use tvheadend over mythtv because of channel switching speed I have heard. Personally I never managed mythtv to see my tuners. How did you add your Hdhomerun? You are supposed to add it as a device as far as I know. But I don't have one, so someone else that have one needs to verify this. You need to use host networking to get tvheadend to see your Hdhomerun.
  5. Did you have anything plugged in when starting the vm?
  6. What is the issue with IPTV and creating a m3u file?
  7. Left click the VM in the VM tab and click edit and you have your VM template
  8. Good it was that it easy.
  9. I did tell you where to find the info about how to stub the device, but since you either didn't read my post well enough or just don't care to look for it, here is the thread with the info. Click me! I also told you to not pass through the PCI bridge. Stub your sound card as described in the announcement thread I linked, reboot, add it from the other PCI devices in the vm template and then see if it works. You should only care about the 05:04.0 device.
  10. Your sound card is in the same group as what i read as a USB controller. That's why I said to turn on the ACS override. But looking again its the PCI bridge. Don't pass the bridge through. You could stub the sound card and get it in the other PCI devices list in the VM template. There should be info about how to stub the device in the 6.3 announcement thread (Or maybe 6.2). Then you just choose the correct device and the correct entry should be added to the XML. It looks good to me though, except you shouldn't pass through the bridge.
  11. First of all, what is the error you get when trying to pass it through? It doesn't look like you passed it through looking at your XML. You need to at least get the card in its own iommu group. If you haven't done so already, try enabling the ACS override in the VM manager settings.
  12. Do you maybe need to install drivers?
  13. On the previous page there is info on how to do it. Click here...
  14. Did you stop the array before you tried to change the IP?
  15. Try connecting through rdp and paste it in makemkv. There was someone else earlier in the thread with the same problem, but I don't remember how they solved it.
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