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  1. How to set up Trakt in Plex Docker?

    I realize that and I am simply commenting about what they do with your personal information, take it as you will. Sorry I can't help with your question.
  2. How to set up Trakt in Plex Docker?

    Why would you want to use Trakt? Especially with Plex? Have you read Trakt's privacy disclaimer? They share, sell and will disclose your personal information with the Government and law enforcement.I get the convenience side of it, but what they do with peoples personal information is scary and I would never use their services. Just an FYI
  3. Just curious, my biggest unRAID server with dual parity takes (which is a backup server and runs Plex and a few other dockers) a day and a half to do a parity check and while that really isn't that big of a deal in of itself, I am curious about what others do and think about how often a parity check should be run. I could tolerate running it every two months, is that too long? Am I taking too big a risk by waiting that long? If I dropped down to a single parity drive would it reduce the parity check time by half or more?
  4. Longest server uptime for unRAID

    Just upgraded a drive today, sitting at 132 days so far.
  5. There is a plugin called unbalance that would allow you to manually move files around the free up space, you could try that and see if it alleviates the problem.
  6. What Extra Hardware Do I Need for 2 in 1 Gaming?

    You may need more then 1 HDD, I can't remember what the minimum number of hard drives is for unRAID, possibly 3? Do you not intend to run a NAS on unRAID as well?
  7. What Extra Hardware Do I Need for 2 in 1 Gaming?

    You would want one SSD per gamer and then regular hard drives for unRAID to use for storage.
  8. First NAS Build Advice

    And so because of me, we all now know more about dual parity.....well at least some of us
  9. It's not actually thousands of dollars to buy a hardware router that will do what you need. Do you have a gigabit internet connection? Are you located in Canada or the USA or elsewhere?
  10. First NAS Build Advice

    Well said Tdallen, and I would say that your last example can apply to home users too. If I suffer two drive failures and have dual parity, I don't have to go to my backup. Am I being lazy? Sure, the cost vs convenience to me, since I value my time, is worth it. It may not be the same for everyone. Perhaps not everyone can afford the second drive for parity or has more time to spend restoring from backups, that is obviously ok and their choice. For me, as I said, it's a value proposition based on time, I value my time and would rather not have to spend hours restoring lost data from a backup if I can configure a second parity drive to avoid data loss.
  11. I would just buy a hardware router that does IPS, GAV, etc and call it a day. While it's possible to do what you want to do, IMO it's far too cumbersome and can leave you without internet if a VM goes down or unRAID goes down.
  12. First NAS Build Advice

    Totally agree with you Tdallen, that is what I was trying to day, if the OP values his data enough to want dual parity, so be it! If he sees value in it, that is his choice. No amount of redundancy replaces the need for a backup, absolutely follow the 3-2-1 backup rule whenever possible.
  13. First NAS Build Advice

    He answered 'as I've asked it' so perhaps there is something in the semantics of my question, however it is my understanding also Bonienl that two failed disks could be simultaneously rebuilt with dual parity also.
  14. First NAS Build Advice

    Can you please explain why, as I've asked it, a dual parity setup won't reconstruct the data from the two failed drives in my scenario? The BTRFS file system can offer alerts to failed checksums pointing to the corrupted file, as I understand it.
  15. First NAS Build Advice

    So if I have a server with dual parity, and two data drives fail at the same time, and parity is not corrupted, won't my dual parity drives reconstruct the data from my two failed data drives?
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