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  1. This is not related to the topic you posted in, so you should really start your own thread for this.
  2. unable to start VM for Execution error

    Have you tried enabling the ACS override in the VM settings?
  3. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Try to downgrade to see if it's related to the new RC.
  4. [Support] - Oscam

    You can just use the VU+ as a server and connect to that one from a client. Not sure if there are any support for card clients in Plex though. If you move OSCAM and the card to the server you need a new card reader as well.
  5. You could post on the vfio mailing list and see if you get an answer there. They might know if this is bios or bug in qemu/libvirt.
  6. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    Go into settings in makemkv the first time it starts and change a setting, hit apply and then check the config folder. Have you tried installing with appdata in a folder you never used before?
  7. Well, pass through isn't always easy. Too many bad implementations from vendors. I did a quick Google search on the first errors you posted and there are some hits that might be worth checking.
  8. Have you tried with ACS override enabled? The port mentioned is your root port I guess (Haven't checked your diagnostics).
  9. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    I don't see anything wrong there. I also did not use an optical drive when I tested a new install. Can you post a screenshot of the template for the container and click the Show advanced settings line? Your setting files shows that it was created by makemkv 1.10.5, but a fresh install should say 1.10.7. Have you tried changing some settings the first time the container starts, and then go see if the file exists?
  10. This might be motherboard related as I have no problem passing through my three RX480. Have you tried checking if there are newer BIOS available for your motherboard?
  11. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    You need to supply more info about your setup. Docker template and where stuff are stored. What do you mean by a blank file? Just an empty file or is there content? Provide the output of the below command inside the makemkv appdata folder/config I just tried installing it fresh and have no problems here, so it's related to your setup.
  12. What is Unraid VM Manager?

    You use it to create, edit, start and stop VM's. Did you try to go to this tab?
  13. @gridrunner has made a guide for removing the header, so check his YouTube channel.
  14. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    I haven't touched it for ages apart from updating the version. I have e entry used it myself and had no problem with the config being blanked. Maybe if you remove it completely and install it again it will work.
  15. [Support] - davos

    Of course you have to enter the path /download/. You did not map the folder to / There is absolutely no point in trying to argue about this, as this is how docker and mappings work. You don't seem to understand that that the container and the app inside the container are not the same. So the app, in this case Davos, doesn't know where you mapped /mnt/user/x so you need to tell it.
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