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  1. [Support] - Radarr

    First step is to post in the correct support thread
  2. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    No problem You didn't kill anyone.
  3. [Support] - TVHeadend

    If you want to use the zap2it grabber, we are not going to touch it at all. Trying to add software by yourself in our container is also not support by us. You need build tools to build the cpanm packages and we don't include them and will not either, as it makes the image bigger for all users. If you look at the webpage for zap2it you are not even allowed to integrate it at all. That even means scheduling cron to run it. So the only legal way to run it is to type the command every time you want to run it. If you want to add it to a container by yourself I suggest you make a new thread to get help
  4. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    But that is not what he asked about. You passed it through to unraid and tried to use it in a container. He use unraid as the host and have passed it through to a VM, but still wants it available in unraid, the host.
  5. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Yes it's there. Read the github readme for more info. Look at the screenshot I attached and you will see it's there. I can't include the Zap2it grabber as the author do not allow redistribution of the script at all. So you have to talk to him if you want to do something about it.
  6. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Have you added --device=/dev/dvb in the extra parameters box in the Tvheadend template?
  7. [Support] - Oscam

    I didn't make the change in build source, so not sure why it doesn't have a version number, but had the same issue before also. It's the same guys developing I think. You can go to docker hub and look at the tags and then try one by one of the latest until it works again (maybe). Just add the tag after the repository in the repository box. Use a colon in front of the number.
  8. UNC paths in containers?

    Unless sagetv have a setting to tell the windows software the network path, I don't see other options than either ditching the windows only tuner or move sagetv to windows to use all tuners. You will not be able to fix this by trying to add a network path in the container setup. It's not supported to use a network path directly in a volume mount.
  9. Capture Syslog When System Locks Up

    No shortcuts there. Remove all except for one and then add one by one until you find the bad one. Might be more than one bad, so test all sticks even if you find a bad one before all is tested.
  10. User Share Copy Bug

    I'm struggling to see how your issue is connected to the user share copy bug.
  11. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Latest is not the stable version, but latest from github master. Release-4.2 is the latest stable. I don't really recommend to use the latest version as there might be lots of bugs until the have added all the new features and stabilized it.
  12. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Which version of tvheadend are you running? If running release-4.2, then try the latest and vice versa. If that doesn't help, it might be an issue with the driver. If you dare, it might be worth trying the 6.4 RC of unraid.
  13. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Deleting the image file when removing the container should download the latest available. But might not be the same version as on the tvheadend site. Just downloaded the latest container and it's 4.2.3-95~g2bc61c904. Will be updated tonight though to the version on the tvheadend site.
  14. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Maybe you need glasses The current version is right on the front page.
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