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  1. You are right, no power connectors, the card requires a 16x slot as it requires 75w to run.
  2. The link that you posted for your GPU clearly shows a single six pin power connector for the card, I think you will be fine, provided your power supply has this connector which it should.
  3. That is probably a good move and explains your issues.
  4. If the system is unresponsive and does not recover, you have no choice but to do a hard reset and parity check. I would then install the fix common problems plugin and put it in troubleshooting mode, this will gather logs at a set interval which should prove helpful and will be saved when and if the system becomes unresponsive again and you have to do another hard reset. In the meantime, have you made any hardware changes recently? I would check all your cables to make sure they are connected securely to each drive and SATA port, also make sure all cards are seated properly.
  5. I am also a 36bay Supermicro user, and while adding more drives would be nice, until all my drives are 8TB, I am ok with the limit. Honestly the number of unRAID users who would like to have more then 30 drives in their array is probably minuscule, so what driver is their for Lime-Tech to do it? Also the number of unRAID users who have more then 30 drives in a single system is also probably quite small, we aren't the target market they are after. Perhaps unRAID isn't the right solution for you?
  6. I concur with bjp999, spend he $100 now and upgrade in 12-18 months.
  7. Then I think you want to be looking at a server to replace the Qnap. A T320 is ok ( I have two of them, I also do IT) but not great. I would look for something with more expandability such as Supermicro chassis with dual CPU's. Not sure if you have room for a rack, or the tolerance for noise as they can be pretty loud but IMO they are the better choice. I have a 36 bay Supermicro chassis with an pair of six core older socket 1366 xeon's but it's more then enough for me, I also have 30 drives in it for a total of 116TB but that's just one of my four unRAID servers. I would consider returning the Qnap and putting the money towards something that has more CPU power and storage options. You can do the T320, you'll have to get it with a Perc H310 or something similar, and flash it to IT mode, but you'll be limited to 8 drives, maybe that will be enough for you. See if your buddy can throw in the caddies, and I wouldn't even consider it if it's not a dual CPU board.
  8. What are you future plans for growth? How many streams are you running on plex? The i7 actually has a slightly higher passmark then the Xeon. There are many options available to you, however it really depends on where you see yourself growing with unRAID. The Microservers are nice, but limiting in terms of physical drive space, however if you want to maintain that kind of footprint, they are excellent.
  9. Hard to say, did you just shut a VM down a few seconds before taking this screen shot?
  10. If you are located in the US Mr.Rackables has a lot of inventory at pretty good prices on eBay.
  11. What do you have for UPS's?
  12. That's unfortunate that you had that experience. I have a pretty massive library and have been running it in a docker for over a year with zero issues. Perhaps it was something specific to your setup or system. I would still recommend dockers over wasting an entire windows VM for plex, but to each their own!
  13. Find a way to run a network cable, wireless may work (I have no idea if it actually can or will) but it will only prove to be a disappointing endeavour and frustrate you to bits.
  14. Plex will for sure need the cores, depending on how many streams you have running concurrently and at what resolution. You can also run Plex as a docker, so no need to dedicate a VM for it. If you have RAM laying around, which you seem to, in abundance, why not use it. You should be able to run the board with just one CPU.
  15. Wow Bob, is that all running in a rack in your basement? What's your power bill like?
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