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  1. Try changing to host mode for the discovery, then back to bridge when the AP is found.
  2. Did it work when using the UASP enabled kernel?
  3. Try enabling the ACS override in the vm settings. That should hopefully separate the cards into their own groups.
  4. If you use the default template for windows 10, it's using OVMF. Try to create a new VM that uses seabios. To get this option you need to toggle the view switch in the top right corner so you get into the advanced mode. I don't think your GPU supports EFI and that is the problem.
  5. I haven't had any problems with my rx480s, but haven't tried Ubuntu though. I have one unused in my PC I can test one day.
  6. I don't really know what you mean with docker supports comskip? The Tvheadend container have had comskip since release. So I know it works
  7. IPMI will not read the sensors. If IPMI is available on your motherboard, you can't add sensors to it.
  8. Don't know the official list. Didn't even know one existed. Just install community applications and search for script and you should find the user scripts plugin.
  9. What do you mean? It's getting cards more, does not make sense for me. Pass through not working? For the future you should supply as much details as you can if you want help to resolve your issues.
  10. You haven't installed the community application plugin?
  11. Only option is to exec into it. You could use the command line plugin so it's all in the gui. Might be you could add the ut to the plugin in the webgui field.
  12. Use the script plugin by @Squid. Shouldn't need to mess around then.
  13. Away from home this week so limited time to a computer, so you'll have to figure this one out by yourself. There should be numerous threads about how to stub the device if you search the forum. It might even be in the wiki and I'm sure @gridrunner. Have made a video about it also. It's also in one of the unraid versions announcement threads. Should be 6.2 if I remember correctly.
  14. You should stub the device in the syslinux.cfg. Then it shows up in the other devices list and will not dissappear when you reboot your server. Is the card in its own iommu group?
  15. No, but there are some open source solutions if one search a little. But it involves a little editing as far as I know.
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