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  1. Have you tried changing the pcie gen in the bios for the slot the card is in?
  2. The snow you are seeing in the libreelec VM is a HDMI cable problem most likely. Replace it with a good quality cable and if you are using 4k resolution be sure it handles 18Gbps bandwidth. You should remove core 0 and maybe its thread from the emulator pin as unraid likes to use this one. I'm not sure how much CPU is needed for the emulator but try one core for each VM and it should be one that is isolated. I'm speaking about cores you can choose in the VM template and not physical cores.
  3. Just try what I suggested to see if it works. Then deal with the situation later. I don't see why you would want to spread the Plex appdata on all your drives. This will spin up all drives when someone is browsing Plex. Choose one drive and if it gets full, move to another drive.
  4. Change the appdata folder path to /mnt/diskX/appdata/PlexMediaServer and see if that works better. Replace the X with one of your disks.
  5. Did you also reboot unraid?
  6. You have your share set to use the cache disk (if you have one. You didn't say). If you have one, check if it's full. It's also advice to use a disk share for the plex appdata as FUSE doesn't play nice with plex. Another thing might be your docker image is full. It might be plex stores metadata in temp before writing it to the config folder.
  7. What is the path to the appdata folder?
  8. It's not an official channel as far as I know. @CHBMB is one of the mods there I think.
  9. The metadata is stored in the /config folder, so that is in the appdata folder for Plex. You most likely have it on your cache drive.
  10. Doesn't look like you have iommu enabled. What does it say when you click info in the webgui?
  11. I had a go at this today, but it looks like it's not going to happen. It needs vdr-mcli-plugin and this need a glibc header file called mcheck.h to compile. This is not available in Alpine linux (our base image) and therefore I can't make it work.
  12. Does it show up if you got to Tools --> System Devices in the Webgui?
  13. This means to move them either with a script or manually to another share. You will then use the info from the scraper in kodi/emby to get metadata for the TV show. There is nothing we can do about how tvheadend works, so it would be better to ask in the tvheadend forum if it's possible to get back the recordings if the recording path have changed.
  14. As @sparklyballs says, permissions will be wrong using /mnt/user/Aufnahmen as the container path. I just tested with tvheadend to see if it cared about the full path of the recording or just the current set recording path and it looks for the full path. So that means you will not really be able to import the old recordings to the container. Is there a reason you want to have the recordings in tvheadend? I always move them into my TV Show share. Then I have much easier access in kodi to the show
  15. Does the recordings show up in missing recordings tab? Do you use the latest version or the stable version?
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