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  1. [Support] - Sonarr

    You have to use the same path as in the container path in the template. So it should be /tv/
  2. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Doesn't look like the motherboard supports using the integrated graphics in the cpu. It uses its own Matrox graphics. It's also mentioned that your CPU isn't recommended to use. So you can't make use of hardware transcode games.
  3. Welcome to the LT world
  4. [Support] - Nextcloud

    You can do that with the external storage plugin. You can mount a share or add /mnt/user to the container and share the needed folder to another user when you need to.
  5. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    You need a space between what you have and what you added.
  6. [Support] - MariaDB

    Hulk smash Nice find though.
  7. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    You have removed the optical drive pass through tag that was in the extra parameters box. You removed it when you added the cpuset stuff. Add --device=/dev/sr0 before or after cpuset.
  8. [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    Do you see the drive if you go to Tool --> System devices and under SCSI devices? It should be /dev/sr0. Can you post a screen shot of that section and also of your makemkv template with the advanced mode turned on?
  9. Errors and Cannot Start Array

    Stop the array before doing changes in the network settings.
  10. It's a bug in the Marvell firmware they never cared to correct. Disabling vt-d/iommu in the bios should fix the problem.
  11. HW transcoding

    Neither your motherboard or CPU have GPU support built in.
  12. [SOLVED] NVS Quadro 290 \ GT 720 Passthrough

    Not at home and on phone, so can't really explain well enough how to do it, but it's not really working well once you pass the drive through. I don't think I have seen anyone successfully do it. Better would be to pass through a USB controller and connect a USB drive. If you want to try to pass through your drive, you need to find the scsi number of your device. It's not in the lspci list as written in the reddit post. You can find it u der Tools - - > System Devices and in the bottom you should have scsi devices. First number is the scsci_host and the other three is bus, target, unit. Most likely just the first one you need to change.
  13. [SOLVED] NVS Quadro 290 \ GT 720 Passthrough

    Try to turn on the acs override settings in the vm manager settings and reboot. After that the GPU will hopefully be in it's own group.
  14. I don't think there are much you can do about it. There are some workarounds for AMD cards having problems reseting, but that is in the vfio module. So you could ask in the vfio mailing list if it's possible or if it's impossible to fix.
  15. [Support] - MariaDB

    Let's ask @sparklyballs to do the v2 templates

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